Jeffrey’s remarks irks Speaker

Richard Msowoya

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya has said the recent remarks by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Greselder Jeffrey show that the DPP led government introduced quota system to paralyze the northern region.

Jeffrey is reported to have said that a person from the Northern Region will never rule Malawi.

Writing on his Facebook page, Msowoya said such insensitive remarks shows that the DPP introduced quota system of selecting students to public universities in order suppress people from the north.

Richard Msowoya
Msowoya:This is very bad.

“Look at what is happening and what we are hearing now, insensitive statements like ‘North will never produce a president until Jesus comes’ to me implies that the quota system is designed and enforced to make absolutely sure that north Malawi produces fewer learned people, and hence has less chances to produce presidential material until Jesus comes. This is distressing.

“Merit and merit only should be the basis for university selection and for public appointments if Malawi is to groom brilliant minds and recruit the best human resource available to compete with the best at global level,” Msowoya added.

He further asked Malawians to emulate Lucius Banda’s approach of doing things if we need to turn things around on university selection criteria.


“If Malawi is to develop, we should, as Lucius Banda said, stick to merit. The exceptional candidates with the best grades should be selected into [public] University and those with not as exceptionally good grades should be enrolled in other tertiary institutions,” Speaker said.

Jeffrey’s remarks that the northern part of Malawi will never produce a president have kicked up a storm with various quarters saying that the sentiments are unwelcome in democratic Malawi.

The Church and Society for Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) under Livingstonia synod has disclosed that they are to sue the DPP secretary general arguing that her remarks can promote “civil war”.

Executive director of the Church and Society for the synod Moses Mkandawire said they are to drag Jeffrey to court to explain what she meant when she told a rally that northerners cannot produce a president.



  1. Am from central region but to say the truth nothern region is blessed with everything this guyz they are intelligent, talented kma ife apa central n south mmmm zithu zikutivuta guyz most of us ndi mbuli boma likuyetsetsa kutikondera kma zikukanikabe..

  2. This Fool is a very Stupid person. Use Quota to balance resources for your Stupid Development! What development do u give to the North? Chitsiru Chamunthu!

  3. Tertiary education z nt for the mentally deficient..u cnt force a person to go to university jst to achieve equity…dats y ku BUNDA amangoweeder mbuli zimenezi pa year 1…ana awatsitsira passmark frm 60 to 50%..koma ataaa!kulepherabe kumakhonza mayeso…dats y akulira chokweza pano kt carryover z injustice to them akalakwa mayeso…ku university munthu oti anakhonza movutikira form 4 ndipovuta kt amalize xul..makamaka xul yapaBUNDA…Nde pitilizani quarter system yanuyi koma choti mudziwe ndichoti xul siyatonse….ndiochepa ama 25pts abv akukwanitsa kumaliza xul ku university nwadys.. UNIVERSITY SIMASUNGA MBULI..

  4. Apa palije vakuyowoya chizunguyayi ……..Imwe viwantbu vakumwera na pakati mujitolangeti mulivazeru chomene eti..Apo mukukhalirawaka kulima hona kuno kumpoto …..kasi kuwevyenge mupoto nthena mukuchilira nkhu chifukwa mukulindizga mutumbuka wasambire wazakamulembeni wutenananti…… are stupit you pepole of south and central

    1. Ine ndimanena nthawi ndi nthawi kuti amene amakulimirani fodya wanuyo ndizitsiru zedi.Muwawuze choncho ine ndingabwere kwanuko ku Mpoto kuzalima fodya fotseki .Muziwawuza kuti ndi anthu osaganiza kugwira khasu sindingapange ine zitsiru zimenezo

  5. Quota qsystem plus free primary education helps to lower education standards in the country.just imagine people with 15points and above do not have access to tertiary education in the North while from the south 26 points are just ok.raising this issue in parliament is very important but should not be a way of gaing support from the north for political purposes coz doing so means compromising education further.we should not do this as what TUM and Zodiac is doing at present-influenced by MCP to taint DPP’s image.

  6. Kodi Msowoya wapsa mtima ngati wa MCP, Speaker or North? Dzantengeleni ku court Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey tsiku limene ku mpoto kudzachokere president wa dziko lino, koma pano mwalawira & Quarter system ndiyabwino wina asanamepo apa..!

  7. Can Hon. Richard Msowoya be honest to tell us how & why the Northern Region being a minority group find a way to all work places throughout the Country?. The Central & Commercial Banks, Money Lending Institutions, all Learning Institutions, Government Ministries & Departments, NGOs, Churches & Religious Orgs. etc…… In some places in the Central & Southern Regions let alone of the entire North, you find from CEOs down to Gardeners & Security Guards, all are from the North.

