Mutharika wants you to emulate foreigners


President Peter Mutharika has urged people in the country to emulate business skills of foreigners who are successful in business.

Mutharika made the remarks during a “Talk to the President” program on taxpayer funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: We need to change.

According to Mutharika, citizens of the country should not be feeling hurt if people from other countries like Burundi are becoming successful in business but should partner with them and learn how they make such strides.

“We need to be hardworking, let’s find out how they become successful fast. They come here and in three years’ time they become very rich,” Mutharika said.

“Let’s find out how they do this. We can learn from them and emulate, am sure we can also do better.”

Mutharika also noted that foreigners like Burundians sell things at cheaper prices than anybody else.

“My advice on this is that first of all let’s find out why they do this, I know foreigners come here with very little money but in short period of time they are doing very well,” Mutharika said.

People from countries like Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) flee their countries because of conflict and seek refuge in the country. Most of such people stay in refugee camps such as Dzaleka in Dowa district.

Malawi24 visited the refugee camp recently and learnt that foreigners at the camp are indeed doing great in business than locals living in Dzaleka.

This publication learnt that many shops near the camp are owned by foreigners from the camp.



  1. Kkkkkkkkkkkk Mr President don’t compare us with refugees please!!! Those Burundian and Congolese are receiving many things mahala from united nations and world food organization each and every month. Yet 88% most Malawian their business are farming business so the government like to buy from them on a lower prices and government selling farms equipment higher price. How can successful or benefit?

  2. Someone builds a conglomerate while with ur small business u try to support ur whole village. The environment is not conducive, bank lending rates are unrealistic and soon as you make some significant strides the revenue collector is on ur ass like . Stop believing the worst of Malawians, we are hard working, have innovative ideas on how to grow n change the economy but it’s only an elite group that’s holding this country from showing its full potential

  3. Instead of learning from prominent foreign investors and businessmen, Malawian counterparts have had chosen to attack their businesses. Poor customer care. Majority of our business guys think business means buying and selling only. They do not go beyond to reach customers’ needs, requirements and care. I at one pont saw a businessman shouting at customer! How can such investor win a customer? Business means customers. It is never about being having huge amounts of money but how to win a customer.

  4. True, but denying Malawians right to export is denying them their right to their sweat bad to farmers who are failing to find good markets, foreigners capitalise on this to triple their wealth through kickback exports

  5. People have entreprenual skills but no access to loans.Borrowers are asked to provide collateral security to obtain loans from financial institutions which is a totalburden to most poor citizens.The country is experiencing hard economic conditions that one would not be able to venture into business with K20 as capital.

    • the issue of having collateral to lend money is minimised with the introduction of microfinance institutions like microloan…I have seen woman lending up to 200000 without collateral.this money can help aperson domsomething meaningful

  6. Pitala manyaz alibe,,,titukuka bwanj ndalama tilibe adatenga ACHAPONDA..??eee uhv to punctuate yo sentences..ukulephera iweyo kupanga emulate mmene maiko otizungulira akuchtra,,akutukuka iwe ukuona,,ndalama udazpaanilira nd nduna zakozo….shupit zako…

  7. He is stupid doesnt he know dat most of em come with huge capital from their countries, a thing most malawians can only thinj of, otherwise, given a level ground, malawians can also perform

  8. Malawians!!! Where did the president go wrong? He’s just right. Don’t always be pessimistic please. Look at the Bulundians who came with nothing fro their country. They getting rich in our eyes.

  9. It is believed that most business men in Malawi don’t have the capability. They are in the career by chance. Most of our business men and women use concoctions(juju) to prosper. They cannot do business without consulting sing’angas for charms. Many are busy migrating to Makanjira, Mwanza, Karonga and Mozambique seeking for business charms. Cases of albino killings is because of business incapabilities. We hear some sleep with their mothers, sisters, daughters. Eish!! You people, what’s this nuisance for? Our Kwacha in this regards will never stabilize and inflation can’t go down. In short, our business people have no skills and can’t compete on an international level.

  10. Many Malawians are jealousy, and they will remain poor forever because they don’t want to learn from successful people but to kill them through ufiti. Bastards and go to hell.

  11. Dziko lanthu lakula ndikuphangila chuma. Kumanga kamsewu dziko lonse kubooka mmimba tabwelani kuno AS muzaone akuchita azanthu akuda not braaa braaaa

  12. which skills? the only thing which needs to change is the mindset! everyone thinks some thing from out side is better!!I can see even u Mr president u think the same!!

  13. How do u expect a Malawian to get business skills with no capital? Only if can do what Dr Muluzi did giving loans to disadvantaged citizens through Banks,Indians help one another thats why they are successful here..Give us the OPPORTUNITIES FIRST#DontExpectTheBestWhenYouDoWorst

  14. vuto aliyense akapita ziko la eni ake amakhala olimbikira monga ntchoto ya ulonda aMalawi ambiri akudya nayo bwino ku joni koma kumuziko amati umgwanya ayi

  15. Which foreighners? they are succesfull because they experts of tax invasion, with the help of corrupt police and immigrations officers they invade our tax and sell the staff at the exobitant price! Mr president i always commend you for your effort to develop Malawi but this one you have goofed

  16. Indians and Nigerians who are rapping our country, selling our passport, killing our wild animals, this president need urgent help someone should take him to the nearest hospital, we want good price for our crops don’t sleep walk while bad mouthing us,