Councillors sabotaging Mutharika on city roads: awarding contracts to ‘friends and relatives’

Kondwani Nankhumwa, Peter Mutharika

President Peter has faulted corruption for the poor construction of city roads in the country.

Speaking when he met religious leaders from various religions at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre on Friday, Mutharika said city council road contracts are being awarded to contractors who are close relatives to councillors hence the substandard roads.

“This is total betrayal and I have instructed the minister (Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa) to investigate the issue,” said Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika lashes out at Councillors.

Speaking at the same meeting, spokesperson of Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi Sheikh Jaafar Kawinga said it is not right to politicize developmental projects.

“I urge all Malawians to report people who are politicizing developmental projects in the country to report them to us because we are close to duty bearers who can help in dealing with such issues,” said Sheikh Kawinga.

On his part, Blantyre Archdiocese Vicar General Boniface Tamani advised government to award contracts to companies with good track records to avoid wasting taxpayers’ money.

“If we go for shortcuts just to enrich ourselves, then we are in for trouble,” said Tamani.

The road construction and upgrading programme which was carried out in the four cities of Malawi was one of the development projects touted by Mutharika but it has been dogged by reports of substandard roads.



  1. Mr. Ibu should not cheat us. He is the biggest problem when it comes to corruption.If corruption is not dealt with at the highest level what do you expect from ordinary citizens. He has been in fore front claiming there’s no fraud in his gaffment, so what is he saying now. Talk about MK577bn case, maize gate and the list can go on and on stupid gaffment.

  2. He is part of the problem..Everything about him is corruption and fraud. Think of his first ministerial position, his late brother, his election, his ministers, his police, his ACB, his party DPP..the list can go on and on..He is a fraud..

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