Govt defends number of roadblocks on Malawi roads


Government has defended the number of roadblocks on Malawi roads saying the aim is to ensure security not to intimidate politicians.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal security Grace Chiumia said this in Parliament on Wednesday after Members of Parliament (MPs) questioned the erection of numerous roadblocks on the country’s roads.

Roadblocks so many now. (Image credit to Alaudin Osman)

The MPs claimed that the roadblocks on the roads of Malawi are mounted to intimidate politicians.

However, Chiumia said police are not there to obstruct politicians but to protect their lives and property.

“It is the mandate of government to make sure that all Malawians are protected in the country and everyone who enters the country is checked in order to ensure that they have proper documents to enter the country,” she said.

Chiumia further said security is important in any country that is why there are roadblocks on most roads.

“Security is important in every country and members of Parliament must know that police officers are there to ensure security in the country,” said Chiumia.

She added that the police officers who man the roadblocks are competent and will always do their duty by arresting anyone who is on the wrong side of the law.

The minister has since assured Malawians that police officers will continue doing their job as they have always done to ensure that every Malawian is safe.

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