Malawians to access justice using Open Trial app

Open Trial smartphone and tablet application

Malawi will become the first country in the world to use the Open Trial smartphone and tablet application which will ease access to justice for citizens.

The application will enable Malawi’s citizens to access the country’s justice system at a click of a button. The first of its kind app was revealed at the recent launch held in Blantyre.

According to a report by thenextweb, Open Trial’s Chief Executive Frank Richardson said at the launch that the app will aid with keeping legal system role players under open, public scrutiny.

Open Trial smartphone and tablet application
Open Trial smartphone and tablet application for use in Malawi.

As a result it is hoped that this will encourage integrity, independence, diligence, equality and impartiality in Malawi’s justice system.

“The App has three functions: one is to inform people of their basic rights with regards to fair trials and detentions, the other is a checklist that people can use to determine whether their friends or family members or detainees have been detained legally and that the trial was constitutional, and the third is the reporting function.”

“So, those who feel something is not quite right and feel that their rights have been violated, can report of that to us through the App and then we will gather the data,” said Richardson.

The app is available in both English and Chichewa and is free for download for Android devices.

While the Open Trial app is currently only being implemented in a pilot phase in Malawi, it has managed to gather the support of various organisations such as Solicitors International Human Rights Group in London, International Bridges to Justice, the Transparency International, the Hague Institute of the Law, Amnesty International and Lawyers Without Borders.



  1. Zaziiii mukuona ngati maiko amene kulibe app yanuyo sizikuyenda?….justice is in the minds and actions of people not an app…

  2. Guys #Do you KNOW that Frozy drink made their #Brand recognition in MALAWI and southern Africa due to that skandal and following the intervetion of Malawi Bureau of standards…(MSB)!

  3. This is will be a just App but the real justice will be served in court. You can search on your side but the court will do their job. That include bribe, corruption and planting evidence against the one they want to go to jail. We have lot of constitution book in libraries in CBO, NGOs but the justice system goes with people with names. Uyu Chaponda pangani app yanuyo tione. So the same way the app will be good to Chaponda crew but nothing will happen

  4. Athu ophunzira, anzeru zawo, kumapusa mwantundu otele zimanvesa chisoni, ngati ndinjila yomwe mwasakha kuti mukaba misokhoyo tisamakuzindikireni, mukunama, enafe tasukusula sitili mosatila zopepelazo

    1. it needs scrutiny and analysis… im yet to learn of the whole thing how its gonna do the improvement of justice as claimed .. other wise i still smell a rat on the system

  5. Justice????? Kulibe justice kuno kumalawi tili ndi DPP police ndi muthalika cadres, police yomanga ndi Ku kidnap PP members, police targeting MCP members,

    1. A Hater of anything because its from DPP Government. My dear learn to appreciate things which are good and advise where necessary things are going wrong. Mind you, leaders are put by God with a very good purpose that pleases Him. And God will continue to do so till time immemorial. God seen something special in every leader which eyes never sees it. Whenever you scolding or despising a leader just know that you are doing it to God

    2. Do not misled pipo here, which God are refers to? You can’t you see the hell going on, abuse of power, killings and kidnapping going on here.

    3. MR Phithi, I think you are blind forded or else you hold a bans from the ruling ones because the way you are commenting and how My Malawi is, its very contrary and maybe we can say you got a part from it.

  6. we should experiment on Chapondas maizegate to see how its gonna work….hope he gets caught this time….hope we arent the first cause we are the most corrupt in this whole Donald Trump world….:-)

  7. Kkkkk Chatsopano Chimayamba Ndi Malawi Even Kulawa Tamek Ngati Ali Wamphamvu Zinayamba Ndikuno Chinali Chaka Cha 1950 Pomwe Dziko Ka India Litapanga Mankhwala A Tamek Anadzayetsera Kuno

    1. They are just cheating themselves. How can Malawi be the first country to use smart phones and tablets? Kkkkkkk. Zinthu zoti mayiko ena agwiritsagwiritsa kale ntchito, kumakaputsitsa nazo a Malawi. Shame!

  8. Malawi is the last from the list,even though the programm won’t help to change anything when comes comes to the

  9. Malawi is the last from the list,even though the programm won’t help to change anything when comes comes to the

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