Malawi leaders should copy from Kamuzu – analyst

Kamuzu Banda

Political leaders in Malawi should emulate Malawi’s founding president, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, who was a development conscious leader and had a vision for the country, a political analyst has said.

The remarks come as Malawi honours the late Kamuzu today, 14 May, which is also his official birthday.

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said Kamuzu who died on 25 November, 1997 was a man who stood for his times when he was called to lead the fight for independence and destroy the Nyasaland and Rhodesia Federation.

Kamuzu Banda
Malawi’s first President Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

He further said Kamuzu Banda built this nation from the ground after he managed to end the federation.

“Banda united the nation as he kept on encouraging Malawians to always be united though coming from different tribes and traditions,” said Mkhutche.

Kamuzu who ruled Malawi for 31 years lost power after the 1994 elections and he accepted defeat, something Mkhutche said he should be praised for.

“Banda saw Malawi as more important than his grip on power as he accepted defeat when he lost the elections in 1994 though he had the power to challenge the results through other unconstitutional means,”` he said.

Mkhutche added that leaders should learn from Kamuzu Banda in such a way that he encouraged unity in the country and he emphasized on the need to do more in agriculture.

According to Mkhutche, Kamuzu was also a man of vision as some structures Malawians are using today were built in his reign which shows that he thought about the future.

On Kamuzu’s mausoleum, Mkhutche said the place has a rich history and preserving it will ensure that Malawians are keeping safe Kamuzu’s legacy.

Mkhutche said: “The mausoleum is a national monument. It has tourist attraction potential if we give it value by taking care of it.

“By preserving it we are also keeping safe Kamuzu Banda’s legacy and all we can wish is seeing government looking at the structure from that angle.”



  1. The economy of Malawi reached the highest peak during Kamuzu Banda’s regime. All the leaders after him has never reached that level. Malawians have a tendency of putting their personal needs before the needs of the of the masses.

  2. Kamuzu was a great man nobody will be like kamuzu,all are thief they are just working for they are pocket,rubbish people,hopeless people

  3. Only person who can develop Malawi should indeed emulate Kamuzu calibre.Kamuzu was a dictator as we can say .ok. but if you go into history you will find that Idi Amin Dada is the living dictator we ever had in Africa but if you go to Uganda only few things in the Dadas constitution has been changed and they are still progressing with the very same constitution used by the dictator.then we hav to conclude that all the ugandan president are dictators.if so then the dictatirs are the best leaders. During Kamuzu reign noone could mess with the govt properties,none could still the govt money, none could vend govt drug while pple are dying ofdifferent diseases due to lack of drugs,ther was no time where the basic needs were scares,theres no time where you hear the linking of exams,this simply shows zero corruption, and if we are to mention of what the guy did then we can end a day mentioning them e.g. the sugar company which the govt is failing to adminstor today,the MTL which is the back bone of all networks, roads ,railways, schools and many more , and if you go to universities to day you will find that 90% of the learning equipments used were bought in Kamuzu reign.Lastly if you thing that Kamuzu is not a leader to emulate, find out what type of a leader is TANZANIA’S MAGUFULI and how have they progress within a year of his leadership and some dictatorship traits he has,then you will all appreciate kuti kusowa umwini pazithu zomwe tili naxo ndikufuna kukolola pomwe situdalime ndikomwe kumatipangitsa kuti tizidana ndikamuzu. Komanso poti timafuna kuti mseu opita kunyumba yanu mukaulambula mumafuna akulipireni mmalo akuti ndalamazo azigula mabuku omwe ana asukulu adasiya kulandilawa ndiye simungafunedi ulamulilo ngati wa Kamuzu.Even the Jews wished they go back to Egypt one time in the wilderness i also wish we have Kamuzu to day to clean this mess. HE WILL FOREVER UNMATCH WITH NONE OF THESE DEMOCRACY LEADERS .MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

    1. That is very true ownership among our leaders is much needed. Kamuzu was the best, and we have good people in Malawi who can do what Kamuzu was doing, but because of selfish and greedy top government officials are blocking them. But Almighty God is in Control as one day we ll proceed with our beautiful and lovely country. I love my mother Malawi.

