Tell me names of corrupt ministers, says Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika has reiterated his calls for the opposition to release names of cabinet ministers who are involved in corruption.

He made the call during the commissioning of the construction of the Bwanje Dam in Dedza on Wednesday.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika does not know of any corrupt Minister in his cabinet.

Mutharika said the opposition parties were once accusing his government of failure to provide food to Malawians and now they have shifted to corruption.

The opposition have been claiming that Mutharika shielded seven of his ministers suspected to have been involved in stealing public funds amounting to K236 billion.

Over a week ago, opposition Members of Parliament accused Mutharika’s government of protecting former minister George Chaponda who was found with huge amounts of money at his house but is yet to be arrested.

But speaking in Dedza, Mutharika called on the opposition to release the names of the suspected ministers.

“For the last two years there was hunger but my government said there will be no one who will die of hunger and no one died. At the moment the opposition have shifted to corruption issues and those saying I am shielding corrupt ministers must come out with names or else they must shut up,” said Mutharika.

On irrigation, Mutharika said his government will continue encouraging irrigation farming in the country so that the greenbelt initiative is enhanced.



  1. What kind of president are you? Why you ‘re respecting your crook ministers. Rather than the voters. Who did put on that seat. You knows verywell about highly critical on corruption, in your ruling party. Your ministers in your cabinet they’re talking nonsense, you too.Don’t blind us, becouse we knows what’s goingon ,by your ruling.Then charge your brain before addressing, ameeting with your (CABINET).

  2. Ndindani anachitidwapo corruption pantchito kapena pakhomo pake bwanji iye ataona kuti wachitidwa chinyengo bwanji sanapite kokadandaula kwa akulu akuluwo mr President akunena zoono

  3. Malawian People Be Alert Bcoz Ur President Always Contradicting Himself Now He Boycoting To Receive The Names Why?This Means That Himself He Committed With Corruption As Well

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  5. Its true there’s no corruption minister because he..himself iz acorruption president..mbava zimagwilana mbava zokha?.mkuthekanso mumagawana.zomwe anachita Chaponda ndi gula lake osaziona.

  6. The so called Auditor general said he had handed over the Forensic report to ACB with names mentioned in the 577bn Cashgate. He further said he cannot mention the names ,he must seek legal opinion from Attorney general. in response the Attorney general advised him not to mention names for fear of legal complications.Now the Question,Which Names were they talking about ??)??¿?????? If president Peter wanted names in true sense Why wouldn’t he get them from the Auditor’s office ??¿???? Fooling Who ?

  7. zomaika ma lawyer kukhala atsogoleli ndiyo mistake imene tinachita povota…… is educated to lie n he uneducated on the part of truth proofing n outbringing……zomalimbana ndinyerere zikuluma anthu kusiya agalu achiwewe akuluma anthu mdera ndiyo mistake yaikulu.zoona zake galu saonongera kukhomo kwawo koma kwaeniake kkkkkkkk malawi wabeba uyu zoona kumva kuti uku kwachitika umbava ndiye apolisi adzinena kaye maina ambavazo asanayambe kafukufuku? hahaaaahaha thats being insane guys even unborn baby can shake in the stomach if it hears the sound of cry from sad malawians about this dectatorial leadership of this felow anyway Jah b blessed.Amen


  9. You must just be pride!
    That God made someone inferior ‘ in his or her life time!!
    Therefore :
    Remember out there’ other’s who make you to be inferior ! They are just watching!!
    Remember poor’s

  10. How many bottles did you take??where were you when money was found in Chaponda’ house?balance that money and his salary and u tell us where he got that sum..don’t think we all stupid Mr President.we watching u

  11. I hate this crocodile,he is so hot headed,I hate this pig,he is so maddy,I hate this dog, he is so teethy,I hate this goat, he is so horny,I hate this toilet,he is so shity,#ihate this president,he is so dumb,ihate this peter,u remember he denied jesus before the dawn,that’s wat is happening with we malawians

  12. Then i just suggest that Malawians have Mambala (malalapaipi) President at this moment who jumped on the window and has no knowledge of leadership in his head mambala on the throne

