TNM pioneers solar revolution in Malawi

Douglas Stevenson

TNM asked one simple question, “how can our customers never miss a call again?” The answer comes down to having a charged phone and access to electricity.

In the past, many people have gone to South Africa and other countries to purchase high quality solar. This will no longer be the case. TNM is pioneering a solar revolution in Malawi. Partnering with Team Planet, TNM is offering high quality, easy to use solar products, so that customers will no longer go without a phone charge or operate in the dark.

Douglas Stevenson
Douglas Stevenson: We are proud of this.

TNM is deeply devoted to their customers, bringing best in class solar, and advancing new innovations which will improve the lives of millions of people. With access to electricity, customers will be continuously connected through TNM, the largest and most powerful mobile network in Malawi.

Said Douglas Stevenson, TNM Chief Executive Officer; “Today we are proud to be taking a bold direction in renewable energy which will transform people’s lives. This is a continuation of our strides to do more for environmental conservation and protection, and to mitigate negative effects of climate change.”

TNM and Team Planet ignited the solar revolution last year with the test release of very bright, long lasting solar lights. The results were overwhelming. Thousands of people now feel they can’t live without the lights. There is a group of people who now champion these products throughout Malawi. Team Planet, a manufacturer, is committed to continuously upgrading and reinventing their solar products to meet the ever changing demands of customers.

“From this day forward, we are committed to making solar power a big part of people’s lives,” said Stevenson, CEO of TNM.

Joanna Gentili, CEO of Team Planet said, “w We are proud to be forging a partnership with the truly Malawian network, who will provide a seamless nationwide distribution network using TNM shops and vendors.”Said Gentili.

The initiative complements government efforts in the provision of energy especially in rural areas through the Malawi Rural Electrification Program ( MAREP).

Speaking during the launch of the launch of MAREP 8 at Ngolowera Primary School  in Mulanje on April 5, 2017  President Peter Mutharika described energy as a key driver of country’s economy.

“Energy is the driver of the economy for any country. For more than fifty years since independence, Malawi did not invest enough to expand our generation of power. But in the last two years, we have done more than what we did in fifty years,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika added that energy is a priority for unlocking our economy that is why his Government has liberalized energy sector.

“I want to see every community center with electricity in this country. Every district in this country will now have more access to electricity than ever before. That is why under this phase of MAREP, every district has at least three trading centres to receive electricity.When we bring electricity to our villages, we bring development,” he said

TNM and Team Planet are deeply data driven. Collectively, they have conducted research over the past three years, interviewing thousands of people. They have harnessed their data and the results are staggering. The majority of cell phone owners don’t have access to electricity and as a result they walk long distances for a cell phone charge. People surveyed said their highest demand for solar was overwhelmingly to charge phones.


TNM is launching with portable solar chargers (7w, 15w, 25w, and 50w), power banks, high powered LED lights that can produce bright lights up 10-20 hours, and beautiful, acoustic Bluetooth speakers. All products are made with best in class components and technology.

TNM, a legendary technology company, is reinventing solar in Malawi with these breakthrough products. TNM and Team Planet are proud to be at the forefront of technology adoption which will lead transformative, positive change in Malawi.

Description of Products


  1. Solar Panels–Charging Devices

The panels come with built-in controller, USB and cables and are available in output ranges of 7 watts, 15 watt, 25 watt, and 50 watt with ability to charge 1,800 phones per year or up to 5 phones per day. The wide range of panels ensure both economic charging and compatibility to keep households, communities, neighborhoods and small and medium business fully charged. They can also be used to charge equipment at a fee, hence becoming a capital good for SMEs. The panels are compatible to charge phones, smart phones lights, power banks, and Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Lighting Devices

TNM is offering four different lights. The Linesman Bright and Linesman Magnetic can give 200 lumens of light for 4-5 hours respectively or can give 100 lumens for 12 hours. The Super Light can give 350 lumens for 5 hours, or 200 lumens for 10+ hours.  It serves as a power bank charge a smart phone 2+ times. The Super Light is waterproof. The Striker comes with a remote, is water resistant, and can last 6 hours on 130 lumens.

  1. Audio Devices

The Bluetooth speaker, called the Shootout Pro, has beautiful acoustics and deep bass . The music is operated via your phone.

  1. Power Banks

The high powered power banks are made with the best, class A-batteries in the world. The 10,000mAh can charge a smart phone up to 4 times on one charge.

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