Government to push production of legumes, cotton


Government says it will encourage the production of legumes and cotton as it will develop a thriving system of marketing such commodities.

This was said by the Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe in Parliament when he was delivering the 2017/18 budget statement In Lilongwe.

Malawi Cotton

Malawi’s cotton- a priority for government.

Gondwe said the economic growth rates in advanced countries has been revised upward recently in the United Stated reflecting expectations of fiscal and rising confidence while in Europe and Japan the upward revisions merely reflect cyclical recovery in manufacturing and trade.

He added that for emerging and developing countries, growth is expected to remain strong in China, India and many other commodity importers.

Gondwe noted that Malawi stands to gain from these developments if it positions itself appropriately by producing quality traceable goods that are expected to be in demand worldwide.

“Therefore the government will continue to encourage the private sector to take advantage of these global trends. In particular it tends to push the production of legumes and cotton and the development of a thriving system of marketing for these commodities,” said Gondwe.

He further said that the ministry of industry, trade and tourism is poised to tackle this task while the ministry responsible for agriculture stand ready to support small and large scale farmers to increase the production of these commodities.




  1. vuto ndlot khaya anzathuwa ndiophunzra kwambr khaya chmakhala chamba sndziwa ai, olima ifeyo opanga mitengo iwowo. komangat ndkupepela ndye amalaw tapambana

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