I am being humiliated in a ‘foreign country’ – Wandale

Vincent Wandale

Leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale has complained that the Malawi government is humiliating him with arrests although he has told authorities he comes from another country.

Wandale claims that Thyolo and Mulanje are now one country called United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST) and he is the leader.

Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale: self-acclaimed leader of Thyolo and Mulanje

Last month, Wandale together with other PLO leaders Crispin Nkhoma, Precious Lexten and Robert Kambalame was arrested for obtaining money by false pretence from residents in Thyolo.

According to police, Wandale was demanding money from the residents telling them that he was to give them land.

During his court appearance on Monday, Wandale requested to be released on bail arguing that he want to seek medical treatment.

But State Prosecutor Damiano Kaputa argued that Wandale must remain in custody for failing to produce a medical report.

In his ruling on Wednesday, Blantyre Principal Magistrate Innocent Nebi said Wandale and other PLO leaders be granted bail on conditions of paying K15,000 and reporting to police every Friday.

However, Wandale has disclosed that he has written the International Court of Justice on the matter arguing that he is being arrested in a foreign country.

“We have written to the International Court of Justice and we are to send it, suing Malawi government for arresting me because we declared on 31 March 2016 that Thyolo and Mulanje is a standalone nation and want to know from them if we failed to follow the procedures for a country to be independent   ,” said Wandale.

Last year Wandale was given a suspended sentence after he was convicted of trespassing and obtaining land illegally.

Wandale together with other PLO leaders had mobilised residents of Thyolo to share amongst themselves land belonging to Conforzi Tea Estate.



  1. This is another stupid politician who is not fit to a poor country like ours here, may be apite ku Somalia or Sudan where warlords claim there portion of a country from a country. Stupido

  2. Anthu tikanangomvetsa munthuyu akudziwa chomwe akuchita siwamisala ai. Thyolo ndi Mulanje yangodzaza tea anthu eni kusowa pokhala mpaka ena ali mu pulogalamu ya kuzigulira ma madera a mmaboma ena.

    Wandale chomwe akufuna ndi choti anthu a ku Mulanje ndi Thyolo apeze nawo malo mmaboma awo osati paliponse kudzaza ma farm okhaokha. Apatseni anthu nthaka yao.

    Wandale ndi dolo speaking for the voiceless.

  3. Wandare you are a good leadership, do not give up. Go on God is with you for how long you must surfer on your on land.

  4. Wandale is a caragious and brave man he feels sad for his fellow lomwe who most of them are in a kudzigulira malo in other districts instead of being in their homeland .

  5. This Man!!!! Why Is He Found Himself In Another Country Called Malawi? He Must Be Charged With Another Count ‘ Illegal Entry!!!’ Kkkkkkk!

  6. kkkkkkk ndinene zowona abraz aja anena kuti #angulu ndi anthu okola ndikugwilizana nawo chitsazo ndi awa akungokhalira kumanga amzizawowa mkumatuma amyamata kuti azitibula apolice kkkkk zowona wandale amakhala ku united states of goliat kkkk

  7. So he has been abducted from his country into another country called Malawi. Then he has a weak army which can’t defend a sovereign state leader kkkkkkkk.

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  9. Am in support of this guy he is too brave azungu anaphangira udyo Ku thyolo n mulanje malawians let’s support him he is fighting for agud course, he only needs directions

  10. Ngati kuli kusowa chochita, angomugaila kamunda alime chaka chino ameneyu tione ngati angakolole kanthu ameneyu mxxiiii! Kumangonyozetsa chamba zaziiii!

  11. But this land issue i think boma likanachitapo kanthu share the land to Malawian…from Bvumbwe to Mloza tea ekha ekha and i dont see how economically tea has change Malawi

    1. And this is what is happening in sugar industry the have ñots are being robbed of their land by the rich using poor corrupt chiefs.Anthu akuda kuchitana usamunda tokhstokha. Wandale is fighting for justice.

  12. Is this not the impact of smoking weed ( Nganja in other words Chamba) ???? How can he declare two districts independent state,,, hahaha this is funny. If not the guy should be taken to Zomba mental hospital for medical check up iyi ndimisara yeniyeni

  13. I don’t understand this man Vincent. And I don’t know why government doesn’t charge him with treason.He is talking with confidence as if someone big sent him to say so.We have one Malawi and one people. Ngati ndi chamba azichisuta bwino.

  14. koma mau amene akulankhula Wandalewa oti iye ndi Wa dziko lina adakayankhula mtumbuka adakaziwaso, ndamanga zomutukwana lolo

  15. Next time we will hear that he has coinaged another boko haram or M23 rebel group. Why is govt entertaining his madness

    1. He should have been in Zomba Mental Hospital quite sometime ago where he could have recovered by now.

  16. The guy has good intentions for his native people only that he is running on break-neck speed for people to misconstrue his objectives: declaring Thyolo and Mulanje is where even i and those half drowned with midori would not take him seriously.He needs to pursue a straight path.

  17. Vin is just OK. Some guys r using him to gain recognition indirectly. Believe me. Inkosi ya makosi Mberwa V was told in the face that Mzimba cannot be a separate country within Malawi. This was done in the wake of denying the land bill. Vin falls within that dimension. Vin is a mafia.

  18. The guy,Vin, us a gem. I had the opportunity to attend a number of court session at Blantyre magistrate. He cud expound his points and challenge to vanish the entire court with soft and hard copies of his info. Jammed packed with reporter,nodding in appreciation, magistrate dumbfounded. The guy is well versed even govt officials cudn’t tally him. He has treasured info. I salute Vin.

  19. but how can u give bail this kind of nyaupe guys?how can someone wake up other day and say thyolo and mulanje needs independent? this kind of pipo are dangerous to society and they are disorganizing the community!! akutengela kuti Peter ndi mbuyao chani??

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