Man found with fake bank notes

k2000 bank note

A 19-year-old man is in police custody for being found in possession of K14,000 in forged bank notes.

This has been confirmed by Limbe Police deputy public relations officer Pedzesai Zembeneko. He identified the suspect as Daniel Kasimo.

“Kasimo was arrested at a Shabeen within Bvumbwe Trading Centre after he fetched out a K2000 note to settle his bill,” he explained.

According to Zembeneko, the bartender noticed that it was a fake note as such he immediately informed the police who arrested the suspect.

Kasimo was searched and found with K12,000 kwacha in fake K2,000 notes and K2000 in fake K1000 notes.

The man comes from Bernard village, Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo district.

He will appear before court soon when police investigations are done.

In another development, three men were last week burnt to death at Kapsepse village in Thyolo for being found stealing in a house.

Zembeneko said the incident occurred on 15 May, 2017.

“During the said night a gang of about 10 men broke into a house with intent to steal,” he explained.

However, community members caught two of the thieves. The residents then beat the thieves and set them ablaze.

On the following day, another suspect who managed to run away arrived at Kapsepse village and was also beaten before being set ablaze.



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  2. Apolisi mwalephera ntchito yanu
    Mukugwira munthu chifukwa cha ndalama za fake phindu lake ndi chani
    Bwanji osamugwira chakwera paja zake ndi zenizeni

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