  13. Anywhere dear girl now its winter. Plz don’t let boys bring their cold sausages to your punani microwave to warm them. They are off they will leave a rotten smell in summer

  14. APM is right. If there’s someone out there with names of corrupt ministers or any other corrupt officials let him come forward and the nation should know. Opposition leaders are afraid. They fear prosecution. The flares were high when Kamlepo, the vice PAC chair of parliament asked APM to dismiss the seven cabinet ministers mentioned in the cashgate report. APM wanted Kamlepo and members of parliament to reveal the names but Kamlepo threw it back to APM. Kamlepo was of the view that APM wanted to prosecute him so that he be declared bankrupt and eventually lose his parliamentary seat. This is where Malawi is at crossroads. Only small fishes are corrupt leaving out big fishes. For instance, we saw Senzani the PS of tourism slapped with a three year jail term but the minister of finance then, Ken Lipenga and possibly Moses Kunkuyu minister of tourism then untouched. Should we assume that these two gentlemen didn’t know of corrupt practices in the ministry? Or APM is simply waiting to clobber them during campaign period of 2019 elections? Whatever the case Tembenu has a daunting task. Corruption cannot be defeated in Malawi. Malawi needs up, bottom approach towards on corruption.

    • Godfrey, to be found with money in your house doesn’t mean you are corrupt. May be the language can be illegal possession of large amounts of money or money laundering. Am sorry there can be a case for Chaponda but with legal technicalities. All these ministers, M.Ps even APM keep money some large volumes in their houses. Some are business entrepreneurs. Do you remember when Bingu passed on, some people transfered cartons of money hopefully foreign currencies from state house to unknown destination. Whether JB recovered the money or not we don’t know. And again the money that was found in Chaponda’s house who knows may be the issue was just blown of proportion just to achieve something politically. Until the court decides so, Chaponda is not corrupt.

  15. If it’s true that he doesn’t know them, then there’s decentralization problems in his governance.
    He must find ways of connecting, listening to low standard people to get there complains.

    Komabe on the same topic, what about the oppositions Leaders, MPs.
    Don’t they find chance to speak to the President?
    Why don’t they snitch him on that??

    Finally…. Blue liar Mr president!!

  16. thieves thieves thieves, kuba khuku kumangidwa, stealing our taxes kuwombeledwa manja!!! too much kugona kwathu kuno we need to work up mwachangu

    • Apatu APM walankhula, enanu mumangoti “2019 sitidzavotera DPP” Ife tikudziwa kuti olo 2014 simunavotere DPP so musamatikumbe ngati munavotera DPP, Munabetsa. Ife tikutsimikizikeni wa DPP ndi wa DPP forever… inu mukdzavoteranso zinazo mudzabetsanso.. mudzatukwanabe mpaka 2024… mark my words

  17. IWeyo siikuona mmene mtundu wathu ukuvutikira?Blind aye,deaf ear ,even people crossing the boarder ,Mwanza ,Dedza.officers they don’t feel the pain these people are going through when in the foreign countries.what do you call what your border officials do to these poor migrants.shame on you.

  18. yoooh! what a man (president ) what chaponda did with maize just to mention one thing was not corruption ?… suggesting the big man is also doing corruption no dout .

  19. mr. president dont fool the people. dont think all malawians are children. malawi remains the most corrupt country in africa just because of a such boring president like you sir. You also need to promise to offer full security for the people who will point out those friends of yours ( ministers). think before you make noise for us

  20. we Malawians are very stupid why cant someone who knows those ministers that are in involved in cash gate or any source of mismanaging our ressources come open and tell the public hm?am telling u this to day LAZARUS CHAKWELA is stupid Peter muthalika is stupid members of parliament are stupid u media houses are stupid NGOS are stupid PAC is stupid MBC is stupid all malawians are stupid plus Traditional leader all are stupid how come every day every month every year we sing one song which is corruption arent there any way to end this ?we Malawians are foolish even those opposition mps they keep quite because they know that one day they will ruling this country and they will do the same amene analoza Malawi ndi mfiti foolishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.sorry for my broken english

  21. Hahahahahaha have u ever seen a guy removing a speck in a friend’s eye when the log out of his eye would blind u?? The devil is real dudes and right now he’s not residing in hell,guess where he @??

