Not getting better: Beta TV suspends TNM Super League beaming


…natural course of law to follow – Sulom…

Just a week into the 2017 TNM Super League season, Beta Television, who won the exclusive rights to beam the top flight football for three years, has announced that it will no longer continue beaming matches due to financial problems.

According to information made available to Malawi24, the decision was made on Thursday by Station Manager Theuns Bester who told employers at the station that beaming of matches has been suspended till sponsors are on board to finance the arrangement.

Not beaming matches any more.

“We are no longer beaming Super League matches till we find sponsors to take us through to the whole arrangement,”Bester told his employers during a meeting before departing to Lilongwe.

The decision comes barely a week after it was announced that the station was on the verge of unveiling a sponsor for the beaming of matches this season.

And reacting to the development, Super League of Malawi (Sulom) Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda says the natural flow of the contract will follow its course.

“We had a deal, we signed a contract and if one party is not fulfilling what is contained in the contract, the natural flow of the contract will follow its course,” he told Malawi24.

On last year’s K40 million which the station owes teams, Somba Banda said:”They will settle down that K40 million because we had a meeting where we all agreed to allow Beta Television to start paying in instalments of last year’s outstanding revenue where K32 million will be shared between the clubs,” he concluded.

The station failed to beam more matches last year when it only opted to cover games that were played at Kamuzu Stadium.

And just when everybody was expecting the station to beam this season’s Super League opening game in Lilongwe between defending champions Kamuzu Barracks and Be Forward Wanderers, Beta TV failed to cover the match to the disappointment of many football lovers who were eagerly awaiting for the encounter in front of their screens.



  1. The problem of awarding contacts to institutions based on corruption but with incapability, inefficiency n incredibility in its workmanship ends up in that way, how can DAT unknown TV station who used to play songs only on its station without having stable n tangible programs on its tv station given DAT important n deedful deal?

  2. panayenda chinyengo kuti mupeze mwayi apa sulam inadyapo apa how can you award a contract to a tv station with no sound base ?foul play suspected

  3. Ma Station Opanda Tanthauzo, Olo Ma Program Ake Amaika Azii Eni Eni. No Wonder Amalephera Ngakhale Kuonetsa Bwinobwino Season Yapitayo, Mmalo Mowonetsa Mpira Walero Amakuikira Wa Mwezi Watha, Mxiiee

  4. It’s not surprising that an entity which is not well established and/or rooted in the broadcasting industry CAN NOT proceed beaming live football matches.

    And for purpose of the best we should not attempt to force them. Otherwise, let those who can manage get the the rights.

  5. The problem is that Beta tv inaphangira and they did not want to partner with other tv stations. I am sure Zdiak and Times tv could ably handle the beaming of the TNM super league.

  6. In the first place why did Sulom award the beaming rights to Beta tv without even analysing their financial capacity to perform the contract. Apa mwina panalowa kachinyengo, no wonder their performance of the contract was terrible.