I am being humiliated in a ‘foreign country’ – Wandale


Leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale has complained that the Malawi government is humiliating him with arrests although he has told authorities he comes from another country.

Wandale claims that Thyolo and Mulanje are now one country called United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST) and he is the leader.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: self-acclaimed leader of Thyolo and Mulanje

Last month, Wandale together with other PLO leaders Crispin Nkhoma, Precious Lexten and Robert Kambalame was arrested for obtaining money by false pretence from residents in Thyolo.

According to police, Wandale was demanding money from the residents telling them that he was to give them land.

During his court appearance on Monday, Wandale requested to be released on bail arguing that he want to seek medical treatment.

But State Prosecutor Damiano Kaputa argued that Wandale must remain in custody for failing to produce a medical report.

In his ruling on Wednesday, Blantyre Principal Magistrate Innocent Nebi said Wandale and other PLO leaders be granted bail on conditions of paying K15,000 and reporting to police every Friday.

However, Wandale has disclosed that he has written the International Court of Justice on the matter arguing that he is being arrested in a foreign country.

“We have written to the International Court of Justice and we are to send it, suing Malawi government for arresting me because we declared on 31 March 2016 that Thyolo and Mulanje is a standalone nation and want to know from them if we failed to follow the procedures for a country to be independent   ,” said Wandale.

Last year Wandale was given a suspended sentence after he was convicted of trespassing and obtaining land illegally.

Wandale together with other PLO leaders had mobilised residents of Thyolo to share amongst themselves land belonging to Conforzi Tea Estate.

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