Bushiri threatens ‘God’: Zambian pastors want him banned from the country


Facing the possibility of being barred from Zambia, Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, has attacked Religious and National Guidance Minister Godfridah Sumaili, accusing her of anti-Christ behavior and warning “I am coming after you.”



Bushiri launched into the attack on Reverend Sumaili on his television channel on Sunday, saying she and two Zambian bishops were exhibiting anti-Christ behaviour and he would deal with them.

Prophet Bushiri is already barred from a number of African countries, such as Swaziland and Tanzania and regards himself a disciple of Uebert Angel, the Zimbabwean prophet barred from entering Zambia two weeks ago.

Reverend Sumaili said whether or not the Malawian prophet would be banned from entering the country tomorrow, when Bushiri plans to travel to Zambia, was a matter to be decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Angel’s ban from Zambia followed the deportation of another Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu, also known as Seer One among his flock.

Godfridah Sumaili

Godfridah Sumaili

Bushiri, who goes by the title Major One, has accused Northmead Assemblies Bishop Joshua Banda and Bread of Life Bishop Joe Imakando of jealousy, saying they were misleading the minister.

Reverend Sumaili said the appropriate arm of government to decide whether Bushiri would be allowed into Zambia to conduct his meetings tomorrow was Home Affairs.

Bushiri said it was surprising that a country that called itself ‘Christian’ was constantly regulating Christians while mosques and Hindu halls were multiplying without being regulated.

“Sumaili, your days are numbered. Last time you messed with my father Uebert Angel and so you messed with me as well, so I am coming after you,” he said.

Prophet Bushiri said Bishops Imakando and Banda were jealous of the popularity of foreign ‘men of God’ and were working with Rev Sumaili to spoil President Edgar Lungu’s name.

He said President Lungu was a good man who believed in God and should not have his image spoilt by the minister.

Prophet Bushiri said it was unfair that other countries like Swaziland and Tanzania were also barring him and other Christians from operating freely.

He said that even with all those barriers, he would still travel to Zambia tomorrow.

Zambia’s Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo could not be reached for comment by Press time.

SOURCE: Times of Zambia



  1. People can say what everethey wanna say, I just like Major 1 to the moon and back.
    The good prophet helped me to come out of poverty.

  2. who are we to judge???lets just leave God work to be done by him only…seriously?Prophets are in our lives for a purpose if you dont believe in them is perfectly fine,u have your reasons why!!stop harrasing people like us who believe in the word of prophets!!at the end of the day PRAYER is what God wants….there are many Zambians in our country S.A nobody denies them entry, so why do you have to be so cruel?

  3. Fools…the more you redicule Bushiri, the more we get to follow his ministry. God’s plans are not man’s. For us who carefully follow his ministry,… “Alos Paracletos” differentiate the understanding of true worship between you and us- the follower.
    No mata hw hard u may talk about Bushiri…we wil never turn back. You who think u are more spiritual stay…we dont even talk bad about you. Leave Bushiri alone. He is at the top thats why always be TOPIC. Major 1 iyeee!!!

  4. If you think our Papa Major 1 is deceiving us then its fine,we comfortable being deceived by him,you say he is a fake,so what,he is our fake prophet not yours,go get your real prophets,we will continue following his ministry in millions because he is deceiving us to surrender our lives to Jesus,let us and let him be,whether you talk or keep quiet,truth be,we will move forward,we will preach the gospel and we will die for it

    • the bible says that you should not subtract or add to what is written in the bible but prophet has added false things like god of major 1, where is it written? the man doesn’t even know the bible! he is using witchcraft my brother wake up. Look at TB Joshu those are real men of god anlike your fake prophet

  5. Kodi mukungolalikila zoti tilemele tikhale ndi zindalama,magalimoti,nyumba zapamwamba,but why?!we dont need them plz!!!! We need Jesus,tikufuna timulandile iye,chipulumuso abale!!!!

