Kamlepo found, tied up in blue ropes and looking clean


Legislator for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua whose family claimed he had been missing, has been found.

According to media reports, Kalua was found this morning at Njamba roundabout.

Photos circulating on the social media show Kamlepo dressed in smart clothes with a neatly shaven face. He is also tied with blue ropes.

Media reports indicate that Kamlepo claim that unknown people dumped him at the spot.

It is said that Kamlepo claims that he does not remember anything about his abduction.



  1. Good enough him being found although in a disgraceful condition but am worried about the negative impact the drama has created on PP as a credible party in the country!

    Thinking aloud this state of affairs would be a deep rooted plan to tarnish the image of the Party by the owners of the Party themselves or the Party in government!

    Of late the PP has gained popularity and continues to gain more. It is disheartening and ill timed for the Vice President to entangle himself in such kind of scandal! Could this be a sponsored initiative so that the founder of the Party is completely barred from returning home so that she does not lead the Party any more? This is why a thorough investigation must urgently be carried out to establish the truth about this political movie!

    It is our conviction that the Actor in this drama was acting as an individual and not the PP Vice President! If it is the latter then this is destroying and damaging the image of the Party!

    On the road to 2019 Tripartite with more drama anticipated!

  2. Kalua is refuting that he was indeed abducted but him was shooting a documentary yet to be released but unfortunately social media leakers overreacted and post the On screen set as a reality.Times was granted an interview by Hon kalua.

  3. When asked, whether they have reported to police or are contemplating to report to police, the family emphasized not to be sure until they get a consensus as a family. A puzzle. Confusing puzzle. How do you take one week just to report to police a high profile going missing? How important ws the consensus that it had to wait that long and never reported?

    Coming to the issue, the man is found. Tied in blue ropes. We know we have a party whose color is blue. The abducted gentleman is looking very smart. Well shaved, putting on clean clothes, his skin is shiny and looking is good health. Well combed hair etc. This man was “abducted” for over a week.

    These “abductors” must be good Samaritans. They have taken well of the fella. Never seen one “abductor” who would wash clothes of “abductee”, give him a shaver for his bead that he looks smart, feed him nicely and drop him at a round about with a jacket on his back. This ‘abductor’ must be a woman. If not, the abduction group must have had a woman to take care of the man to look that nicely after over a week of absence. The world should learn from this ” abductor “, she has been good, no beating, no torture. We need more abductors who would release the abductees when Parliament has opened that they don’t miss allowances.

    Above all, thanks to the gods we have had the man in good piece than the way he was before abduction except the blue ropes. Copy n paste komabe ndagwilizana naye olembayu

  4. If we only had cctvs in our roads and streets, we could have easily known what really happened to kamlepo to be found at that place

  5. It’s not a first time one abducted doesn’t remember anything I remember one young lady in machinga didn’t remember anything. There is more stories to be told. I deserve my comment farther.

  6. Kkk omwe anawa mangawo amawametaso ndevu akuonekatu a smart ,mapulani awatheladi sopano awa olo atalowa ntchire sangathamange ndi AK 47 atha awa aonesa uchitsiru wao wonse

  7. doctor shld check him properly may be something is wrong in his head u know others may hide himself after smoking chamba and mankhwala ozunguza bongo may be -may be

  8. Akalua muzikula zimenezo ndizopusa mwapangazo, imviii mbuu mmutu basi kumapanga ma plan opusawo, iwe ndi galu kwambiri kalu nyani kapolo iwe, chisilu chamunthu wosowa chochita iwe galu, nyapapi weniweni, basi unali kuchibwenzi uko utinamizepo ife, musamapange zamanyi mwanva

  9. Kaluwa is becoming useless and chakwera can be better.Malawi’s constitution do not allow those with mental illness to occupy political positions.so idon’t know the reason for this kind of creature to occupy this position.

  10. This guy seems to be in health condition and smart so why don’t you just beat the nail on its head than beating about the bush you kamlepo kaluwa?what kind of politician are you? Of course Dpp has ups and downs but what do you want to tell the world? You really know where ,who roped you. Don’t fool us you idiot.

  11. Hahahhaa this isnt a plan akalua, mwangosowa chochita basi, mmene mwatcheneramu can we say that munasowa? Hahaha fake politicians inu muzikangolima mpunga uko

  12. Thanx fellow countrymen,am happy that tonse apa tawona kt akuluwa is trying to seek our attention, nkuluyu watha ma plan, cannot prvd solutions,old blood ,abash!

