Boy, 5, drowns in river


A five-year-old boy has died in Nkhatabay after he drowned in Lifupa River in the district.

The young boy, Madalitso Chirwa, met his fate on Saturday when he accompanied his mother to Lifupa River where the latter went to wash.

According to Nkhatabay Police Spokesperson Ignatius Esau, as the mother was busy washing, Madalitso descended into the said river to swim but he ended up drowning.

“Efforts by well-wishers to rescue him proved futile since by the time the boy was being taken out of the water he was already dead,” said Esau.

Meanwhile, the police have advised parents and guardians to pay attention to minors when they are around water bodies such as lakes or rivers where the likelihood of drowning might take place so that lives may be saved.