Malawi, Tanzania put differences aside


Despite fighting over ownership of part of Lake Malawi, Tanzania and Malawi will meet for a joint Malawi-Tanzania Donors’ Conference on the development of the Songwe River Basin Development Programme.

According to a press statement signed by Secretary for the Ministry Agriculture, Irrigation, and Water Development Erica Maganga, the meeting will take place on 18th May at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

Mutharika, Magufuli

President Peter Mutharika and John Magufuli,have their nations in the talks.

The conference which is being held under the theme: “Malawi and Tanzania Cooperating to Harness Songwe River Basin Water Resources for Socio-Economic Development”, will be opened by Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe.

“The Conference is being held to attract financiers and donors for the development of a 180 megawatt power plant on the Songwe River that will help ease energy problems in the two countries as well as development of 6,200 hectares of land for irrigation with 3,050 hectares on Malawi side and 3,150 hectares on the side of Tanzania,” says Maganga in the statement.

It is expected that after the meeting the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, will provide detailed outcomes of the conference to the public and all stakeholders.

The ministry has since called on government Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Civil Society, NGOs, the academia and other stakeholders to attend the opening session of the conference.

The development comes at a time when the two countries have not yet resolved their differences over the ownership of a part of Lake Malawi.



  1. Tanzania oredy has shown it wont stop till it grabs the lake i guess it would b fair enough if malawi nw mounted ma defence tht side eg a wall on tht beach palibepoxo zosambako tht side army garrison ayike uko bas let whoever wants to intervene do

  2. Koma winayo mukumuona kuti wakwiya,sakusekatu ameneyo pamene nzakeyo akusekeleratu,wanyansidwa nae nzakeyo ngati mmene amanyansidwira akamakumana ndi a mabunge mujatu.

  3. I have a very bad feel about this, sharing power u said? I hope it’s not giving away part of our Country to Tanzania in a manipulated way, Tanzania might not foolish enough it can be the tricky way to get into our whole system in silence, I thought if Tanzania was to agree on issues, the lake could have been the first, let them surrender our lake after then we can discuss otherwise. May God bless Malawi.

  4. Malawi- Tanzania donor conference is not really the issue the two countries will very much talk about. It is the issue of Lake Malawi. They are simply avoiding the media and peoples attention. The bone of contation on the table is nothing but oil in Lake Malawi. They cannot come clearly to the public just like that. Its all diplomacy!!!

  5. Dikilani thawi yanga ikafika ndizakuuzani pomwe pali phaka ya malawi ndi tanzania koma ndi mphavu yochokela kwa mulungu bushili si akuziwa kathu angokhalila kuononga zina la atate akumwamba koma tanzania izankhala mumavuto