  4. malawi,malawi,malawi,,,,,from ngwazi dr.kamuzu banda/mcp,dr.bakili muluzi/udf,ngwazi prof.bingu wa muthalika/dpp,dr.joice banda/pp and today prof.arthur peter muthalika/dpp…… u cnt even appriciate of what ur leaders did/do to malawi,.busy pointing their weaknesses mmmmm and u expect to develop?for sure no any reign wll saticify everbody’s needs/wants!bt only the reign of JESUS CHRIST wll govern the world to reach everyones’ say the fact only if malawi is to develop we hav first work together with goverment,nt underatin it.think wisely,b one malawi regardiless of tribes,races,religions,political parties.make our countly!

  5. mdima umadana ndi kuwala,yesu anthu ankamukana kt ndi mwana wamulungu,zot ndi mpulumutsi anthu ankakanaso,zot angauke kwa akufa sankakhulupilira mpaka amati amuba.mwana wopusa amanyoza makolo ake? mukazaziwa chilungamo muzamasulidwa.anthu akamaba mudziko anthu amaloza chala pulezident,malibino pulezident,kudulidwa mabele pulezident,anthu kumaphedwa kubunda pulezident????????

  6. Kamuzu was a dictator yes,but it was not under democracy.Development wise,no one has mached him.Look at the quality and durability of the roads built by Kamuzu.Many people suffered under his rule yes but Malawi was a one party state then; with no democracy.If dpp cadets can beat up everyone including the police now in democracy,how would have happened under one party rule? For those that have seen all the gorvements since Kamuzu,is Malawi generally better now than Kamuzu’s era?

  7. Kamuzu adali President woipa moyo zedi pasonkhano wake olo kukugwa mvura munthu sumathawapo One radio station no Television munthu adali oipa uyu kundende sankalola chakudya chochoka Ku nyumba. And Chikumbutso cha next yr chikakhalile Ku Thambani Ku Mwanza

  8. Plz put your comments in the language which many Malawians can understand. Is this page for the people who know English only?why cant you comment in chichewa?

  9. Hmmm he was very bad man.He ruled 30 years but our country didn’t develop enough. He was busy killing people, putting them in endless prisons and even banishing them.No credit at all.He ruled our country with hostile conditions. Only Bingu deserves credit looking at what he did to develop this country within shortest possible time.May his soul rest in peace enawo ndiye ai

  10. Coz we’re in a democratic World everyone has his/her rights.I believe in these days it might be difficult to emulate dictatorship,buying party cards by force,critits missing in unknown ways,eggs,chickens,livestock given to party leaders not out of will but by force!! Alahs pliz our political commentors you need to check when & where to comment .That time is over.Ngati mwakhuta saucege phwetsani mkhutowo posewera social football not this nonsense!!!!

  11. These socalled analysts hardly get their contributions right. The single Party permanently employed the Late, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda while learning & so determined to gain experience to get things right. He also strongly believed that we Malawians could not get anything right on our own & that’s reason why all State owned Companies ran at profits till 1994, Press Properties an Empire on it’s own of which International Donours hated & Democracy which holds us Captives does not accept. Kamuzu never accommodated CSOs cos he knew that the Colonialists would not have gone if he did so. Came 1994, we so Colonial Agents openingup in the name of Human Rights Orgs. then bred laziness that resulted in every evil the World knows cos Democracy employs Political Leaders on temporary basis with recommendation from the clueless poor majority & that’s why almost all our MPs join politics on an empty pocket & borrowed money so it’s madness to expect anything good from someone expecting to be looked after. There are reasons why such people own nothing & electing them does not make them any wiser to depart from those reasons.

  12. Only those of us who have passed thru all the regimes are in a better position to rate Kamuzu the best and development concious. He did not combine politics with development as these other efulefus.
    Most of the comments are originating from hearsays.
    Kamuzu was indeed a man of vision…….


  14. Never iwe wa Malawi 24 mkuluyu adapanga phuma pothamangitsa azungu bola adakangotenga ulamulirowo then ndikumagwira nao ntchito limodzi ngati momwe anachitira Mandela

  15. Malawi politicians cannot be like Dr.Hastings the original Ngwazi.According to high rate of corruption in Malawi soon after Ngwazi clearly shows that Malawians are thieves untrusted brutes.Dr.Hastings being a Ghanaian national he showed much love and progress to Malawi and Malawians.Everything remarkable we have in this nation today we can’t point and without mentioning Dr.Hastings.I personally the way Kamuzu helped me in 1992 only God should reward this statesman for sure if it were madeya alipo panowa mukuwatcha ma pulofesala I wouldn’t be here today.Long live Dr.Banda you are a Hero and you shall be.