  6. Jeremiah 14:13-16
    Then I said: “Ah, Lord God, behold the prophets say to them, You shall not see the sword, nor shall you have famine but i will give you assured peace in this place.” 14.And the LORD said to me. ” The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them nor did i command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying VISION, WORTHLESS divination and the deceit of their own minds. 15. Therefore thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who prophesy in my name although i did not send them, and who say, ” sword and famine shall not come upon this land’: By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed. 16. And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the street of Jerusalem, victims of famine and sword, with none to bury them – them their wives, their sons and their daughters. For i will pour out their evil upon them

  7. Bushiri the fake prophet should be banned from everywhere and just lead people astray in Malawi.This unholy boy makes death threats and incites others to do so.He should be jailed in S Africa for his very anti-Christian and ant-social behaviour.He is just a conman and a grifter who loves to rob the poor to enrich himself.The world would be so much richer without crooks and fraudsters like the false prophet with the pretty face.Lets hope many African countries become enlightened and keep dangerous evildoers like Bushiri far away. Let himstay in his own country and cause havoc there.

  8. Ena amaziyelesa okha…kumaziona kut chipembedzo chao chili best kapena ndiolowalowa ku mwamba…who knowz mwina bushiri naye ndi crew yake akangena hahahaa tiyeni tisalimbane apa.

  9. Even jesus was chased out of home city and they didnt believe him But i tell yu ma broza n ssters that Our spirit father MAJOR ONE PROPHET BUCHIRI IS TRUELY man of God and he gonna be everlasting GREAT MAN OF GOD MA DEARS if yu dnt believe him U are just wasting ur tym on nosense Plz follow him


  11. Oh please. South Africa declared open war on God when they banned a great preacher from coming to SA and preaching the Gospel – Pastor Anderson – and although the filthy sodomites were the ones causing all the trouble, he got banned because “professing Christians” turned on him, angry because he rocked their boat and openly preached that SA is the rape capital of the world (which is true). He got banned because fake Christians got upset at him not agreeing with their idealistic, nationalist picture of SA. And you can see the difference, the SA weather is erratic, the country is falling further into the abyss and the child of Satan who banned him is now the Finance Minister, the country is now in junk-status and falling even further. People are more wicked, more self-obsessed, more perverted than ever before. And you know what… GOOD. Let that Sodom and Gomorrah burn. It’s the least that filthy nation deserves.

    At least places like Malawi still have hope and people still want to receive the Gospel = salvation by faith alone (khulupirira!) on Jesus Christ, a free gift from God, everlasting, meaning you can never lose salvation once you receive that free, everlasting gift. For South Africa there is no hope – the few saved people there can preach in townships and maybe the poor will get saved, but for the most part SA is so badly blinded with pride, arrogance, hatred, they don’t even want the Good News.

    Shepherd Bushiri is just a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a preacher of a false gospel, who is bleeding people dry of their money so he can live the high-life in Sandton. See 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, no man can be a preacher if he lusts after money (“given to filthy lucre”) and that is THE reason people like him preach lies – it’s for the money. He is a joke, and his followers follow Bushiri rather than Christ. It is bad enough that there is this false preacher, but it is worse that he is leading many in Africa into the bowels of Hell with him! Wake up people!!!

  12. i only pray that Jehovah may forgive the one who wasted his time scrible this blasphemous article,how can my Jehovah be threatened by this ant,who do u think God is. You need Jesus

  13. Ppl they are already banned in there own country and they need major1 to deliver them but pride is killing the lil faith they have..but soon as prophet shepherd touch down zambia will be the best in africa

    • So You think God has failed to touch Zambia and now You are turning to Bushiri huh? pity for you brother. read and re-read your Bible until you understand it better and brush aside this sick mind of yours before God cast his wrath upon you.

  14. Alindinzelu aziwe, alindimso aone, alindmakutu amve kuti uwu ndiuneneli onyenga .aneneli(prophet)onse pmweadatumizidwa ndi mulungu,ndikunena Mulungu wa Adam ,Abraham, Nowa komanso wainundine amene timamuopa Mulungu ameneyu Adamwalilakale,enasadamwalile Adangokwelakumwamba aliamoyo. Koma alelowa omayenda pmagalimoto odulawa Ongoziwazamawalaanzawookha lawoay ,omayendandiachitetezo,omakhalandzibwenzi .sianeneliamenewa,angopanga kutiakwanilise zokhumbazao

  15. Kkk tamverani,mmene bible limkalembedwa mkuti satana alipo.10% antha kumakhala ngati akupanga za mmalemba,90% ndikugwiritsa ntchito zake.nde musapuse ndikuti aneneri m’bible amakanidwa kwao.yesu anati muzawadziwa ndi ntchito zawo not muzawadziwa akadzawakana kwao.