  8. If quota system was introduced in good faith,why limit it to universty selection of students only? why not extend the same to public appointments?The so-called lean cabinet could have comprised ministers and their deputy ministers at least from each of the 28 districts.The composition of parastal boards would have followed the same 1/4 system.For those of us who were born sometime back will recall that even the high court once declared this system discriminatory.

    1. Let me respond to you on ministerial positions and appointments. These are political positions and normally go to stronghold of the ruling side.When the president wants to make an appointment, he doesn’t just take anyone from elsewhere. He looks for someone among his supporters because you can’t just take someone who is not on your side.He ends up shooting down government directions. For instance, MCP national executive committee has only 3 people from the whole southern region but 18 people from within Lilongwe alone. Why? MCP knows that it has more supporters in central region.I can assure you if Chakwera wins he will appoint the whole of his cabinet from within central region. Zandale zimatero koma za dziko should be equally shared.

    2. Daisoni J Mbewe I think you are not giving us good reasons as to why only education, and to be specific university selection should fall under quota system. Maybe to give you a clear picture: why is it that most of the people being victimised are northerners? would it not have been logical to address the issue of points that students obtain at msce in light of allegations that students from the north were favoured before introducing the policy? And why is it that other sectors like health do not have to be given this quota system? if you analyse critically you will come to the conclusion that its all political; actually its one way of weakening the predominant feature of notherners; that most of them are educated and dominates the civil service.

    3. I do not belong to or support any political party and i do not vote.But i have always been against any form of injustice no matter who perpetrates it.Am not a graduate myself courtesy of this 1/4 system despite being equally, if not, more intelligent than these 1/4 system sponsored graduates.Am afraid i might be aguing with a direct or indirect beneficiary of this injustice,therefore i rest my case.

  9. QUOTA SYSTEM WAS THERE IN THE MCP era in 1992 the system was used I benefited from the system but DPP was not there then

    1. Someone can get 20 points herself or himself while a northerner because of syndicate wakwithu! Wakwithu amupasa 9 points as gift ndiye ubwino uli pati.

  10. Mr speaker sir,l think for you to have good reputation as mr speaker sir,you should not be waisting your time commenting on these matters coz you might be deemed as do un neutral,you. Can draw an example from honourable chimunthu Banda

    1. Richard Msowoya echoed those sentiments at an MCP rally and not in parliament as some of you think. This confusion has arisen because the Malawi24 reporter failed to include this important fact. Please reporters, include the relevant information before submitting to the public.

  11. Bwana Richard Msowoya I have been holding you with high esteem until you have equated the the misquoted statement by DPP SG to the introduction of 1/4 system. Since the introduction of multiparty system of Government what has been and is still the minimum qualification for someone to be illigible to Contest for presidency? The angle from which you have tackled the issue is a bid misrepresentation of facts and it very pathetic such reasoning is from the speaker of National Assembly. I have been following your concerns about quota system and this is almost the second d time you have talked about it and you miserably goofed in attaching your failure to go to Kamuzu Academy to introduction of quota system by Late Kamuzu Banda. Hear this therefore that if you and MCP are habouring the dreams of leading the nation, then never use anti quota system semantics in CR and SR lest you hammer the last nail on MCP coffin in as far as 2019 elections are concerned. SR and CR may disagree on political affiliations but when it comes to quota system they are one and one alone. Don’t say you were not warned. This battled is too big to be won by you Hon Speaker. As of today, ever district in Malawi has not less than 8 university graduates. Isn’t that good bwana Msowoya. Looking g at the nature of school we send our kids to, intelligence of a child cannot only be determined by the grades he scoops at National exams unless one is myopic and emmotional. I can challenge you that someone who has scored 11 points from St. Mary’s Secondary school can equally compete at the University with a lad who has scored 25 points from Nagwengwere CDSS. Probably the latter is more intelligent than the former. Quota system is here to stay and don’t lose ur energy, time and resources talking about that. Deal with GS as an individual kaya akupepeseni kaya ena a mpingo mpaka akuti akukasuma kkkkkk koma osati mpaka zilowelere ku Q system.

    1. Man Don’t U Know That Best Secondary Schools In Malawi Are In CR AND SR? . Bcoz Of Your Quota The Northener Have Started Adopting The Surnames Like Mhlophwana, Mlaviwa , Mhaliwa While Their Real Surnames Are Gondwes.Msopole,mkandawire, Bota,Which Makes The System Ineffective.

