Madonna’s David impresses at Benfica FC

David Bnda
David Bnda
David Bnda : Trained with Benfica.

Madonna’s adopted Malawian son David Banda left a mark on the football pitch in Portugal when he trained with Benfica football club’s junior side.

The 11 year old, who trained with the team for a week, proved to the world that his country of origin, Malawi, means fire with magical soccer skills.

His amazing performance did not vanish into the thin air as he was named the best performer among the Under 12s. This delighted his mother who could not wait to share the joy on Instagram.

Madonna who facilitated David’s training with Benfica as she is currently working in Portugal, posted her son’s picture which she captioned, my champion.

Could David be the next global soccer star? Is the question among most Malawians. It is their prayer that he should develop the skill and represent the country one day.

Malawi is without a representative in world’s most prestigious football leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Seria A.

South Africa and the neighbouring Mozambique remains most footballers targeted destinations.



  1. May God Almighty guide you David and GOD bless you Madonna

  2. A big thank 2 madona again bt zoti mwanai angazasewere kuno mmm ndakaika kma tiziti apange tsogolo lake lyk baloteri

    1. Iiii the boi is footballer boss ..only that he is coming from music family thats y tikumuziwa as musician…playing football just funny? i dont think akanasankhidwa as best player…

    2. Kikikikikiki u guys! David is not a musician and he is not a footballer stop raising ur hopes too high. He is just a boy adopted by a rich celebrity, mwina some day he will choose a predetermined profession koma for now its way too early to talk about this, matani Kodi?

  3. We Malawians have talent it’s like the way Ernest Mtawali left Malawi few people knew about and at Hardware Stars he used to watch from the bench while the late Fletcher Mmangisa enjoyed the game but when he left he made it big all over the world

  4. I hope it won’t be just football, so stereotypical. With all that money, get him into some ivy league school, Cambridge or Oxford to make something lasting out of himself. We’re tired of if he’s black it must be football basketball or rap

    1. kkkkkkkk Eeeeee koma zinazi basi kukhala pheee kuganiza zauplezindeti basi palibe ntchito ina mungamusankhile kupatula u president ai mpando umeneuja mumaufuna eti baba zilizonse amakonza ndi yohova ngati sadalembe ngakhale utaphunzira motani sizingatheke ai mwene dziwani zimenezo

    2. koma mfana ameneyu,kutchuka mosavutikira chonchi,nanga akazapanga zaphindu zinazake azatchuka bwanj,azafika pa akon lol.

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