  22. Chaponda he get fired but he still getting paid his salary wat kind of professor dis its over,its over again, don’t. Play wid people 2019 is around corner will see fuck professor

  23. Chiyambi Chamisala kupepela kumbwambwana munthu akukuuza chaponda ndi mbava apezeka ndi ndalama aaa no bring evidence what kind of evidence r u looking wadya khwakhwananda

    • Zkuwoneka kut mwayambatu misala ndnuyo, they say the president should act on those corrupt ministers by firing them from their positions, didn’t he fire Chaponda ukumunenayo?
      Or in your dull mind Chaponda is still a minister, not so?
      Iwe nd mbuz heavy!!

    • are u backing ur president that he is not idiot?if so u r the one.idont think a wise man can take so long to act to the isues of national interest.ACB arrest ulad musa with alegations.dont u know kupezeka ndi ndalama zakunja ndi mulandu ndipo umamangidwa pompopompo ndikupita ku court iwe ndiwe mbuzi yen yen ndi pitala wakoyo univesity closed failing to act in time iwe,pitala and all gvt adminstrators zitsiru

  24. Mulibe Chonena. Pelekani Mayina Ngati Muli Nawo Komanso Ndikumene Ndalama Zachosedwa Mwachinyengo Munthu Wa Mkulu Apangepo Kanthu. Muli Ndwii Ngati Akukumetani Mukungokamba Zosagwirizana Basi. Uko Nsanje Basi Thoo!

  25. Corruption ku malawi yakula ku Malawi Even kut uyike nkhata ya maliro pa manda akufuna chinyengo or nsima yeni yeni kut udyeko pa maliro ukufunika kukapanga deal ndi azimayi ku moto….. My malawi wafika polilitsa!!!

    • His case is similar to Sithole,what’s going on with Chaponda’s case? We are all aware that sithole’s case did not need 12+ weeks for him to be persecuted,what’s so special with Chaponda?

    • Sithole was involved in cashgate and he pleaded guilty. Yes partially i would understand you coz Chaponda was hoarding forex in his house which is contrary to laws of Malawi. But i wouldn’t be amused by people of Chaponda’s calibre to have 65 million cash in their houses, that’s even a small amount than what their bank account hold.

    • @Antima Antima if u r a Malawian or were in Malawi you would have know that Chaponda was relieved of his duties as Min of Agriculture. Apparently, APM is acting as minister responsible.

    • Iwe Chaponda anamuchotsa due to pressure after kumubakiranso ku airport ku KIA,,There is simply lack of political will to fight corruption,,The Price Coopers Audit report mentioned the ministers and the president wants me to go and mention again??Osamaombera mmanja mfiti zikukutambirani..wake up..

    • Where it was out of pressure or good will, the fact remains APM booted him out of cabinet. There is no report that came up with the names of “rotten” cabinet ministers. If indeed the report revealed names, then why the opposition guys are not willing to name them with reference to the said report.

      It’s a mere propaganda politicians are using to fight the govt. I would be more than happy if the said ministers are brought to light so that they face the law but there should be enough evidence that their hands are not clean.

  26. Eyewu muntharika akubela limodzi ndi duna zake ndichikwa chake akukanika kuzimanga dunazo akuopa kuti angamuwulure muntharika ndibwampini

    • axe DPP yandikwana,amene akuonekako wanzeru ndi uyu wa MCP koma funso nali ngati anakwanitsa kusolola tamu mpingo akadzalowa sazasolola zambiri paja wa chake salekatu,corruption ku malawi yafika pena pake malawi ikufunika mapemphero apadera

    • Indeed, always our APM runs away from the truth and responsibility and a very good example is how he distance himself from unima responsiblities as a Chancellor…. @ Rhonex, tell me what mechanisms does he take to ensure that his cabinet ministers are not corrupt? and why does he always shield his ministers from being investigated… I hope you know very well Chaponda’s story.. Being a die-hard party member should not blindfold you from the reality…….. I really like te term #petulo -type response#

    • hehe!! M’dalayu ali very weak… being a chancellor of unima sanganene kuti sizikumukhudza… he always waits for a problem to solve itself.. no wonder he is unexperienced lawyer… he dont know how to solve issues

    • Actually he is right. You don’t act on rumours and hearsays.

