Government to construct Sports Academies

Henry Mussa

Malawi Government has announced plans to construct Sports Academies in the country in order to nurture new talent for every sporting discipline.

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Henry Mussa made the announcement during the on-going parliamentary sitting in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

He said the Academies will identify new talent across the country for the betterment of sport.

Henry Mussa
Mussa: Has made the remarks.

“There must be a revolution in as far as sports development in Malawi is concerned.The only way to do that is to have Sports Academies across the country where various sporting disciplines in Football, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby, Squash, Boxing and many more will be trained. Apart from that, we will have to identify the upcoming youth footballers that will be ushered into the main team,” he told Parliament.

This will come as a good news to Sports Administrators who have been crying out for academies for identifying and nurturing talent for every sporting discipline in the country.

In football, Malawi had Surestream Academy which was training youngsters but the academy closed down due to financial problems.

The likes of Mike Mkwate, Dalitso Sailesi, Levison Maganizo, Brighton Munthali, Trevor Kalema, Bernard Chimaimba and many more football players are products of Surestream which was under former Flames and Nyasa Big Bullets Captain Peter Mponda.

In netball, former Malawi National Netball team shooter Mary Waya opened her netball academy where school children are being trained.

Apart from netball, Malawi lags behind in other sporting disciplines during competitions due to poor preparations.



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  2. the government is making such plans because they are looking forwad hw best they can misuse government money.There are many projects still not finished, they are all liers.

  3. “Malawi Government has announced plans to construct Sports Academies in the country”.

    Yes, only PLANS have been only ANNOUNCED, but I see almost no details of them being given. Where will the academies (plural) be located, what will they consist of, and how will they be funded?

    Perhaps Andrew Cane Chilapondwa would like to get do some digging on these and other questions.

  4. This is the apex of the so called dream in colour! Kamuzu institute is already there whey can’t it just beign converted to the so called sports academy this gogo is talking about!?

    1. They just cant fund anything in the name of Kamuzu coz they believe ndi cha opposition. Ali ndi umbuli okhwima kwambiri okuti unafika pokhozokera. Otherwise they could have started with this one nkumapanga zinazo pambuyo. I dont know y they hate the name Kamuzu. The most funny thing is that the dont even understand kuti chinthucho olo chitakhala mudzina la Kamuzu koma sichake it belongs to Malawians. Nanga nchifukwa chani amachita access Kamuzu stadium muma occasion awo. They even fail kukonza bwaloli nde akufuna zatsopano kuti ndizachani?? They should demonstrate the good will pokonza zinthu zimene tilinazo kalezo nkumapangano zatsopano.

  5. Those words should have been coming from a youthful minister of that portfolio…not a grand father like you. When will you retire? You have been a Minister since Bakili Muluzi’s regime, stealing the tax payers money left, right and centre without any conscious. Malawi going down.

  6. What good will these sports acadamies do us if they are not gonna be well funded….?
    Paja kumalawi mumangoziwa kuyambazinthu….koma kudziyendesa nde ZERO…..

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