    1. Uyu Ngaluyu ndi chitsiru kwambiri. How old are you? Can you say today that Kamuzu was good? You must be very stupid person worse than newly born child. Don’t you know that Kamuzu ruled 30 years plus under hostilities. People had no choice under one notorious party,that’s why were disciplined. This is democracy and don’t think people are sleeping again like those days.Munthu wakhanza ngati amene uja unganene kuti anali wabwino- mbuzi iweee

    2. Mbuzi ndiwe Daisoni J Mbewe bingo sanapha chasowa, 20 people during demonstration? Ndiye ufulu ulipati APA? Tandiuza m,dala opanda zeru ngati iwe, ndi president uti amene alibe mbiri yakupha Mmalawi?


  17. Kamuzu was Malawian just like everyone else, he left from Kasungu (Malawi) to south Africa with his uncle when he was 12years of age.just because he was genius guy he was chosen to be Clark in gold mine in Johannesburg ,when he was stli in Johannesburg he met with white missionary then he was adopted.Kamuzu went to America with his missionary father, Kamuzu spent 40years in abroad. he opened his hospital in London where a lot of Africans used to go for medical treatment. When African immigrants used to ask kamuzu where he was from, Kamuzu used to say he was from but he left Malawi when he was young.ndipo dziwana kuti Kamuzu anachita kuitanidwa ndi amalawi kuti abwere Ku Malawi monga achina masauko chipembere ndi magulu omwe anamuitana Kamuzu kuti adzathandize dziko lake kumenyera ufulu . ndiye Mukamati Kamuzu sanali mmalawi simadziwa zomwe mumakamba chifukwa ndizoona ndithu Kamuzu anachoka Ku kasungu kupita Ku south Africa kenaka ndi kupangadwa adopted ndi mzungu.ndipo Kamuzu ankatumiza zovala kwa makolo ake Ku kasungu. Siyani kufalitsa bodza Kamuzu anali wa Ku Malawi. Kamuzu adabadwa yekha m,banja lakwao ,mbiri imati makolo ake sankam,bereka ndiye anachita kupita kwa sing’anga kuti Kamuzu apadwe ndi pamene anamutchula kuti Kamuzu,kuti anachita kufunila Kamuzu ka mtengo kuti apandwe.Kamuzu anakhala zaka 40 maiko azangu ndipo panali povuta kuti angayankhule chichewa chomveka bwino.chifukwa anakula ndi makolo ake omwe anamupanga adopted anali achizungu ngati David banda .

  18. Kamuzu built a lot of infrastructures in Malawi, only D.P.P dickheads can’t see developments which Kamuzu built, to be honesty no any president in Malawi can match Kamuzu. Kamuzu was genius president Malawi Eve hard.nobody will never be like Kamuzu.that guy built roads, hospitals, universities, capital hill , government officers, schools, kula hydroelectric power. during his time, education was meaningful ,imean was powerful. University of Malawi was one of top five to produce highest standard of tertiary education in Africa. during his time there was not hunger in Malawi, because he was able to supply agricultural equipments to farmers like fertilizers … So farmers were producing plenty of maize.when Kamuzu found out that Malawi had no mineral resources he went to Brazil to take tobacco seed then Malawi became second producer of tobacco behind Zimbabwe. Ican talk a lot about Kamuzu did in Malawi than corruption just like currently government. Malawi was less corrupt during kamuzu, and taxes were used correctly that today’s governments.

    1. But for how long???30years,when you’re using dictatorship you can archive whatever you want,komanso Amwene zonsezi mwalembera kusowa nzeru,anthu amavutika kwambiri,anthu alandidwa akazi akuona,kulandidwa ziweto,munthu akagula galimoto mlandu,njala inalipo mu nthawi ya kamuzu koma ndani anakalankhula,kumakamba ngati muli ndi nzeru

