EGENCO gets pat on the back


Small scale businesspeople in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe have hailed the Electricity Generating Company (EGENCO) for ending rampant blackouts.

Earlier this year Egenco took over the responsibility of generating electricity from Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) and many parts of the country have been having uninterrupted power everyday for the past two months.

Malawi24 caught up with small scale businesspeople in Lilongwe who commended the electricity generating company.


Blackouts have been reduced.

According to a barber at Area 23, the approach that EGENCO took to minimize rampant blackouts is a good one because it is helping him to make more profits per day. Lawrence said that in the past months there were many days of blackouts a development that was affecting their day to day lives.

“I am happy with how the blackouts have been reduced. This time we are able to make a lot of money to support our families. This is a great achievement by EGENCO and we can’t take this for granted,” Lawrence said.

A shop owner in the city also hailed the stability of electricity supply saying this has boosted daily sales especially for the commodities that need refrigeration.

“In the past things like dressed chicken which need refrigeration were not lasting long and we were making avoidable loses. This time such commodities can stay without going bad and can be sold anytime. This is a boost to my business,” he said.

Recent data provided by EGENCO indicate that hydropower generation improved by 20 percent following improvement in Malawi water levels by 0.77 metres above sea level.

According to EGENCO, the increase in water levels has allowed the company to increase the opening of water flows through the Kamuzu Barrage at Liwonde, Machinga from 126 cubic metres (cumecs) to 160 cumecs per second to allow for more water for optimum power generation at its power stations.

From mid-2016 to March this year Malawi was hit by unprecedented power cuts due to low water levels on Lake Malawi.

Malawians had been urging government to find proper measures to end the blackouts.




  1. This is great bola zisaloweso ndale
    Paja amayamba kukhulupilika komaliza cholinga tiziwavotera.
    Chifukwa chani a Malawi sitikonda dziko lathu,
    Izi ndiye zabwino kwambiri, keep it up EGENCO but no ndale pliz,we love our country Malawi

  2. To say the Fact this is great achievement. Lets praise God for giving us enough rains this year. Praises and Honour be into him forever and ever.

  3. There was no need to applaud because you have just reminded them to restart the unnecessary load shedding. Currently, zayambanso zozimitsa magetsi all because you praised them