Govt should not set maize prices – farmers


Government has been faulted for not involving farmers when setting prices of farm produce.

Alfred Kapichira Banda

Kapichira Banda: We want change.

Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has said it has not accepted the fact that government has set prices of farm produce.

Government recently announced that this year it will be buying maize from farmers at the price of K170 per kg.

But FUM president Alfred Kapichira said farmers toil in the fields hence are the ones who can determine prices for their farm produce.

“We have not accepted that government has set the prices of farm produce and we wonder who they have consulted in setting those prices,” said Kapichira.

He added that farmers must be allowed to decide the price of their crops not someone who does not work on the farm.

Kapichira said the price is too low considering that to produce crops it requires labour, fertilizer and so many other things hence setting prices for farmers is not a good move.



  1. thats true if we consider the price of fertilizer eshie its better kumakagulitsa kunja tipange ma club mbamva izi zisamatibere anazolowera kubera amphawi akumudzi apa ziwavuta komaso zamakoponi zithe kulibwino mtengo wafetereza ungisikako

  2. I hope Kapichira means demand and supply should be the sole determinant of price, the confluence of the buyer and seller deciding how much to sell or buy, not some government body or absolutely not a few dudes from the so called farmers union.

  3. boma silingatipangile mitengo pa mbewu zathu fertilizer wakoponi mumaba ndikugulisa modula but u want to make our products price cheaper No.!!!

  4. Its true gvt should not set prices look at Pegeon peas last year amwenye were making prices themselves while the government was just watching

  5. let it work plz si onse amalandlq makopon some buy fertiliser at a very expensive price and mkufuna agulise pantengo wakopon

    as long as you are buyer you can’t introduce your price to farmers be calm

    let farmers also enjoy their sweat

  6. Vuto ndrakt.akutulutsa mitengo ya mbeu pomwe iwo aboma ndrama alibe.nde chopindula ndi chani? panopo soya ndi k110 per kg pomwe chimanga chafika pa k40 kodi m’limi atukuluka apa?

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