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Miracle Chinga should not celebrate her award

Miracle Chinga does her magic on stage.

The 2017 Nyasa Music Awards edition may have happened, but it will take some time before its dust settles. This was an event like no other. It came and left us with images, impressions and knowledge for our music. There may be some things that did not live up to standards, but the impact it has made on our music will last for years.

As expected, there were debates on the categories, nominations, and eventually, winners. Looking at it from afar, this was necessary. That is what art must do to people. The fact that some artists got nominated or won over others is debate that is healthy to the industry. It should be taken with no ill, but appreciated. This moment may never come again soon.

There was one winner that stirred controversy among music lovers. Miracle Chinga. Young, beautiful, courageous, talented, and most of all, having the grace of people. That is what comes to my mind when I hear her name or see her face. She has gone through challenges, and rose from it all.

Miracle Chinga need not to celebrate.

We came to know her in 2010 when her late Mother, Grace Chinga, featured her in the song, ‘Anandigula’ from the iconic ‘Udayimba Nyimbo’ album. In both studio and video, she delivered. Her voice was clear and powerful just like her mother’s. And when she faced the camera for the video of the song, one could not help it but wonder how such a little girl could be so free and expressive.

Little did her Mother know that she was preparing her for what would turn to be her destiny, six years later After a long break, Grace Chinga came with what would be her last album, ‘Esther’, in 2016. She again featured her daughter in the lead song, ‘N’dzaulura’. People respected her more because of ‘Udzayimba Nyimbo’, but with ‘N’dzaulura’, produced by her son, Steve Spesho, Grace Chinga defined the sound of a true song bird.

Once again, Miracle delivered on the big stage. But as March 16, 2016 was approaching, Miracle, her family and the entire nation could not see it coming. From a sickness described as brief by those close to her, Grace Chinga breathed her last, a day after announcing ‘Esther’, largely produced by her son. It broke the hearts of many.

Forget the speculations that engulfed her death, but seeing a crying Miracle, singing her Mother’s songs at Robins Park, was a sight many wished had not happened. Grace Chinga was more than a star to many, a single Mother who loved and did all she could to give her children the world. But life had other plans. It conspired with death, took away the Mother and forced the children to fill the space,

Since Grace Chinga’s death, over a year ago, Miracle has been involved in several music shows and studio work, especially with her brother. But as it is of now, she has no hit song which defines her career and destiny. She is still finding the strength to rise from her Mother’s shadow. As still a young lady, her challenges go beyond her wish to succeed as an artist.

She has a future to take care of, feelings to understand and settle, relate how best she can get a good mix of her talent and the legacy of her mother, and most important, make songs that convinces people that she can. There has not been much criticism of her all along, until days ago when she won the best female artist at 2017 Nyasa Music Awards.

For an artist in her position to beat big female names like Sangie and Zani Challe, people felt cheated. As they direct the anger to the whole awards, Miracle is also facing it, and that has the potential to destroy the grace and favor of people that sustained her all this long. This is it: The award may be the end of her career, if she is not careful with it.

She had all the space given to her, and suddenly, the award brings in the idea that she has filled that space. That has totally compromised her music path, as such, she should not celebrate the award. It is a bad omen. She needs to realize the damage that has been made, and quickly put her energy into making good songs.

Her innocence is gone now. If she does not deliver, people are ready to write her off and give the privileges to other rising stars. She needs to stop making music show appearances on her Mother’s songs. Grace Chinga, her Mother, already prepared her for a moment like this. This is the time for her to rise up. She has to forget the award, and act as if it never happened, and build something of her own.

About the author: Wonderful Mkhutche is a professional speech writer, a political scientist and a manuscript editor and developer.

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