Mutharika hailed

Peter Mutharika

An economist in the country has hailed President Peter Mutharika for his government’s plans to put in place measures to abolish tenancy labour in the country.

During the commemoration of Labour Day on Monday, Mutharika said his government is putting in place measures to end tenancy labour.

Peter Mutharika
Mbewe: This is a welcome move

Commenting on the plans in an interview with Malawi24, one of the economists in the country Joshua Mbewe said it is a good move that government has thought of abolishing tenancy labour adding that the system is not very different from slavery.

“This is a welcome move by the government and it was long overdue. Tenancy labour in its current   practice is characterised by low returns and often exploitative,” said Mbewe.

He added that the labour and economic arrangements done under the tenancy system of production exploit, marginalize and degrade workers.

According to Mbewe, if tenancy labour is abolished proper hiring of workers will be implemented and those working in farms and other industries will realise substantial annual income.

Mbewe added that the abolishment of the tenancy system will reduce child labour as adherence to proper hiring procedures will be enforced.



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