Janta’s album houses house music


Musician cum producer Janta has taken a different turn in music having included some house songs in his latest album.

The collection titled Ishmael, has a total of five songs that comes under the genre of house. One of the tracks, Ngongole, has started stealing people’s hearts.

Ngongole targets money lenders in terms of ill timing when claiming their money from borrowers. It separates Friday from all days as not ideal for claiming debts.

Janta flying his flag very high.

The chorus sounds “eti eti, wangongole samabwera Friday” (truly truly, a money lender does not come on Friday).

As if that is not enough, the character goes on to tell the lender that even if subjected to all forms of torture he cannot honour the debt on Friday. This is because the day is special for enjoyment that demands spending.

Janta told Malawi24 yesterday that the inclusion of house music in the collection is meant to give it a different feel.

“I just wanted to do something different, the album has 5 house songs, it’s not that I have shifted from my usual type,” he said

The album features South African group identified as Beat Movement. The rainbow nation is considered the home of house music.

The Lilongwe based MC is married to Afro Pop music under which he released songs like Divorce and Ndapilira. Prior to embracing this type of music he was doing hip hop music.



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