    2. Zabodza izi amwene, opanda zeru ndinu. Kamuzu anayetsa kumbali yake. Dziwani kuti azungu ndiomwe anatipondeleza Mmalawi.anatipondeleza motani? Munthawi ya ulamulilo ya zangu, Malawi, Zambia, ndi Zimbabwe linali dziko limodzi ndipo capital city inali harare.Ku Malawi palibe chomwe azungu anachitapo tikafananiza ndi maiko omwe atizungulila ife. Ndipo Ku Malawi kunali ngati Ku munda kwa azungu koma kokhala kunali Ku Zimbabwe (harare).Kamuzu atabwera Ku Malawi anapeza Mmalawi mulibe cholozeka chomwe azungu anatisiyila.ndipo Zomba IJA ndikumati capital city ndizinthu zochititsa manyazi kwambiri. Kamuzu anamanga zipatala,ma sukulu,ma university, ma office aboma, miseu, ngakhale nyumba yomwe akukhala Peter muntharika anamanga ndi Kamuzu. Kuzuzika konse komwe mwakambaku ngakhale lero anthu akuzuzikanso.ndikufunse funso ,kodi anthu sakulandidwa akazi lero? Kodi anthu sakuphedwa lero? Ndikuti kodi sakuphedwa ndi boma LA D.P.P? Njala inachitika kamodzi munthawi ya kamuzu 1948, ine ndimazitsata kusiyana ndi inuyo.Kamuzu pamene ankachoka pa mpando anasiya 1dollar to 3kwacha exchange late, ndipo ndalama yanthu inali yamphavu kwambiri.

    3. Stupid jealous witch ,don’t worry I can’t argue with douchebag just like you, coz wanna expect positive outcome from you. Ndiye mwabwera mochedwatu ,bwanji akulipirani mochedwa ndalama? Pepani ndalama zaganyu ndizovuta.

  19. 30 years in the power no freedom of expression, no human rights ,no freedom of buying expensive things kuopa kuti ndifusidwa mafuso he was gud yes but not to that extends u r putting him interms of economic he was the bst leader we have never had in our country koma zinazi mmmmmm anthu amakhala slikundende chosecho alipakhomo pawo

  20. Mwaiwala kutichitetezochinalichamphamvu?maphunziro,office ya dc kumangochi anamanga ndani ?miseu yaphula?queen e hospital? Nanga k.central hospital? Abale mukamapanga ndale zanu osamalimbana ndi anthu amene zinthu zawo zinayera kale monga kamuzu ndi bingu pano alimmanja mwa ambuye

    1. Nawoso yawa chitetezo chinali champhamvu kuti? kodi mwabadwa liti? ngati anthu amaphedwa sinthawi ya kamunzu? Mukanenatu zomanga malawi ndiye ndi zaka 10 za udf ndiyomwe inamanga malawi kuposa zaka 31 za kamunzu.

    1. Why not when Malawi was under the British & being a language used almost all over the World?. Zambian villagers speak better English than Malawian Bosses.

    2. Inu Kamuzu anali Mmalawi ndipo andale asakupusitseni.Kamuzu anachoka Ku Malawi (kasungu) alindi zaka 12 ndipo anapita Ku south Africa pamodzi ndi uncle ake.ndipo atafika Ku south Africa anamusankha kukhala Clark ( kapitao) mu godi chifukwa anali mwana wazeru kwambiri.kenaka Kamuzu anatengedwa ndi mzungu wa missionary kupita kwa America. Ndipo kumene kuja anayamba school yake primary mpakana secondary (high school). Keneka anapita Ku college komwe anapanga maphuzilo a doctor,koma osaiwalanso kuti anali ndi ma degree 4 ,ndipo kenaka anapita Ku England komwe anatsegula chipatala chake chomwe pamakumana ma Africans ambiri ndipo Kamuzu anakhala kunja kwa zaka 40. ma Africans ambiri akamufunsa kamuzu kuti kwanu ndikuti ndipo ankati Ku Malawi, paja amati kwanu ndikwanu mthengo mudalaka njoka.ndipo Kamuzu alikunja komweko ankatumiza zovala kwa makolo ake Ku kasungu. Kamuzu anachita kumuitana amalawi monga gulu LA masauko chipembere kuti adzathandize dziko lake. Kamuzu anapangidwa adopted ndi mzungu ndipo chifukwa chokhalitsa Ku maiko a mzungu sankayankhula chichewa comveka bwino.ndiyankhe funso lanu tsopano ,Kamuzu anali wa Ku kasungu ndipo m,banja mwakwao anabadwamo yekha.makolo a kamuzu sankam,beleka ndipo mai ake anachita kupita Ku mankhwala ndipamene panabwera dzina loti kamuzu. Chifukwa anachita kufunira muzu kuti abeleke.

