Entrepreneur prepares graduates for jobs

Emmanuel Mulele

A Blantyre based businessman has bankrolled a project that will equip fresh graduates with skills which will boost their chances of securing employment.

In an interview with Malawi24, Emmanuel Mulele who is founder of the program called ServiceTouch Trademark “Learn and earn” said he noted that after graduating, most university students in Malawi do not go straight to the work.

Emmanuel Mulele
Emmanuel Mulele: We are helping our own nation.

According to Mulele, most of university graduates spend at least two years at home while looking for job or waiting for government posting and this inspired him to come up with the program called ServiceTouch “Learn and earn”.

“I want to change the attitude of young people towards work by inspiring and helping them get exposed to different companies and organisations that may sooner or later be their employers,” Mulele told Malawi24.

“To help young graduates to acquire soft and subtle skills between leaving college and getting this dream jobs , I invite them to meetings and sessions so that they know  meeting management skills, sales skills, customer service approach and to enhance their confidence,” he added.

He told Malawi24 that during this time organisations and companies tend to be observing them and they get interested with their vast knowledge in different fields.

“Organisations are free to engage them at the time that they have built their Curriculum Vitae (CV) with ServiceTouch. This time youths will be having vast experience since they will be getting more valuable experience with ServiceTouch that will benefit their different work places,” Mulele said.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the beneficiaries Tiwonge Msonthi from Blantyre International University (BIU) hailed the program saying it has prepared her for her future.

“The program has taught me how to approach people professionally and it has boosted my confidence,” Msonthi said.

So far the program has involved about 15 fresh graduates from different colleges in the country.

The program is expected to engage more fresh graduates by the end of this year because it has enhanced its business consultancy with more than 23 organisations including the Malawi government.



  1. Entrepreneur prepares graduates for jobs? They dont get jobs because there are no jobs, teach them entrepreneurship instead.

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