  16. matthew 4 v 8’again the devil took him to avery high mountain,and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them,9’and he said to him,all these i will give you,if you fall down and worship me.#chuma chapasi pano ndichasatana thats why he(satan)said to jesus i will give you all the groly of the world if you worship me.atumiki asatana amalandila zapansi pompano ndikukhala kalikiliki kusaka chuma chapansi pano osati chakumwamba.nde ndikusadziwa kwanuko muli these people akudana ndi bushiri are jelousy because his rich.matthew 6 v 24’simungathe kukhala kapolo wamulungu ndi wachuma

  17. U Malawi 24 stop ur judgement on bushiri coz u r not in position to judge others its only God..so leave bushiri because u too who posted dis wll be judged too so u dont differ with bushiri

  18. Ngati awasianeneli onyenga ndye onyengawo tizawaziwa ndizizindikiloziti? Popezazambilimwazizindikilozomwezinalembedwa mubukuloyela ndye taziona mwamaprophetathuwa.alin

  19. lies shall never stop in people who are not real Christians ,leave our Prophet Bushiri alone. even in this article there are many exageration which the man of God never said. I watched the Prophetic channel and such statements such as “Prophet Bushiri said it was unfair that other countries like Swaziland and Tanzania were also barring him and other Christians from operating freely.” where not said please watch prophetic channel on utube and see it all. Stop your lies or attract yourselves curses you cant come out of.

  20. Beloved believe not every sprit, bt prove all things and hold fast which is good. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight; but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with we have to do hebrew4v13

  21. Tachina Malawi 24 tanthawi ya yesu could hav been posting like…jesus threatens Herold….”I’m coming after you”!…hahaha zaulendo uno ma prophets ndi ma spiritual father…jah jah azitikhululukira poti makobi aphimba chilungamo chonse….everyone who has money is right nowadays….

  22. Kalipo Kalipo Ndithu.Dzana Botswana Yamukananso.Watchera Kumwezi Nkhanga Zaona.Ungaende Mumdima Bwanji Komabe Tsiku Lina Umaonekera Poera.Ng’oma Yolilitsa Sichedwa Kusweka.

  23. Who gv u guys a right 2 judge Prophet Bushiri wen dd Jesus hire ppl 2judge.im 100% behind him.icn even go 2jail wth him if need be.if only u know how my life changed bcos of his annointing.ithink ur de1 who need deliverance.malawi 24 i say fire 2u

  24. Don’t Judge him God will do that. Remember we are on Earth. Whatever he is doing is between God and him so don’t waste your time.

  25. Ndiye timvepo ziti? Yesu anali wabizinezi yanji pomwe anali padziko lapansi? Anthu akufuna adzakalowe kumwamba osati zachuma chadziko lapansi ayi. Yesu anakana chuma pomukanira satana kuti akamugwadira amupatsa ulamuliri ndichuma chadziko lapansi. Nanga ife ndayani kuti tikatengeke ndichuma koma chikhalireni ukudziwa kuti ukulambira satana.

  26. Why is it that you are always against bushiri while he has never responded to u…..u do fear him that he is far away from you in spirit
    majority of people do love him and he has no problem

      • Speak for yourself Leroi, I hate him with righteous hatred, as any saved believer should hate false prophets = the enemies of God. See Psalm 139:21-22 KJV, 2 Chronicles 19:2 …

  27. Malawi 24!You’re distorting the facts and exaggerating the whole issue.Prophet Bushiri never said that he would deal with the said Minister Sumaili.He corrected the bad information the Zambian Religious body presented to the nation about Bushiri’s prophecy. I believe that Zambian government,as a God-fearing nation,won’t ban Bushiri entering the country to deliver and perform miracles to the children of God in Jesus name.

    • Do you need bushiri to perform miracles? Are miracles a making of Bushiri or God Himself? The day you will reach to that level of FAITH. I mean “Faith”, you won’t need Bushiri in your prayers. Jesus is a better miracle performer. The woman with the issue of blood just touched his cloth and instantly she was healed. Lord Jesus said “ask anything in my name and I will do it”. FAITH is the key, not Bushiri. Bushiri talks much more of “rusting” and “moths eaten” earthly wealth, not salvation. Zambia did well, this guy is brainwashing the masses. He is distorting the Gospel of Jesus for self enrichment. Well done Zambia.