  21. Malawian Leaders emulate Kamuzu, u are nuts. This man murdered so many people. I have nothing to admire about him

    1. No you are nuts ,because you don’t what you are talking about.all infrastructure developments which currently exist in Malawi were built by Kamuzu.

  22. Nothing to emulate here,it wasnt a democratic period and the population was low…I bet you if he can wake up today he cant manage to rule this country…stop thinking about past lets focus on our future.

  23. Kamuzu was a dictator ruled Malawi without vice president. Everyone pay taxi by force chifukwa chokhala Malawi, every body was forced to buy a party card even un born babies. Ndiye tsogoleri wa pano atengerapo chani…Amalawi ambiri ndiofoila chifukwa cha mzimu wa kamuzu kukhala mwamatha, Timanamizira kuti ndife wowopa mulungu bodza kufoila. Bolani mafana akubadwa pano ndi madolo, akagwere uko.

  24. If one president can come and rule us like the one you have told us to emmulate, most of us can not like him. You should say that we should ermmulate him in some things not all. If it’s so, people like Kamulepo, Chihana, Muluzi and many others fought in vain and take them as if they were insane

    1. Those people you are talking about didnt fight for anything apart from their family and worthless democracy which has torn the country apart

  25. Without kamuzu Lilongwe was not going to be established inalawi even road network was to be a problem these Democratic government are good yes but also very bad in such that the are associated with corruption selfishness etc look mzimba ekwendel road chitipa karonga road the cash gate scandal selling of other public businesses all these happened in Democratic government

  26. Those who were born after kamuzu had already gone will praise him so much …but to some of us who saw his leadership style mmm the man was walking with an invisible weapon which destroyed so many souls. The foundation he laid might look good but it is the same foundation that will be difficult to mend coz it was done out of intimidations, harassment and the alike. Our politicians are still emulating what kamuzu laid, without praising them, they feel like they are not leaders. We need more to outdo what mkango wa Malawi laid to gain genuine democracy.

  27. Ine ndine wa DPP koma kunena zowona tisamaphatikizane Prezident a Multiarty’Kamuzu analibe nzache ndi modzi amene watukula Malawi plz tizimuyamika kwambiri

  28. Palibe amene anganene zoona za kamuzu Banda ameneyu simmalawi ngat ali mmalawi kwao ndi kut nanga abale ake anali ndani nanga kwao anabadwa.yekha analibe aziphwake kapena azichemwali ake tizichangamu akulu akulu tiyeni tiziona patali

  29. should copy from the dictator?. I don’t think kamuzu did a a remarkable job in development. he had 30 years, hence, when claiming we need to put into consideration the length of his reign period. I accredit bingu, he did alot of things, though he ruled for a short period of time

    1. Koma ngati ndi ufiti eeish , Mmalawi mulinso munthu oti angafanane ndi Kamuzu? Poti zitukuko zonse zili Mmalawi pano anamanga ndi Kamuzu. To be honesty bingu did nothing in Malawi, may be he built ndata that’s only development you can talk, because if you talk about 5Star hotel it’s Chinese government who funded to Malawi even stadium.

    2. I respect your opinion but still you seem to be short sighted and lacking proper facts with your reasoning, ok can you add Bakili’s 10 years, Bingu’s 8 years, JB’s 2 years, APM’s 5 years and probably another 5 if he wins in 2019…in total 25 years have gone by with these democratic leaders, but little things to show for it,Let’s accept Kamuzu was a Hero,and a visionary leader.The fact that he ruled for 31 years its something that is no longer making sense in 2017..

    3. J kay 5 star was bult under the leadership of Bingu,And to be honest Kamuzu did his best but let us take some measurements regardless with period kamuzu had 30yrs,while Bingu less than 10yrs,he brought quoter system,food security,Better roads,proper security,Ma civil servants kulandilira ndalama ku bank,New parliament ku LL city,To be honest Bingu did his best,mu nthawi ya kamuzu mavuto anali ponse ponse but citizens had no rights to speak up..

    4. Kkkkkk D.P.P cadets talk like this, nothing strange here. Most of them are primitive, don’t get surprised brother #Eric Mbewe.

