Cheetahs reintroduced in Malawi


For the first time in two decades, cheetahs are wandering in Malawi as the African Parks has reintroduced four cheetahs to Liwonde National Park.

According to the Park’s Facebook page, the four animals, two males and two females, arrived in Liwonde mid last week.

The Park says the animals have now settled well in the temporary holding and once they acclimatise to Liwonde, they will be released into the greater Park area.

“This is positive news for cheetah whose numbers have declined dramatically across Africa in recent years. It is also a conservation milestone for Malawi as the last cheetah sighting was in the region of 20 years ago. Cheetahs last roamed the plains on the Shire River over 100 years ago,” says the national park.

The park management is hoping that the wild animals will settle well to become the nucleus of further conservation success for Malawi.

The animals were brought to Malawi with assistance from Endangered Wildlife Trust which sourced the best possible animals and Robin Pope Safaris/Ulendo which transported them.

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