    • It’s not Bushiri performing miracles but the power of the Holy Spirit of God in Bushiri does the deliverance ,healing and perform miracles in Jesus name and NOT in Bushiri’s name.Pastors,Apostles ,Bishops,Priests,Reverend and Prophets have various assignments to carry out in Jesus name through the activation of their faith to walk with the power of the Holy Ghost.Don’t mislead us che Nanthambwe!!

    • You don’t need anyone to have a miracle being done on you. Musayike chikhulupiliro chanu mwa mkono wa nyama (munthu). Ikani chikhulupiliro chanu mwa Yehova mwini. Chinsalu chinang’ambika Yesu atafa pa mtanda paja. Kung’ambika kwa chinsalu chimene chija chimathandauza kuti muli ndi DIRECT ACCESS to GOD. You don’t need bushiri, or any prophet or papa or father or bishop or ndani. I know what I am talking about, Ineyo ndi MBONI. FAITH is the key. Musakhale ngati opusa aku Emaus.

  28. A lie how can a human being threatens god, just say what you want say about bushiri and dont say he threatens god a big lie

  29. Umbuli a Malawi 24, where did Prophet say bad about God ? You shameless people maybe you don’t understand English, you only want tarnish the image of the Prophet, view his rebroadcast maybe you will understand him better, do not rush to write things which you will not profit them while deep down your heart you know the truth of the story. Shame on you and you call yourself a journalist full of lies. Tufwakwa.

  30. Shepherd Bushiri Investments partners with Google

    Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI), the holding company owned by billionaire Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has entered a groundbreaking partnership with one of the world’s most valuable and richest company, Google.

    The tech Giant Google, which is bolstering its presence in emerging markets like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa is said to have identified SBI as a potential strategic partner due to its reach, influence, and value as a company and brand.

    Alphabet, the parent company that owns Google, among other firms, is worth over $750 Billion dollars, but its looking to expand into African markets, and is identifying valuable partners.

    The exact details of the partnership have not been revealed yet, although, representatives of both SBI and Google met in Kenya this week to discuss the finer details of the partnership.

    Speaking to a reporter, the President of SBI, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri stated that, Google’s general goals, directive, drive and initiative had moved him to agree to their advances.

    “I think, when we were first approached, we were not sure how to proceed as a firm. I think any business admires to be like Google, to penetrate global markets, to increase monetary value and market capitalization in the manner that they have. Our point of meditation was just how we could come into the equation.

    But, after sitting down, hearing them out, we understood that, their organizational intentions are a mirror image of ours. Our values reflect each other. Things like access to internet for all human beings, making data connectivity a basic right, changing the world through groundbreaking technology and apps.

    As SBI we have already demonstrated through the launch of Bushiri Buzz, and PSB Network, that we have a deep motivation to become a global player in the tech industry. This is something that has been identified by the big giants of tech, and areas which we wish to partner.”

    Prophet Bushiri added that there should be no surprises about such developments.

    “Look, at SBI, we have SBI Airlines, SBI Technologies, SBI Consultancy, SBI Hospitality, and many others. We are a billion dollar inventory firm. It is normal that other big players look for partnerships with us.”

    The man of cloth added that further details would be added during the course of the week and the month.

    “This is just the beginning. We will be a major player. We have a presence in all of Africa’s biggest economies, and will be implementing terms of this partnership. It will be epic.”
    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor
    Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
    Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
    Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, standing and indoor

    • On the last day, it will remain here on earth kikiki storing wrong wealth/treasure in wrong room. Matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

    • at least people like like you were quoted in the malawi national anthem.. i just cant imagine.. you have nothing to do in life apart from talking negative of people that you are not on their level.

    • The race has just began but my brothers and sisters let’s be very careful / which voice are we listening to becarefel let’s just know that the Devil is the one who’s ruling the world let’s watch our foot steps

    • #GeorgeulemuMunyuma. You are right on the spot. In fact, Yesu anathamangitsa abizinesi onse mnyumba ya Yehova kkkkk #TmfkiShipheta, tachokanimoni mu za mdzikozo, onani moyo wanu on a different perspective. National anthem yaku Mwamba imene ili malamulo a Yehova ikuti chani? Chidzatsala pansi pompano chumacho mungachiunjike chotani. CHIDZATSALA.