    5. Kamuzu ruled 6 million people and was notorious leader. How would you compare a family of 2 children with that of 8 children given the same resources? Amene angaoneke ngati wa nzeru ndani? Inu nzeru mulibe.Kamuzu analamulira nthawi yaitali popanda kusitha leadership anthu amaopa Boma komanso ochepa ndipanopa anthu ochuluka komanso ma ufulu alipo ambiri that’s why you hear of corruption in government meaning anthu sakuopa boma ngati kale under Kamuzu. So today it’s challenging to rule with all human rights in place.Pita ukawafuse amako za Kamuzu akuuze bwino

    6. Inu a# Daisoni J Mbewe what ever you call yourself ,don’t pay that stupid excuse.Do you trying to say Malawi has failed to be developed due to highest population? What about China, overpopulated world country with about 2milion people are richest and second biggest economy in the world behind united States of America? China is developed country yet they are overpopulated in world. Nigeria is overpopulated country in Africa yet they have biggest economy in Africa & Nigeria have a lot of black billionaires in Africa. Rwanda was once poorest country in Africa & they had civil war in 1994 but why today Rwanda is ahead of us ? Rwanda is fastest growing economy in Africa yet they don’t have gold, diamond, and oil.musamizire population APA ,Malawi ikulephera kutukuka chifukwa cha corruption basi nothing else.

    7. Apa tikukamba kamuzu tiyeni tikambe za iyeyo basi, enawo tizakamba tsiku lawo likadzafika tizakkambaso za iwowo!!! Mwamva ma cadet inu!!!

  30. I don’t think he was a man to emulate something from, our pots, chickens, goats were all being seized by this so called kamuzu, during his tenure no one was allowed to exercise his freedom then someone comes up saying kamuzu was that leader to emulate from , the only thing in Malawi one could boast for is its quietness without indulging into those civil wars like South Africa, political unrest is killing our country , downgraded to nothing “junk status “

  31. kamuzu was our foundation but in 30 yrs he dd nothing.he was such an asshole .he is the source of malawiAns poverty

    1. He did gud jobs in agri sectors infrastructure development look at chikangawa these democratic government are failing even just to conservative already established forests no more diptank for our animals in these so called democratic goverment

    2. palibe munthu amene ali 100% kamuzu anali nazo zoofa sitikukana chimodzi pano atsogoleri amasiku ano zabwino zilipo koma akuchulutsa katangale kudzilemetsa okha safuna kuganizira anthu amidzi

    3. Past its our history….its time to think present and tomorrow as our future.if child did have good foundation there is consequences ahead…thats what Malawi is experincing now.just look our back bone of economy agriculture,once there is no rain,means problem.irrigation farming we suppose to start long back…but now,is more talk than work to be done.

    4. To be honesty, no any president in Malawi can match Kamuzu in terms of development, Kamuzu built a lot of infrastructure in Malawi. he built roads, hospitals, schools, universities, capital hill ,government office, even state house which currently president is staying built by Kamuzu. Only D.P.P dickheads don’t see developments which Kamuzu built because they are criminals & too corrupt.

    5. #Manzy Njowe udziwe kuti amane anatipondeleza ndi azungu, Kamuzu anayesetsa kunena zoona.azungu anatipondeleza bwanji , well colonial Masters brought us down in this way, during British protectorate Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe was once one country & it’s capital city was based in Harare in Zimbabwe.Nyasaland and Rhodesia(Malawi) ,southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and
      Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Malawi was nothing, it was just used to be farm for tangible development which our colonial master left in Malawi to compare our neighbours like Zimbabwe, Mozambique even south Africa. So when kamuzu came to malawi he found nothing.even Zomba to be called capital city for our colonial masters was shameful. Kamuzu tried his best to bring developments in Malawi. Musakambe ngati ndinu fiti man, kumayamika zomwe mzanu wachita ndibwino.

    6. bulding that xul in his 30 yrs? eish pano tandiuze kuli ma xul angati abwino kuposa chanco or poly…..tikuziwa kuti ndiinu a mcp komabe akulu aja anaonjeza …

    7. Inenso ndikudziwa kuti ndiwe wa D.P.P ndi chifukwa chake ukupnga makani,kunena zoona D.P.P yasaukitsa Malawi, basi I can’t argue with you, D.P.P did great job by stealing 570bilion Kwacha.

    8. kamuzu anaba zingati?that guy was a failure …..n udziwe kuti ine ndilibe chipani.ndipo simngasapote DPP olo mtalozedwa

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