Muslims begin fasting today


Muslim in Malawi have today joined other Muslims all over the world in observing Ramadhan.

According to Muslim clerics in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the Islam religion originates, the holy moon of Ramadhan has been sighted and Malawians are supposed to join the entire Muslim community in fasting.

Malawi Muslims have begun fasting (Library Image)

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) spokesperson Dinala Chabulika has confirmed to the media that Muslims in the country according to Islamic calendar will be observing the holy month on Saturday.

Speaking with Malawi24, Muslim chaplain for Malawi Defence Force Captain Saad Malovu said that in this month, Muslims in the country are supposed to be totally submissive to God in all aspects.

According to Malovu, this month every Muslim must fast because it is a special month in Islam.

“During this month Muslims are do not eat, drink or do anything unacceptable. Muslims are urged to tirelessly increase praying to Allah (God) because this month has a lot of blessings,” Malovu said.

“The month of Ramadhan is special, it comes with special events that if followed according to teachings of Islam, Muslims benefits immensely,” he added.

Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and during this month, Muslims refrain from drinking and eating during the day time.

Muslims also refrain from doing evil acts during the month and they are asked to bring themselves close to Allah (God) by increasing times of praying.


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  1. By fasting, they mean binge-eating before sunrise and binge-eating after sunset. In Arab countries cases of illness from eating / gluttony rise sharply during Ramadan. They’re doing it wrong… plus they’re also doing it in honour of Satan. Allah = short for Al Liyaah = moon god.

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