Kamlepo’s abduction goes viral: legislator hit by Memes


It is only a few hours since Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua was found this morning in Malawi’s commercial city, Blantyre.

However, the legislator had already become a subject of hilarious memes in which some Malawians are taking photos of themselves tied and comfortably sat as the legislator was found this morning.

Malawi24 shares with you some of the memes.

Posting abduction status

Abducted and Drinking

Abduction sees no gender


Even Arsenal fans are abducted

In blue shirt and blue ropes: this meme has a jacket on the shoulders like Kalua was this morning


Spot the difference: this meme shares sides with Kalua

In comfort and happy: a meme imitates Kalua


Found: another of the memes




Doing it better than Kamlepo himself








  1. *Since the death of Malawi’s celebrated drama actor John Nyanga aka IZEKI in May last year, Malawi has been searching for one to fit his shoes koma ndaona kuti Mulungu si james watipatsa Kamlepo Kalua kuti azitisangalatsa malo mwa malemu Izeki*

  2. Anthu ogulitsa chamba mitu yawo siigwira ntchito. Nchifukwa chake dziko lonse anachiletsa. Chamba sipano. Mufunseni Kamlepo akuuzani ntchito za chamba

  3. Those that are tying and taking pictures of themselves, are DPP cadets who wants to move pipos attention from the real issue here, so that pipo should take this whole issue for granted, as if the victim has gone insane or is crazy, but let me assure u, that time will tell, soon or latter, the truth shall be known.

  4. what we are concluding is exactly what his abductors want us to think. That he staged his abduction. DPP woyeeee. Yagwila. Lets hope he has not been injected with something bad. like something that would kill him slowly. Amalawi open up your eyes.

  5. How can a man be unable to untie himself after being left alone while tied both hands in front with a rope, #DRAMA,,, stop the crap, this is not hollywood or Bollywood…

  6. I believe Kamlepo was abducted by highly planned and calculated people. They know exactly what they were doing. I see most people commenting here they are playing in the mind of abductors to way people will put it.

  7. How best do we define yourself,,Kamlepo should be given a chance to defend himself. I really sympathise with him and I wish he is well supported to determine the truth.

    God still loves Malawi!

  8. Lost but found.kkkkkkk! Thats a political propaganda! Triying to increase turnishing goverment’s image. Ndale za m,ma 1960s. We r in new era Mr Kammulepo.

  9. Ine zo kundimvetsa chisoni bwanji amalawi tisamaopa chimo, ngati mkulu mu kunama kufuna kuti muipise mbili ya dziko lino Mulungu akukhululukileni chifukwa ndimamvetsera mwa chidwi anthu ena amapephela kuthokoza mulungu kuti mwapezeka. Komanso ngati muli enanu munawaba akuluwa tasiyani chitidwe otelewo ambuye yesu akubwera posachedwa asakupezeni mukupanga zimenezo.

  10. Hahahahahaaaaaa en kkkkkkk Kanlepo is diruu…..mmmmmm the same like “Gwanda Chakuwamba….ine kunva kukoma amafuna kupha km #Mulungu wakana man heheheheheeee Malawi shame!….

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