    • Chuma nchotsala nkhani nkulalikira za ufumu wakumwamba nkutembenuza mitima ya anthu osati maulaliki adzachuma nthawi zonse kumeneku nkusocheletsa anthu # nthawi yathapo apa azitumiki alero nkhani nkaisala basi.

  31. Akukhala nao maonekedwe achipembedzo koma mphamvu yake anaikana, Anthu anga akuonongeka chifukwa chosadziwa, Ena akusocheresedwa chifukwa chaumphawi odala uyo aima jiiiiii pachikhulupiliro chake

  32. One thing i wait&expect from Bushiri..is standing for Malawi’s Presidency.I WILL VOTE FOR HIM SURE.Koma is za Mulingu izi sizaPolitics nde aah i suggest you that you people leave him&his followers alone……God is the one to judge him.Wait if he start politics then you’ll start this criticisms.

  33. People will hate Bushiri but some where you’ll love him..

    am passing by your gate looking at you how you hate Bushiri…

    #teamMajor1 hehehe

  34. kwa an2 oganiza bwino timaziwa kuti prophet omaliza anaki john the babtist …. plz tisatenge zina la mulungu ngati chopangira ndalama.. . kwanga mkukulangizani

  35. Even in the Bible prophets are not respected in their home land Bushiri has a larger audience here in Zambia than where he is originally from, so these pastors here in Zambia have the same problem you guys have that is of jealousy and envy may God forgive you

    • Am 150% with you, am a malawian living in UK, what malawians knows is jealous, he’s got alot of followers even in U.S and south Africa, but them [malawians ] they think they are clever than all of these his followers.

    • A larger volume of followers is meaningless. Why are those largers followers follow him? Is it not because of money? He preaches about wealth. Was Jesus a wealthy man on earth? What Bushiri teaches is not about salvation but about wealth that will be destroyed by rust and moths. Matthew 6:20 “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

    • Yohane 1vs 1~8 Even Jesus Himself Was Dinied By His Chosen Tribe, While Others Received Him, Same To stephan What I Know Is That Kuwala Ndi M’mdima Sizingagwirizane Dont Judge For You Will Be Judged Amene Mukunyoza Anzanu Fufuzani Kt Ndiangati Ameneso Amakunyozani Inuso Mukhoza Kukhumudwa Lets Just Pray For God’s Mercies Guys.

    • Ur in uk working wright? That is fine keep working hard n do what is good for God thats the way forward. Not type Amen and u’ll get a car and a house this year, awo nde mabodza.

    • #HarmitonZalema, Who has judged Bushiri if I may ask? Saying kuti his teachings are wrong ndi ku judja? Jesus was poor so were His disciples. Where is Bushiri taking his teachings from? Kutsutsana ndi chiphunzitso chake siku jadja ayi. Bwanji kodi? Tizingoomba mmanja ziri zonse?

    • every time when a person tells the truth people says he/she is judging. In 1John chapter 4 says “you will know false prophets for they are of the world and the world love them.” every preacher who preaches only on worldly pleasures not the kingdom of God he/she is a satanic agent.

    • Akazati uyu ali kuno kapena ali uko musazapite chifukwa aneneri onyengao azafuna asocheretse ngakhale abwinowo ndipo mtundu wa Anthu ukusokera nkhani ya chuma.Muzazindikira bwino patsogolo

    • Guyz let me tell you,God is not poor He wishes us to be rich not to suffer,but by His condition that we must follow. Help the needy,give tilth,and above all walk in His righteouness then it shall be well wth us.Satan ndiosauka ndipo zomwe amakhala nazo ndizokuba basi.ndie ngti Bushiri ali olemera munjira ya satan azasauka.koma ngati sizili conco uzingosauka ndiiwe ndimiseche yakoyo kkk

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkk mulungu atichitire chifundo poti maso tili nawo koma sitiona makutu tili nawo koma sitimva baible linatiuxiratu zamasiku otsiliza # aneneli onyenga okonda chuma odzitamandira okha lero ndi izi tisamale.opanda ndlama sakachilitsidwa opanda 7 thousand rand sakalowa kopangidwa prophecy which means mau a mulungu alowa geni Shem.