Govt defends number of roadblocks on Malawi roads

Government has defended the number of roadblocks on Malawi roads saying the aim is to ensure security not to intimidate politicians.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal security Grace Chiumia said this in Parliament on Wednesday after Members of Parliament (MPs) questioned the erection of numerous roadblocks on the country’s roads.

Roadblocks so many now. (Image credit to Alaudin Osman)

The MPs claimed that the roadblocks on the roads of Malawi are mounted to intimidate politicians.

However, Chiumia said police are not there to obstruct politicians but to protect their lives and property.

“It is the mandate of government to make sure that all Malawians are protected in the country and everyone who enters the country is checked in order to ensure that they have proper documents to enter the country,” she said.

Chiumia further said security is important in any country that is why there are roadblocks on most roads.

“Security is important in every country and members of Parliament must know that police officers are there to ensure security in the country,” said Chiumia.

She added that the police officers who man the roadblocks are competent and will always do their duty by arresting anyone who is on the wrong side of the law.

The minister has since assured Malawians that police officers will continue doing their job as they have always done to ensure that every Malawian is safe.



  1. Kungomva kuti apolice ndi azilonda nde kungowamwaza m’misewu adzitibera? Amvekere: “Ya m’memo bwana..!” aGalu onse.

  2. kkkkk is another way of promotion in police service! they are doing nosense just waiting someone to buy drink for them,chamba chikudutsa pompo evryday kufika pomafunsa munthu kuti shirt wavalayi ma papers ake ali kuti kkkkkkkkk remove those rabish like buwa end mvera they are doing nothing!

  3. The effect of roadblocks is less than 5% because even someone who is not a road traffic officer, the first thing he says is “May I see your driving license, ” then he checks the windscreen for a valid COF and insurance,they have less or nothing to do your cargo. Try it; If you know that your vehicle have got some problems, when he or she ask you for a driving license, put a K1000. Bank note under it and see what happens. Believe me expect one of these two things, 1. This is not enough. 2. You can go but make sure that you have corrected the problem.

  4. You just promote corruption in the police service,fighting to serve in roadblocks,there’s many ways to tight security not roadblocks only.
    Mwanza to Blantyre seven roadblocks.and they dont even search sometimes its like they are waiting for acertain man.

  5. The policemen on the roadblock are just another version of street begging.Some reach at the extent of saying”njala bwana tithandizeniko yammemo!”

  6. The policemen on the roadblock are just another version of street begging.Some reach at the extent of saying”njala bwana tithandizeniko yammemo!”

  7. Its useless u did things in the name of securi
    ity but usiku inu amene mukuti a security ndikumabaso so what iz differ…s?

  8. Ruthless or Merciless or heartless or Aldof Hitler’s hearted Roadblock beggers.We too need money not only you Officers without a proper Office.

    1. u r a misguided person u don’t know what u r talking about our cops are working tirelessly all day long patrolling in our cities then u r here talking nonsense

    2. Ngati akugwira bwino ntchito yawo bwanji osamanga Kaye Chaponda ur also misguided person myb abambo ndi wa police thts yyy u tokng lyk dat chifukwa ukudziwa kuti he’s beggar man

    3. Koma dziko lopanda a police lingakhale dziko?yes are beggars bt simetyms timayambisa ndifeyo anthu cz amatha kugwira katundu wathu then timayamba kuwanyengelera ndi ndalama.

    4. Munthu amamangidwa ngati pali evidence mulinao umboniwo mutha kukaperekera pa khoti @Martin?If u don’t have any just keep ur mouth shut

  9. This where police are tooo corrupt. They demand money from each and every vehicle even if the vehicle is in good condition.

    1. I hate those beggars ya fanta, komaso agalu otsaka azipani zosusa okha okha makape, azituwa ndifumbi pasewu, you are Savage iwe ngati wapolisi pamalawi pano you are slave

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