Open urination, defecation worries LCC

Lilongwe City Council (LCC) has expressed concern over the tendency of some residents who urinate and defecate on open spaces in the city.

In an interview with Malawi24, the council’s Public Relations Officer Tamara Chafunya said it is high time residents started making the city clean.

Many open areas such as Lilongwe Bridge near Lilongwe old town hall and some spots near Lilongwe main depot are used as defecating and urinating places.

Chafunya reminded residents that keeping the city clean is a responsibility of every individual and urged them to take ownership the city.

Some people are not using proper toilets such as this one.- (Image credit Abel Ikiloni, Mana

“Open urination and defecation that is happening along the Lilongwe Bridge and so many open spaces within the city is unwise. This is not a good practice and we strongly discourage it and appeal to the general to desist from such practice as this produces bad smells which can be of health risk to those around the area,” Chafunya added.

On how the Lilongwe City Council has planned to end the malpractice, Chafunya said the council is venturing into a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with potential stakeholders in management of public toilets within the city and city markets.

“A few months ago the council advertised requesting for those expressing interest to run and manage our public toilets and we believe that companies which have recently been awarded contracts will operate and maintain the public toilets according to the stipulated guidelines on the desired sanitary standard,” Chafunya said.

“We also believe that if we have more public toilets that are fully functioning within the city, then this would aid to eradicate the bad practice of open urinating and defecation,” she added.

Chafunya added that the council has also recently revisited by-laws including the Health related by-laws which dates back to 2002.

“By reviewing the by-laws, stiffer penalties to offenders will be given,” said Chafunya. “Once the by-laws have been approved and are ready for gazetting, the general public will be well informed and sensitized on the same.”