    1. Ku mpoto kuli Miseu, RBM and other banks. Kuli University. The only way you can do is not to build mansions in LL or BT but mudzikamanga kwanu. Muona kutukuka posachedwa ku Mpoto. You are the ones developing Other regions inu monga simudziwa.

    1. Kwa inu maphunziro ndiofunika kwambiri chifukwa ndinu nokha amene mumayenera kugwira ntchito yolembedwa mpakana penshoni ndipo chomvetsa chisoni ndichoti ngakhale mukalambe mumayenera kufunsira ntchito kwina chifukwa mumakhala mulibe nyumba komanso ndinu anthu amene nzeru zodziyimira panokha, pachilegedwe mumakhala mulibe. Timakuonerani ku usilikali mukapuma, ngakhale ntchitoyo yakutengerani pafupi moyo wonse, mumakafunsirabe ya ugadi m’makampani mpakana, mpakana chonsecho mwalandira penshoni kuja mwasiya ana, mibadwo ingapo ya zidzukulu popanda okupumitsani pakhomo chifukwa iwonso amakhala kuti adutsa m’mabvuto omwewo. Ndiye dzikokeranani kuopa mungasauke monyazitsa.

  12. The aim of introducing quota system was to balance the use of state university. You’re quite aware that University of Malawi is being ran by taxes of all Malawians in this country. When Kamuzu suspected that the people of northern region were only the beneficiaries because of their tribalism and regionalism, he thought of introducing quota system to see equal distribution of national universities.He had good reasons for that because students from central and southern regions were given bad points so that they should not be selected to university of Malawi. But those from north were favoured wakhitu,wakhitu and were given best points so that they should go to university. These northerners are our brothers and sisters but they have no love at all.They look down on other tribes. Tribalism and regionalism started with Kanyama Chume who was the first education Minister by then.When scholarships and anything regarding educational opportunity arose in government he favoured the northerners only. I plead with government to continue quato system forever. Those who were selected on quota system some years back have graduated meaning they were the best students only some people didn’t want them to access tertiary education by giving them bad points deliberately. The goodness about quota system is that students are also taken from north as well.The rest will be able to attend private universities.

    1. Oyipa ndinu mwakhala mukupondereza ma region komwe kuli anthu ochuluka. The good thing is CR and SR who are constituting a bigger population of illigible voters are happy with the system. Kkkkkkk

    2. Timbukazi all over hope you get that into your tribalism little brains, the only way you can say you’re educated is coz u still go to secondary at 45 just to come see Blantyre hahaha.

    3. Let me respond to you Bertha.We don’t hate the northerners. You’re Malawians as well but we rather hate the tendency of favouring each other because you come from one region or tribe.Someone from North should learn to see person from south as relative and offers him help.You know Bertha that we marry each other meaning we are one but please adjust yourselves towards other tribes. Don’t look at yourselves as superior tribe in Malawi.

    4. Alex Yuwen Chiona ife tikufuna federalism kumene tukuthangiseni ku CR ndi ku SR. Many of your relatives were crying saying they don’t want federalism hahahahha akuti adzikhalabe ku Blantyre

    5. Alex Y chiona,Southern region has many tribes. We have ngoni,Yao,Sena,Mang’anja,Lhomwe and many more.Lhomwe is just small percentage in the southern region but because we work as a team in southern region you think everyone is Lhomwe no.We don’t consolidate regionalism or tribalism. Everyone is Malawian, that’s all.

    6. My brother Joseph, these people know that quota system doesn’t allow zokondera when selecting students into university. So they are not happy with that. They want selection on merit so that their cheating way of obtaining good points should allow them be selected to University. They know their fellow Tumbuka are everywhere at the MANEBO and what have you .The students who are not from north will be given bad points deliberately to make them fail into university selection on merit kuti iwo azadze okha okha ngati misonkho amapereka okha

    7. Who is favouring who? Mayeso ndi amodzi, ochonga ndi amodzi osanka ndi amodzi ndiye vuto ili pati unless you prepare exams specifically for the North chizakala chonveka.kuti akumphoto azipikizana okaoka.give us tough papers. Even apunzitsi they have transferred all creams from the North to other regions.simply to paralyse the Northern Education sector.Zomvetsa chinsoni kuti some people anzeru zawo alimomo mu Government. But they can’t say No to this system. Sorry ba Dada Gondwe I love you but on this,you must convince the Northerners the goodness of the system. I have chosen you because some of us are following this party because you are our mentor. If the quota system is good ,why not to implement in all sectors .

