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‘Stop bothering me!’ ex-Bushiri PRO fires at former master

Former PRO of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has written a scathing open letter to his former boss. The PRO, Kelvin Sulugwe, has posted his reaction to a number of accusations against him on his Facebook page. Malawi24 publishes the letter verbatim.


I have observed with great unease that of late, the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his media PR team have been trying so hard to paint a dark picture of myself and make me look bad to the public conclusion. I understand from experience that the man of God enjoys public sympathy and applies every gambit to ‘be holier than though’ and make other people to be lesser people.

Using his major tool, the media, Nyassa tymes in particular Prophet Bushiri has tried harder to ridicule me and prove to his cognitive that I am expendable. This, he is achieving by putting it in the mind of people that I am bitter for being ‘fired’ and that whatever opinion I possess about him is out of sullenness. To diminish my wellbeing, he has as such, used statements such as these below:

“Since Bushiri hired Communications officer Ephraim Nyondo, a University of Malawi graduate and former Nation newspaper journalist, the tone from the prophet has been patriotic unlike in the past when his PR machinery was all out in confrontation with the leadership.” – Nyasatimes.

“For instance, says Bushiri, some in the team could not talk well with people, while others had issues with moral values and creating fake websites and stories against him aimed at soliciting funds from him in the name of reputation management,” – Nyasatimes

As you may recall, few weeks ago, the social media witnessed another sensitive decision by the man of God who instead of going to his altar to pray, wasted his precious time, looking for a very old photo about me and accompanied it with the caption ‘WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!’ The rest you know.

All this has been an attempt to make me a skeleton in the public’s cubby-hole and put me at a corner where everyone should think that I am bitter at him and that I was the brains behind his many numerous past mistakes. This is very ill-fated especially when I look at the brighter days we shared together and the distanced we covered as one.

I have been very silent on these matters and my silence has been felt by the media too. As you may have lately observed, I rarely stay on Facebook and I have never responded to his direct or indirect attacks on me. This is because I moved and adopted my new peaceful off the public life.

To the statements above, it is palpable enough that things are failing apart and he is trying to amend his relationship with the ruling machinery. That is a very welcome development, but my advice to the man of God is that he should do it in good faith, rather than riding on my back or putting me forth as a sacrifice.

In my statement after handing over everything in December, I put it forward to all that I know there are some decision that were seen to have been made by me. As a professional, I took responsibility and apologised to those I injured in my line of duty and asked for forgiveness. If the man of God feels he needs to iron out things with those he stepped his feet on, knowingly or unknowingly, he should swallow his pride and do the biblical way of reconciliation, rather than creating scapegoats for his own wrongs. It is immature, unholy and inexcusable.

History can never be erased. Kelvin Sulugwe never wrote an open letter to president Peter Mutharika and neither did he send warning shots to the president. Like I said, history can never be erased, but the future can be corrected. The same way you asked Professor Mutharika to stop using you as a shield, I am extending the same request to you, just that mine is not a warning, it’s a plea.

In the past, when Prophet Bushiri fired people, it would be those people (the fired ones) talking bad things about him and influence the public to think badly of him. Indeed the man of God never reacted or responded to any of them, but in my case, it seems he has taken an interest in trying hard to tarnish my image using his PR tool, Nyassa Tymes, which I understand has been on his payroll for the past three years. Why?

I am not asking a lot. I am simply saying, let me live my life and he lives his without each one of us trying to outshine one another or blame the other for past decisions. We shouldn’t be like a bad carpenter who later blames his tools for a job that is poorly done. Again, it is immature, unholy and inexcusable.

What message are you sending to the people working for you now and those who admire to work for you some day? I am not an enemy; I am simply a former employee who did his part. Don’t compare me with the new people or use me to gain public sympathy or get to people you despised. Be a man by accepting responsibility and adopt change. And let’s not duel on the past by exposing who did what wrongs blah blah blah. I moved on. You should too.

Disclaimer: I know this may not go down well with some people, especially followers. I understand I trained you to protect your Papa, that’s why I wish to appeal to your conscious to apply reason on this. Otherwise, insults, judgements and threats will simply expose your intellectual as well as spiritual ruin.