National boundaries must not divide Africa – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has said national boundaries should not divide Africa if the continent is aiming to climb high in all aspects.

Mutharika made the remarks on Monday during opening of Pan-African Parliament in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He told the African leaders from all 55 countries that national boundaries should not be an excuse for division because forefathers who founded the continent were united.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika speaking at the event.

“From the 1890 Heligoland Treaty to the 1964 Resolution on Border Disputes among African States by the OAU, there has never been a reason for disrespecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations. Africa did not come to be what it is by mistake. It is then wise to remember that we co-exist peacefully because our forefathers who founded the countries we govern today valued unity in spite of our boundaries,” said Mutharika.

Malawi’s head of state told the august house that Africans should work hand in hand because they all have a common goal.

“It is impossible for this Parliament to achieve anything if we cannot share a common goal. Let us be guided by the wisdom of our people, who in one proverb say to us: “he who does not know where he is going will never know whether he has arrived,” Mutharika said.

He proceeded by saying that Africans can be sharing a sense of a common destiny when they cultivate a shared critical consciousness for our history.

Mutharika also spoke on youth empowerment telling the African leaders to create jobs for the continent’s young people who are being alienated and frustrated by lack of opportunities in Africa.

“Youth frustration breeds political radicalization. Youth poverty and joblessness can be the next cause for civil strife and political instability in Africa. Disenchantment and its subsequent radicalization can make our youths vulnerable to outside forces of violent extremism and destruction. This is something that you and I can never, must never, and should never allow,” said Mutharika.

The Pan-African Parliament brought together Presidents from African countries to discuss issues that are affecting them like economic development, trade, peace and security.

On Monday, Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika was bestowed as an ambassador of Pan African Parliament.



  1. Chiyambini spa ndiye mwaonesa u professor wanu kuti ndinu professor muthalika koma ukabwera kuno chaponda amangidwe basi atipera tsogolo lathy ndi Ana athu chifukwa cha njala kapena pakuti ndi mlomwe ndi Uladi amasulidwe basi pakuti ndi kaka

  2. I was not impressed with the way Mutharika gave his speech.He was speaking as if he has just come out of a marathon.He was breathless,and was not engaging with the audience.He was reading word by word as if the speech was prepared on the way to the meeting.As a professor,I expect him to do better.The speech content was ok,but not well presented.

  3. YOUR EXCELLENCY, THE STATE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MALAWI: PROF. A. PETER MUTHARIKA: INDEED with warm and full appreciation receive my congratulation for the speech you delivered in RSA when opening that parliament. Indeed the speech was full of wisdom and heart touching-words! Indeed, why should AFRICA to-day be fighting for NATIONAL-BOUNDARIES to-day among our-selves for we are all under sovereign-states?? AFRICA should not listene to former colonial-masters. AFRICA is rich with natural resources which if ably used can produce employment to the youth of Africa. I pray for that parliament to be fore-sighted on DEVELOPEMENTAL-AGENDAS AND ECONOMIC-TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMES THAT WOULD CREATE EMPLOYMENT AND STOP MIGRATION OF OUR YOUTH CROSSING OVER-SEAS OF WHICH MANY HAVE DIED ON ROUGH-SEAS!! Once again, BRAVO!! PROF.A.PETER MUTHARIKA & SEE YOUR MALAWI–FIRST!! INDEED MAY GOD BLESS MALAWI, GOD BLESS AFRICA

  4. Charity begins at home. Unite Malawi first then show the world that love is unity. But Malawi has 3 nation in it. Republic of northern Malawi, Republic of Southern Malawi, and Republic of central Malawi. Malawi constitution says if you are elected , you become the head of the state.

  5. Had it been those words came from presidents of developed countries like SA,Botswana,Ghana,ivory coast and others countries we would have appreciate but Malawian president?? it just shows that poor ppo are too kind than rich ppo.

  6. But at home he practises nepotism. Is this what he says when he is abroad while here at home he brought quota system? Eish! Just saying without meaning it

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