Soul Savers Church to engage students in special prayers

Pastor Steve Wingolo

As a way of strengthening spiritual life of students in the country, Lilongwe based Soul Savers Church has organized a special prayer service.

The service is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 13th May at the church’s headquarters at Area 25 in Lilongwe.

Pastor Steve Wingolo
Pastor Steve Wingolo : We want to bring change.

Founder and overseer of the Church, Pastor Steve Wingolo, said among other things there will be time to pray for the spirit of laziness during studies and the service is dubbed “Special Deliverance Service”

Wingolo said the service has been organized after observing that the bad spirits of failure and disappointments have found a place in many students across the country.

“We have organized this special deliverance service because we want to bring back lost glory among students who happens not to do well in time of examinations, There will be deliverance from spirit of failure, spirit of disappointment, and family curses,” Wingolo said.

He said the prayers are open to everyone across the country and the service will start at 9 o’clock in the Morning.

He added: “The prayers are for everyone. Children and adults who are studying and even those writing or expecting to write examination. During this service God will deliver and set them free from these spirits and give them remembrance spirit and no one will fail exams.”

According to Wingolo, prayer is the only weapon that deals with all the problems that a human being cannot solve and it is an important instrument in overcoming sin and temptation.

“Prayer is a major weapon in fighting the spiritual battle. Ephesians 6 verses 10-20, outlines some of the armaments in the arsenal of God. We are reminded that ultimately our struggles are not against humans, but against powerful spiritual beings and forces in the heavenly places,” he said

Founded in 2014, Soul Savers Church has many followers that worship at its branches in Lilongwe, Mchinji and Mponela.