DPP MP suspended for ‘Malawian wear’


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Davis Katsonga has been suspended from attending parliamentary meetings for putting on a traditional Ngoni headgear in the house.

Reports reveal that Katsonga who is MP for Mwanza Central was warned on Tuesday by Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya against putting on the headgear arguing it was contrary to standing order 104 of the Malawi National Assembly.

Davis Katsonga

Katsonga: Thrown out of the August House.

Katsonga then walked out, as per decision of the second deputy speaker as he kept arguing on the standing order.

On Wednesday, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator Maxwell Thyolera rose on a point of order to notify the house that Katsonga was again wearing the headgear.

The development forced Chiwaya to suspend Katsonga from attending the meetings for the next seven days.

Chiwaya expressed his “disappointment” to the legislator for defying the standing order despite being warned a day before.

According to standing orders, only female Members of Parliament are allowed to put on headgear in the chamber.



  1. Katsonga should have followed the prescribed parliamentary dress code but despite being warned before hand not to wear what he wore, he went ahead and wore it. He claims he is from the Ngoni royal family, hence the traditional dress. But if all the legislators were to come into parliament in their traditional garb, the place would be scary and dangerous. Imagine some dressed in all sorts of animal skins: of hyena, of leopard, of lion, of crocodile, etc and then they would also have their tradional weapons with them, axes, bows and arrows, spears, shields, pangs knives, etc all in the name of tradional ‘wear’. No, parliamentarians should abide by their current dress code.

  2. It doesn’t matter what to wear all that matters is attending the house more over we dress like the British yet they don’t care about us Africans

  3. ZakuMalawi ,every thing,tribalism,regionalism,esh….Are we going to develop the country?MPs miss deliberations,are they suspended for that?why we waste our energy on tissues?Do we have a British parliament or Malawian?

  4. ZakuMalawi ,every thing,tribalism,regionalism,esh….Are we going to develop the country?MPs miss deliberations,are they suspended for that?why we waste our energy on tissues?Do we have a British parliament or Malawian?

  5. Ufulu unapundula Amalawi ambiri…
    i can hear some pple talking of freedom of dressing..kkkkkkk
    Mwayesa kumunda komgobvalapo chomwe wafuna???…..wat i knw ine ku school sindimaloledwa kubvala chisoti zomwe zinanditsimikizira kut zina sitingabvale Malo ena monga aku office…

  6. I am feelling sorry for the mp especially if he knew nothing about that, but if he knew the kind of dressing to wear in the parliament no more grace as disgrace comes to the one who ignores instructions.

  7. the president is encouraging people to wear traditional and made in malawi things.And here an mp wears a traditional thing he is booted out of parliament.what the fuck

  8. He can’t even speak isuZulu ,yet he is busy claiming to be ngoni.nobody speak isuZulu in Malawi. Language is part of culture but why you don’t speak your language? Inenso ndaona ena pano akuyankhula broken isuZulu chifukwa akuphuzira kuyankhula Ku south Africa. NGONi ndi mtundu omvetsa chisoni, chifukwa simangati ndinu ngoni chosecho muyankhula chichewa komanso maina anu achichewa zosamveka izi.

  9. Hahaha tribe without language, zabodza izi.language is part of culture ,so why you don’t speak your language? Onse amene akuyankhula lsuzulu panowa Ali Ku south Africa. Ku Malawi palibe amene amayankhula isuZULU.

    • Eti ase, ndinafunsa wina wa kuntcheu kuti kodi mtundu wake ndiwe ndani? Ati ndine ngoni ,ndikuti umayankhula isuZulu akuti eeeee man ndichovuta .ndinaseka kwambiri ,chilankhulo chimavuta mwini wake? Hahaha dzina lake akuti mphatso Banda, angoni amakhala ndi maina ngati amenewa? Zoseketsa man.kkkkkkrezy.

    • Even ngoni from Mzimba speak tumbuka language, ngoni are really lost tribe in Malawi.chiyankhulo choti pa radio sichimveka ndi kumveka komwe.atonnga Ali ndi chiyankhulo chao, ayao alinso ndi chiyankhulo chao ,achewa awa ndiye osachita kunena ndi amene akulamula Malawi pa zikhalidwe.chifukwa wina aliyense akuyankhula chichewa, ngakhale oimba ngati sanaimbe mu mchichewa nyimbo zao sangagulitse.atumbuka alindi chiyankhulo chao chomwe amayankhula monyadira,ndipo mitundu INA imati ndio dzikonda pamene Iwo amanyadira chikhalidwe chao.koma angoni modza amwene kupita komwe amati ndi kwa ngoni palibe amayankhula chingoni.

    • Quiet true, I also find it very funny pa Mlankho wa Alomwe ali busy speaking Chichewa eti? whenever u hear them speaking lomwe it’s when they’re greeting each other basi.

  10. Simunaone parliament ya ku Jamaica every member of parliament has to dress according to their own culture as Rastafalians and puts a rolled ganja ciggeratte on ear nde kuno kuvala chachingoni mmutu mmpaka kulengezedwa kut walakwitsa.

  11. Most african people aren’t proud of their culture, its sad to hear. The person who behaves and dresses western are considered civilized, forgetting that civilization started from africa.

  12. Malawi is a democratic country that include freedom of dress. And he was wearing African attire. In our constitution they is no law talks about dressing. The parliament does not have a uniform. So you are allowed to wear anything that makes you comfortable

    • Yes my brother Renny Judah Renzoe. According to our law if the organisation, party,church,school has a dress code like uniform, yes you can’t go against it. But if you are allowed to wear a our dressing then they must codes of conduct. But that must be in line of your rights as well. A western suit is for westerns. We are Africans. We have adopt other cultures and abandoned our culture. Trust me in 20 years to come. Our kids will never know our roots.

    • In our Constitution,there is no code of dressing yes but parliament as honorable house has standing order that talks of dressing code of an honorable member. So,let’s be sober and compromise the decision of the speaker to suspend whoever breaks it

  13. Koma ma DPP awa monga mpaka lero sadziwa dress code ya ku nyumba ya malamulo.

    They used Katsonga to wa padera to taste reaction from opposition. MPs pamene cholinga chawo chinali chobwetetsa Umlakho dressing in Parliament in the next sitting.
    Nde sikanakhalanso Parliament.
    Imeneyo yamwa madzi.

    • When you’re getting old ur thinking capacity is questionable that’s what is happening to Katsonga even he forget what he suppose to ware wen going to Parliament

  14. thas dpp in action!ndachamba,amowa,ama beab,ndinso OPANDA MWAMBO! ine mkadakhara muluya ineyo…..,akadaziwanso makape awawa!amuchotse kumene cndekt amagona ndi jombo pakama ameneyu?

  15. Vuto la umbuli a malawi ndi limeneli everything british basi..in case mudzakhaleko mma meeting ndi azungu see how they dress, a short,t shirt and gwaladi kuphazi,what matters most is one’s physical presence.zazii!

  16. point of collection that was Tribe wear not Mw wear. Parliament is for Malawi as one not as umthetho, or mlakho. he did wrong to be honesty

  17. point of collection that was Tribe wear not Mw wear. Parliament is for Malawi as one not as umthetho, or mlakho. he did wrong to be honesty

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