Wandale is seeing into the future – Analyst


A social commentator has said controversial leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale is making Malawians have in the present what would have been future conversations.

Wandale is pushing government to give back to people of Thyolo and Mulanje the land owned by estates in the two districts saying the land was taken away from locals by colonialists.

Wandale’s stand and his methods of ensuring that the land is distributed to locals has seen him being arrested.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: Has been in the headlines for months.

But one of the country’s social commentators, Davie Mankhokwe Namusanya, sees nothing wrong with what the leader of PLO is doing saying he is doing it for a better future.

“When you venture deep into Thyolo, see the chasm between the beauty you see along the road and the reality in the recesses of the area, you understand why Wandale is politically incorrect yet realistically relevant.

“He, Wandale, is making us have a future conversation in the present,” said Namusanya in a Facebook post.

Earlier this month, Wandale was acquitted on charges of conspiracy to commit misdemeanour and criminal trespass.

However, he is now answering charges of obtaining money by false pretence after some members of the PLO accused him of lying to them that he will give them land if they paid membership fee to the organisation.




  1. Iwe Frances Da Silva Za Ndalama Ukunenazo Ukawafunse Ambwiyako Angolongoliwa Chifukwa Iwowo Ndi Amene Anamema Kagulu Ka Wanthu Kupita Ku Police Ndikukanama Zoti Wandale Watenga Ndalama Zawo Koma Ndikuwudze Chilungamo Mfana Wandale Ndi Dolo Ndipo Zokhumba Zake Amalawi Azatsangalala Nazo Kutsogolo

  2. Bt what Wandale fights for is closely related to what Chilembwe fought fo a century ago. Does it mean that Chilembwe wasnt succesful? Then why do we madly remember ths Chilembwe?

  3. I bet if the rulership of this country were in the central, northern or even eastern regions, people from the lomwe belt could have supported wandale …but since it is there he is insane wakanundu ….samadabwa kuti of all tribes, kudzigulira malo program was dominated by one tribe.

  4. The land was not, in fact, taken by colonialists. It was literally stolen by colonial thieves before and after the scramble for Africa. Our people, who are the real owners of the land were forcefully evacuated from their places and were concentrated in places of less importance.

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