      And in your own mind, do you expect the whole president to carry out investigations when there is Police and ACB? Is that order?

    • He(the president) has powers to order the ACB and the POLICE to conduct investigations only if he is serious but because he is unvisionary thats why he is speaking like that

    • Present him with facts. Surely he would deal accordingly with any corrupt minister if and only there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

      Not backing him but it’s not order for any sane person to act on issues alleged by your rival against your own partner. Would you do that?

    • He’s diplomatic in the sense of accepting the truth,he uses “Oh!No John! Oh! No John clue!Some No’s are Yes’eses!!
      MAY AND HILL Form 2 Literature book one of the poem!!!

    • Joseph Diverson, these guys investigate themselves and exonerate themselves, and you my friend believe their findings 😂😂😂.

    • To some president is the answer to everything in their life… Tizabzindikira bwino patsogolo indeed.some Malawians are very dull wina akhoza kungodzuka mmawa nkunama kuti chakwera msowoya waba ma computer ma comment 300 we don’t have time to investigate issues on our own.we choose to believe some stories coz it’s what we want to hear as a society we need so searching every lever of our country is now corrupt even ku mortuary,ma council,immigration.traffic.hospitals.NGOs kuli kudya ndalama za ma traininga. MPs both’s not possible for president To eliminate corruption yekha tonse tigwilane manja.

    • You must remove the log of wood from your own eyes first before trying to remove a piece of wood from your friends eye……let any one of you who has never sinned throw the first stone….and they all left one by one until none remained!!

    • It luks like we hv alot of motherfuckers in this land, u want the president to investigate those ministers kut alakwa chan?
      U have a big null head, kod mungot corrupt ministers corruption wake okhuza chan?
      Oky lets take kut iweyo sku lna ungowona apolisi afka pakhomo pako mpaka kulowa mnyumba in the name kut r investigating, suwafunsa kut akuchta investigate chan?
      Ngat iweyo nd abale ako mukuwona kut Peter akuyenera kuchta momwe mwaneneramo mupte ndma evidence mukamupase period.

    • madalitso, everyone is watching the caponda saga. Anyone found with forex is usually arrested on the spot. Caponda should have been arrested and charged.

    • Madalitso,,guess u are aware that the Price Coopers report mentioned the mininsters involved,the president is choosing a blind eye on the same but the ACB knows it,,anena bwanji ngati akubisa Chaponda oti iweyonso ukuziwa kuti anaba,,even Zambians knw this,,ngati iwe ulibe umboni then u are one of those primite thieves a dpp…

    • Madalitso,may be you dont khow that dis country have two cashgates first it was 575 billion that was from 2005 to 2012 which is some ministers are involved and 2012 to 2013 cashgate or amai cashgate which was involved people like karonga,lutepo,sezani kachikho and many de president failing to react on first cashgate which is some ministers are involved of.

    • People just talk with no real evidence, someone is talking of 575 billion here, kodi mesa omwewo amati its 575 anabweranso nkumati nd two hundred something billion, ndiye ife tigwire umboni uti, report liyenera kufotokoza kut HOW the minister was involved ndiye ngat alipo apa akuziwa atchule ndunayo komanso kut iwo inakhuzika mu njira yanji pakatangale ameneyo, i thought akamati munthu akumuganizila mulandu amakhala kut siwolakwa untill khot litapereka chigamulo koma it seems kwa anthu ena sichoncho, don’t mention chaponda coz he is not a minister.

    • What I see is that the opposition wants to find a loophole in order to get popularity. Izi zi za corruption ndizongokamba zopanda umboni.President angochosa munthu chifukwa anthu akunena.Everyone knows kuti World bank,IMF ayambanso kuthandiza boma popeleka ngongole Ku boma.So zimene akufuna zoti azibweresa nkhani zokhuza corruption kuti anthu azidana ndi boma.Ngati Wa opposition wamanga nyumba yapamwamba minister angalephere kumanga.Ndiye kuti ukakhala boma usasegule business uzivala ma trouser otuwa,uziyenda pansi.