  13. akamulepo mwapañgawa ndimaboza opusanao ndiñsinkhuwanu zosakuenerani nďanena izi mosayang’ana chipàni ku malawi xipani zonse ndi bibi kupusakwanu mwamva

  14. Iweyo ndi anzako nonse musiye ndale zamanyi we are tired of stupid politicians!!!! We want new bloods in politics,new ideas,new principles of democracy,New Malawi!!!! Anthu osauka akunzunzika chifukwa chaagalu ngati inu!!! We want change!!! We want Malawi for one voice!!! Malawi for one all tribes!!!! Kulani munzeru plus umunthu wanu!!! Otherwise muzafa imfa zowawa!!!!

    1. Koma ngati mukufuna achinyamata kuti alowe mmalo mwaanthu andalewa kodi achinyamata ake akatsika kumwamba poti achinyamatawo sachedwa kutengeka ndimagogo omwewa chitsazo ndi Atupele zomwe adachita .

    2. Atupele is abusiness man not politicians but lets join hands achinyamata our next generation Malawi should be better!!!

  15. Kaluwa is seem to have gone mad because, this tricky he has made , simply wants to be fame following his evil talk he had been blushing the DPP led government.Shame on him !!!

  16. these guys are just seeking some public attention ndithu..anali kuchibwenzi awa angoti move yabwino ndi kunamizila kusowetsedwa aaah inu..paMalawi2 pano guys anthu tinazindikila..ndale zangowavuta

  17. Looks and sounds funny but their should be enough explanation on this. He is not insane!! Blue, black, yellow or green lopes won’t mean anything.

  18. guys to be realistic,straight, open and precise..does this guy look like someone oti anasowetsedwa.?momwe watchenera uyumu.?he even look super healthy and strong..what kind of attention seeking is this.?Ndale zawavutapotu awa…i can see him pointing fingers to some politicians in the end apa..!!!atleast this is the time kuti tidziwe that 2019 is around the corner..hihi..ndangonena eti

    1. Kamlepo is on the run from the arm of the law following the seizure of his three vehicles by MRA last week for evasion of duty in their importation. Worse still, one of those cars, a Mercedes-Benz, is on INTERPOL wanted list as it was stolen in a shoot-out heist in South Africa. That robbery led to the killing of one person. The vehicle belonged to OUTSURANCE, a South African insurance firm. Apart from the Benz, MRA also seized a jeep which was also stolen in Johannesburg and is wanted by INTERPOL. Kamlepo also brought in a Land Cruiser but he registered it as a Nissan Vanette. He brought in these three vehicles without paying duty, hence MRA’s swoop on him. Since the revelations of his illegal dealings three weeks ago, he has embarked on a dramatisation of it all in his desperate attempt to buy public sympathy. First, he claimed the seizure of the vehicles is a political witch-hunt. The public knows this is about laws and Kamlepo is not above the law. Having failed on this trick, he spread another joke that 150 police officers invaded his home for the seizure. This one also failed when it was discovered that it was only four police officers two of them trainees. Then he threw one that he is missing. It was discovered he was at his concubine at Gulliver in Lilongwe. Noting that this missing scene has also collapsed, he has come up with the self-arrest display which is also destined to fall flat on its face.

  19. Kkkkkkk uku NDE kufuna kubera boma dzuwa likuswa mtengo inu osowa ali clean + healthier ngati akuchokera mu office analinso ndi nthawi yosamba ndi yakudya.

    1. thus the duty of the police and media to inform Malawians on what happened as they have already started informing the nation as investigations are still under way! and thus how it will go. The chapter cant be just closed like a door.

    2. Aaaah ndiye fodya ameneyo pali choti boma lifufuze apa. Yekha akuti omwe anamutenga + komwe anali sakukudziwa which means misala nde dziko litayire nthawi pa iyeyo. Zimenezo azifufuza akubanja kwake

    3. william, its not about tobacco here!! but still more media and police will work on this and inform malawians. everyone has learnt this through either police or media. am not talking about kufufuza by Boma like u r saying. re-read.

    4. Believe you me, the stories wont end here, you will have several updates from whether boma, police and media. and thus their duty to let everyone know! if you visit several media pages or radios you will here of this news so it cant just die like dat. Police are their also to do their job, and reporters are their to to their job too.

  20. Hahahahahaahahahahahhhaahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaaahahahahahaahahhahaha pure politics… In blue ropes? Who do you want to implicate?

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