DPP wants its youth who beat up police officers fled

dpp youth

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is tirelessly working behind the curtains to have  charges against its 22 cadets who beat up Malawi police officers dropped.

Sources privy to Malawi24 say the ruling party wants the 22 fled to save the image of party. The DPP is however yet to make a statement on the matter.

The angry cadets went into a disagreement with the law enforcers who were discharging their duties at Tsangano road block in Ntcheu district some days ago.

Police say the cadets were heading to Lilongwe where President Peter Mutharika was opening the 2017/18 budget session.

National Police Publicist, James Kadadzela says tempers flare when the cadets exchanged words with the officers at the road block before they (DPP cadets) opted to beat them.

They were later arrested in Lilongwe before being granted bail.

They have been charged with an act that may cause grievance harm.

Recently DPP officials barred Lilongwe City Council deputy Mayor Juliana Kaduya from attending commissioning ceremony of Malawi National Fibre Backbone Project which President Peter Mutharika also attended.

Reports say that DPP suspects Kaduya of working with the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) since she supported and voted for MCP’s Desmond Bikoko who won as the Mayor of Lilongwe after defeating DPP’s Akwame Bandawe during the mayoral elections of the city earlier this year.




  1. Most of your Malawians ur dogs. Why I said so you can beat a dog in five minutes time it runs to his master and within five minutes again u will see it at the same place. Now you are talking about about weaknesses of DPP that they making khaza to pple u don’t want it but 2019 ur going to vote for them why. FUCK U STARTING FROM UR DEAD PERSON PETER MUTHALIKA UP TO LEST DPP SUPPORTERS FOR NOT RESPONDING PPLS WHICH

  2. For those who were in Kasungu during UDF regime,do you remember the Zimbas,the Saudis etc?Do you remember how these young Democrats chased Gwanda and Mtaba at gun point all the way from Chulu to “muwaya”Kasungu police station?The policemen were just watching.Do you remember how Billy Kaunda escaped death in hands of these YDs when he was in NDA?The policemen were just watching.Do you remembered how Kachimbwinda and his team whisked BJ while blandishing machetes in corridors of beautiful town of Kasungu?The policemen were mere spectators.Do you remember how TA Wimbe was bullied up by the then young democrats in the presence of the president of that time just because he pleaded with the president to assist people with food during the hunger that hit Malawi that time (2001/02)?
    Now where is UDF today?
    History repeats it self!How so special are these CADETS?

    They will face the very same wrath in good time of the Lord.

    We are tired of these scenarios!

    1. the same CADETS will appear in the next government once DPP is out and they will change the name also coz in UDF they were called YDs and here comes in DPP they have changed to CADETS.

  3. Kunali ma young democrats mu nthawi ya UDF lero ambiri nthaka inadya omwe nawo amatibula a police lero ambiri mwa iwo kulibe nthaka inadya 6feet pansi panthaka

  4. During one party system we had youth leage and pioneers, in UDF time we had young democrants.where are they now?Tell them to watch out.

  5. Like father like son if UDF young democrats used to beat up people in full view of police officers and that they have now joined together DPP is to inhabit the same behaviour may Bingus soul rest in peace becoz he didn’t like this as a result he shunned them, now the behaviour is coming back zuchokera kuti??

  6. Za pa mtundu mukudziwana mukalowelera zikuvutani aliyense anali pantchito yake bwana wawo ndi mmodzzi kulimmbana nawo z just wasting ur tyme
    they r o going to b end o d day using misonkho yathu God for bide jah

  7. Criminal charges can be droped if an accused agree with the complainanant to do so. In this case the complainant is the police and Dpp is just tryng to negotiate with them as complainants to drop the charges

  8. Mfundo za Mtharika ndizophwanya malamulo a dziko lino mwina pafunika kuti akumbutsidwe kuti Malawi is a democratic state ndipo kuti a Mtharika ndi amnzawo sangatibwezeretse ku ulamuliro wachipani chimodzi.Nkutheka kuti sakudziwa kuti Malawi ndi wabata ndi mtendere monga anatiphunzitsira Dr.Banda kotero tikuwapempha kuti asatiyambanitse ife a Malawi.Ndikudziwa kuti a Mtharika akupanga mchitidwe wonunkhawu kudzera kwa anthu omwe ndi mbuli zotheratu kamba koti sadziwa mbiri ya Malawi poti I wo anafika mdziko muno atakalamba kale ndipo sadziwa chirichonse zokhudza dziko lino

  9. Nobody will dare touch these selfstyled Boko Haram so called cadets so long this party is in power.But only time will catch up with them,they might be shielded by political power but they wont be shielded from Gods wrath.

  10. Zingayambe kuiwalika

    You just gotta love Kamlepo.
    Extended lessons;
    1. Even when abducted, keep calm they will treat you well, kukuveka top, kukudyetsa, kukusambitsa etc.
    2. When playing political games, put your health ahead. Kuzaiganizira mphepo imakhala pa kwacha mmamawa ija, he couldn’t help it but tell whoever dropped him there kuti “ase ndiveke top mphepo pano”.
    3. In this crooked world, nobody wants to be crooked these days. Kamlepo has seen it. The time for using people to achieve personal ends is way gone. Everybody just continued with business as usual.
    4. To be a revolutionary or a game changer, you have to let people trust you, surely this stunt has destroyed the slightest trust I had in Kamlepo.
    5. Before we judge, we have to understand.
    Imagine, what if whoever abducted him is so smart. What if they put the top on him to make him look like ‘he abducted himself’? What if they tied him with clean ropes to make it look like a stunt? What if? Not hurting him and dropping him there would be more effective in tarnishing his image than paneling him. What if!? This world is complex than we usually think.

    Someone wrote this

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