    8. Thank you very much for your explaination.You have explained it very well but you’re too young to understand bad tendency that was started way back before you were born. I have full information and evidence that students from central and southern region have been sidelined and given bad points to prevent them from going to University by the big bosses from northern region.If you send me your e-mail I will send you to read for yourself mwinanso umva chisoni kwambiri.Besides that,let me give you my own sad story which you will understand how wakwithu! Wakwithu works. Five years ago,I was called to attend an interview in Lilongwe. We were many of us about 2 hundred. We were seated somewhere waiting for actual time for the interview. While we were there waiting, certain boss came and asked,”who are from north ” (akumpoto ndani?” More than ten people raised up their hands. The boss called them away from us just three metres and wrote their names on piece of paper.What was happening to that names? We saw that with our naked eyes.The big man was from north as well and he took names of his fellow northerners for what before interview? The same applies to all aspects of life in this country.

    9. Who put those people in those top position? And how did they reach that position? My friend chilichonse chimafunika kulimbika and I Wonder ngati system iyi ingalimbikitse ana asukulu kuti azilimbikila.

    10. The northerners who want quota system abolished,they know that they will use their donated points to go to University. Some of us,we were together with the Tumbukas and we were even ahead of them.What are you talking about my friend when you say kulimbikira? Don’t be proud my friend. We are all equal before God.I will never be happy to see my taxes be used on people from one region because of regionalism or tribalism ndakana.Government should continue with quota system because they even know that only people from one region monopolized tertiary education because of regionalism and tribalism wakwithu ndimupase 9 points apite Ku university mtima woipa

  13. If we are the first to Point fingers on regionalism and tribalism, how do u expect Tanzania to React towards the lake, if there is no unity amongst ourselves. Come-on people this is an old fashion style open your eyes people.

    1. mbuzi za wanthu .ndipo ndi anthu odzikonda .mwachitsanzo ukapita ku maintaviyu amangotengana akumpoto okhaokha ndipo ndikulankhula izi with my exprience .ndachita ma interview malo osiyana koma m ma office mwadzadza atumbuka ndiye akadziwa kuti sindiwe wakumpoto udziwiretu kuti uli mmadzi

    2. Anthu a chabe awa. Go ku ma NGOS ku American Embassy kuli Nkhono ina yake Mhango ndi okondera ku ma international trainings and scholarships. AMERICAN EMBASSY In Malawi should know that Tumbukas are full of nepotism and regionalism there.

    3. mbuzi ya munthu paul , ku road trafic ya kulilongwe ndiye kuli nyansi. ineyo ndimaso angawa ndidaona mtumbuka wina jere akuyendetsa njinga yamoto osavala chisoti ,wa traffic wa ku lilongwe dzina lake mkandawire adamugwira ndipo adayamba kulankhulana chitumbuka kenako nkumutaya, patapita nthawi mchewa wina wa kumalingunde adafika osavala chisoti ,mkandwire adamulanda njinga yamoto mpaka lero ili ku polisi .ndiye tikamati anthu akumpoto muli ndi tsankho mumayesa tikunama . pangani lanu dziko

    4. iwe ndiwenda pusiwachabechabe who told u that this is u only country to say pangani yanu go to hel fosake galu ndi amako na tatewako wava ur dog foolish don’t mes with great people.

    5. ngakhale kumwenda ulalate sindikusiyani ayi ,pano ndinenetse kuti quater system ndiyabwino ndipo mufune musafune tsiku lina idzayambanso . komanso ndinu odzikonda .go to ministry of health kwadzadza mpoto yokhayokha

    6. mukadali kulira ndi umbuli wanuwo ndipo sitisiya kukondana atumbuka……munyera muona……chomwe mumatha inu ndikukwelana basi….xool simbali yanu,mpira simbali yanu,kuimba simbali yanu

    7. ngati mumati ndinu anzeru bwanji mukukana quater system? kudzikonda basi . kwenikweni kumpira ndiye hii .mbwenubwenu yokhayokha . mudzakodza nyamilando akadzachoka ku FAM . ndikamati mpoto ndiyodzikonda mundimvetsetse . mbuzi inu


  15. komatu izi mukuziseweletsazi tsiku lina zidzabala mwana samalani kayankhulidwe kanu chifukwa mudzatenthana moto manyasalande nokha nokha

    1. Kumwenda, ndi Amaravi okhao amene ndi eni dziko lino, aliyense kuchokera ku Nsanje mpaka ku Chitipa ndife ongothawiramo muno.

