Govt taken to task over Chanco stand-off

Chancellor College

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Tuesday took to task government over failure to resolve the Chancellor College lecturers’ strike.

The legislators pressurised government to act quickly on the matter to ensure that students go back to class.

The college’s opening is being delayed by a strike by lecturers who want the University of Malawi (Unima) council to resolve the issue of salary disparities among staff working in colleges under Unima.

Speaking in the house, Dowa Ngala Member of Parliament Elias Chakwera asked Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano to explain why the college is still closed.

Chanco still closed.

In his response, Fabiano said government expects the institution to be opened soon since the ministry together with the Unima council is discussing the matter and it is optimistic that the results will be positive.

The minister further explained that the ministry cannot come up with any decision on the college opening without consulting the Unima council.

Fabiano’s response did not please other legislators who rose to comment on the matter.

Commenting on the issue, Member of Parliament for Mzimba North Agness Nyalonje said there is a need for the ministry to be involved and come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Nyalonje added that something has to be done   in order to avoid the frequent closure of colleges which she said is greatly affecting the country’s tertiary education.




  1. Dont blame thd Government, blame the lecturers for the love of money than the students. These lecturers are greedy people they get payments every month while sitting at home. Its not fair to get the money free without doing nothing while students are suffering. My advice to the government is remove these lasy unpatriotic,lazy lecturers and replace them with zimbabwean lecturers and let them join politics because this what they love to do.

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