Man arrested over chamba


Police in Salima have arrested a 30-year-old man for being found in possession of 53 cobs of Indian hemp.

According to police files, the suspect has been identified as Maziko Banda.

On Wednesday the suspect was travelling along the lakeshore road using a Dulux Coach registration number NN 8768 from Dwangwa heading Mangochi.

Banda wrapped his arms and legs with the cobs as a way of hiding the illegal drug but when he reached Kaphatenga Police Road Block (Salima), one of the police officers manning the roadblock got suspicious of the his appearance.

The police officer later searched both the car and the suspect and it was this time when it was revealed that he was having Indian hemp wrapped on his legs and hands.

Banda was later arrested and taken to police where he is waiting for a day to appear before court to answer charges of being found in possession of Indian hemp without licence.

Banda hails from Chiseka village in Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe.




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  2. kd chamba chonse chomwe mumalandachi bwanj sinvepo kt muli ndi mwambo owotcha chambachi or kuchikwirira?mumachipititsa kt mukalanda?

  3. Stop it lets make life out of our God given gold.If we do not make use of it who will,?We are going to be poor if we do not change our mind set.Chamba is the answere to the problems of job creation.USA look and learn from them coz they are in the game.

  4. Ife amene tima commenta nkhani zanuzi ndekuti timangozivutisa eti coz mmene tinayambila kunena kuti wachamba asamamangidwe koma aboma sakunva azatinva liti kodi?

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