  16. That one who said northeners will never rule Malawi is very stupid, she is sick, whether you like it or not the north has brains, anthu anzeru ndi a kumpoto, enanu mumangodziwa kubelekana ngati a child koma osadziwa kuphuzitsa ana any. Zitsiru nonse amend mukunena anthu a kumpoto. Fotseki.

  17. Quota system of selecting students in public university was first introduced by MCP in 1988/9. And DPP authenticated it in their own way. These two political parties have an unsettled issue against northerners. Even if Chakwera assumes the presidency, I mean state presidency he will do likewise. People who will surround Chakwera are obvious. And Richard Musowoya will not even be seen reproductive. They are using him today to garner votes in the northern region. Only if the northerner becomes president, the quota system will come to rest.

    1. apo napulika akulu lekan nkhuti kumpoto tipange chipani kwe manga tikulondezga wachewa na walomwe ndiwo awa kutigwiliska ntchito nakuyitaya mama yula wakapanga Nthena nthena ndine mkamwana winu paumalilo nakumutaya khumbo chii wanthu awa mbalyalya Kweni kumpoto tichali kugonamwe

    1. Mkwapatira this guy is somehow raising a gud point if it’s about equal opportunities to all Malawians then why only in the education sector?

    2. Osatukwana a Malawi. God hates that. aLive your neighbour as you love yourself. Pray for your enemies. Love covers a multitude of sins

    3. No brother, you have made very serious allegation against my tribe.I’m coming from one of the districts where you think we monopolize resources of this country. Kulibe ndi nsewu omwe mwinanso kwanu kuli bwino but we understand government is trying to share little cake which we have as a nation. Lhomwes don’t even favour each other no. I can give you best example of honorable Kaliati. When she was Minister,her office was always full of people of this country regardless of regions. She attended to anybody.Anthu amapita not for national issues but for their personal grounds.

    1. luis mau amenewo ndi opusa ngati sukudziwa mwina ukafuse amene anabadwa masiku angapo m’mbuyomo akakuwuza kuti bambo ako kapena achibale ako ena ake anakakhazikika ku mpoto ndiye ukufuna kundiwuza kuti nawoso athamangitsidwe ?

    2. ndilibe m’bale ku mpoto ndpo sindingakhale ndi m’bale ngat chitsilu ! inuy ndnu athu odziva madzitenga ngat ozindikila chosech ndnu mbuz za athu mixiiew

    3. Ignorance is bliss you can’t win an argument with swearing words but if you asked my grandfather kanyama chiume he will tell it all why quota system was introduced culture easily adopted in education rather than other tribes so Luis when you need to grow up and lend a leaf from the latter or else keep on relinquishing in the jows k

    4. Fuck u ka luis even the name luis dosent suit u y did thy worst this name to a donkey like u kumaso ngati wasuta nyaupe thy must take u back to mental hosipital u didnt finish the dosage

  18. Malawi @ 53. The thinking of most Malawians both educated & non-educated is the same & bizzare. No wonder after all the years of political stability & independence, we still remain the world’s poorest nation. The tribalism psyche should be exorcised because its keeping Malawi stagnant.

    1. Mbuzi iwe ka lynda palibe mnthu yemwe amaphangila malo muma university how can u find space to university while u dont even know the spelling of university fuck u with your rotten mind

    2. Bola ukuti ayamba kuphunzirako better than none. Komatu kuli anthu a ma pepala awo kungoti amaponderezedwa. Professors and Dr’s are there find out. Palibenso zoti Atumbuka ngophunzira kkkkkkk

    3. go to hell u stupid brat. why is ma comment bothering u so much? munyera mumaona ngati mupitiliza yanu ija yozaza pa company imodzi bwana wake akangokhala wakwanu usandichimwitse ine

    4. iwe nde ndimbuli yotheratu. Munthu wakhoza Msce with good grades n got selected to university after hard work then uziti “amaphangira” …yuck!!!!

    5. I you say you are educated that means must have money right? So Tumbukaz if you say you love education so much why not go to private colleges? Our taxes will be used to educate the 25 points’s in our colleges, in our region gat a problem with that. .

    6. Kikikiki u are just showing urself an empty vessel . Public universities are 4 pple who are intellectually gifted. Go to hell with ur kuphangira word. I can challenge u that ur quota system has done nothing bcoz more than 90 percent of students taken on parallel hs bn northerners. Secondly we changed names and districts and am one of them who did that. Pano tikuphaka life pano. Usovenge!

    1. Begin now counting down your days to when the MAJORITY takes it all. Replacing your Granny at a work place doesn’t make you any wiser.

    1. Aslong as this exposure is now gaining ground of which I know you don’t know, now know that your days are fast counting down.

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