Multichoice donates DStv Explora to Malawi coach

Multichoice Malawi

Multichoice Malawi has donated a DStv Explora to Flames coach Ronny Van Geneugden.

The donation was made on Tuesday at Multichoice offices in Namiwawa in the commercial city of Blantyre.

According to Multichoice Malawi’s Marketing Manager Chimwemwe Nyirenda, the donation is to help the expatriate coach assess Malawian players playing football in foreign countries.

Nyirenda said Multichoice is aware of challenges the coach faces when it comes to assessing players who are playing football in neighbouring countries.

Multichoice Malawi
Multichoice Malawi donates to RVG.

“We have done this to reduce traveling expenses by the new coach as we all know that there was no any option for the coach other than traveling when it comes to assess professional players. With this Explora, the coach can record games even if when he is not at home by commanding it to record using his mobile phone and it can record up to 250 hours and we think with this device he can do more in as far as football is concerned,” said Nyirenda.

Reacting to the development, Van Geneugden thanked Multichoice saying the Explora will really help him to know which foreign-based player is doing well and it will help him to make good choices when it comes to player selection.

“First I would like to thank Multichoice Malawi for making this donation to me and Football Association of Malawi (FAM). This donation will really help me and it will reduce traveling expenses because I was supposed to be going abroad just to see how Malawian players are doing there.

“With this Explora I will do more since apart from assessing players I could be watching football matches and share the secrets of the team with the players since it record up to 250 hours,” said Van Geneugden.



  1. y azungu mumawanyambita?tinali naye wa2wa2 wachimalawi sumunamupangilepo zi2 ngt zmemezo,,m’malo moti tizithandizana tokhatokha muli busy kumuthandiza nzungu,,tiyeli tidzuke amalawi kuja kwacha uku,

  2. Stupid boys,basi kusambasamba monazi mmakwao akuti kumakapatsana ma decoder. Something mounting to the ndalama yongomwera Friday. Taking the image of Malawi as a country for a ride. What the fuck apumbwa inu!!!!

  3. Amatitenga pang’ono anthuwa,ka Dstv explora komweka mpaka pa FB ,r u trying to say Ronny Van alibe explora kunyumba kwake?? Cum on we r nt fools anway thank kodwa ningasiyenze kanjalo.

    Im a Malawian

  4. Imeneyo ndi mphantso yoyemele kupeleka munthu payekha,osati chikampani chonsecho,kupeleka exproler imodzi kwamuthu m’modzi nkumalengezetsa dziko lonse,aaaaaa!!!!!’

    1. I agree it is…but what have all of us making comments done? We offer what we have. If a guest comes to your house and u only have nsima and beans will you not give him that in the sense of welcoming?

  5. Iyayi a multichoice awona kuti iyeyo atha kulipira ma monthly subscription popanda kudukizadukiza. Nanga a chite donate kwa enawo ndi kungokayisiya pa tebulo.

  6. useless,sangagule ekha amalndira zingati kodi? ngakhale atampatsa,flames is like kumvera sewero la john chilembwe.umangodziwiratu kuti at the end,john chilembwe amafa….!!!

  7. You could’ve jst give him without even advertising like that bcoz to give him that thing is un insult already to him, give the people who can not manage, the same way ur thinking their is the same way the flames thinks in the ground at the end remaining behind for good.

  8. I like people who always pull down Malawi and expose it to some other countries but one thing that you are suppose to know is you’re a Malawian for good and you will never change. So stop embarrassing your where ever you are.

  9. Why to him ? There are a lot of underprivileged people / organisations or orphanages why not donate to them? eeeish pena pake thinking imazativuta bwanji..

    1. thats the way you understand it my dear!! There are people who are willing to help, some could help them pay subscription for 6 months! you never know!

    2. its not a priority, that someone should be bothered to be paying dstv subscription for underprivileged when they are in need of basci necessities, by the way they have donated it so that asadzaname kuti achina gaba omwe they are playing in super diski in rsa kuti sakuwadziwa

    3. Nice one buddy?????? but what I am saying is if someone wanted to donate computers, you would say no? Si choncho ?????We live in a global village and whatever situation we are in, we can utilise whatever has been donated to us! don’t limit ourselves to what we think is necessary at that particular time because of the situation we are in.. Ine I would accept anything even empty tins because I know I would need them pena pake..

      And the mention category atha kumaonela news and other programs which can / would help them at some point..

    4. if multichoice donated basic necessities to rvg like soap, ufa, ndio, clothes , the question could have been valid

    5. for the dstv, I would just laugh and say why me, do you think I will manage subscription, coughing out more than 40 pin each month just for fun when am underprivileged its not possible

    6. what can be your comment if you hear standard bank has paid dstv subscr to an orphanage for 3 yrs, worth 2 miilion kwacha? I will say theyve gone mad , why not buy clothes or give them food for3 yrs, or buy them school books

    7. Moet Mimosa that’s where creativity comes in? get / receive whatever has been donated to you and later you can do fundraising by selling whatever you don’t need and use the money on something else what about that? ? let’s try work out something I am sure if we put our ideas together we can come out with something big Hahahaha

    8. now this is a tough one??.. but still I would receive the DSTV donation use it until when I can not sustain it though it doesn’t make sense.. on this one I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I bow down to you?????

    9. It’s to be used by football players at his base in chiwembe. Have u never seen an office with DSTV there are channels for sports, business news, science, religion and many more. Maybe he spends more time in the office than at home. He can’t be inviting players and his technical panel to his house. Just thinking

    10. I am not a Journalist so I don’t know which words to use but I think “The Heading is/was wrong ‘ I think it has been personalised as if it’s for home use.. The headline is suppose to grab people’s attention the most, and make sure that it describes the brief content of the story..
      these days most offices have TVs to catch up on current news!! Very true

    11. Yes Ladah Mada it is a Marketing strategy rather than what others are thinking. They (Multichoice) mainly advertise through sports and would want to be associated with the coach as a sports personality.

  10. stupid pipo you think he can fail to purchase that? why not donating to orphans nawoso azikawonela nawo ..why Malawi rich pipo are always regarded first than the poor ones. moti aposo mwamupasaso free subscription .#multchoice

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