Malawi faulted for imprisoning children


Starless nights of wars force them to flee to countries like Malawi where peace and tranquillity still hovers on the land but, due to conditions of the county’s Prisons, the desire to have a decent place slightly remains a nightmare especially to child immigrants as disclosed by the Global Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children.

With cases of immigrants flocking to Malawi to seek refuge, the Global Campaign to End Detention of Children has faulted the country for keeping young immigrants in prisons.

Global Campaign spokesperson Ramya Dilipkumar disclosed that prisons are not meant for young refugees hence authorities must consider keeping the children in communities.


Children in large number in Malawi Prisons.

“These are innocent children, they should be treated first and foremost as children and supported to be in a place where they are safe,” said Dilipkumar.

She further advised Malawi government to stop detaining children arguing that it is “extremely harmful” and “expensive” to have children in prison.

The Global Campaign to End Detention of Children was launched in 2012 to draw attention to the many detrimental effects that immigration detention has on children.

The campaign coordinates international, regional and national activities with the goal of raising awareness of the issue of child immigration detention.

Despite being poor, Malawi holds a proud status of a country that has peace and tranquillity.


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