AFORD resurrects: Mwenifumbo rejoins party

Frank Mwenefumbo

Member of Parliament for Karonga Central constituency Frank Mwenifumbo has rejoined Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) 12 years after he left the party.

Frank Mwenefumbo
Frank Mwenefumbo: Back to AFORD.

Mwenifumbo was unveiled on Thursday afternoon in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe at an event which the party’s president Enock Chihana attended.

The parliamentarian said in an interview after being unveiled that he decided to join AFORD since it is the party which made him popular in politics in this country.

“I have joined the party which inducted me into national politics. I haven’t made the decision alone I have consulted people whom I represent. I am happy that the party’s president and other members have welcomed me,” he said.

On his part, Chihana was very grateful to welcome back Mwenifumbo whom he described as a strong person.

“I am so happy and I am so grateful you know it is very difficult to run a party without strong people like Frank Mwenifumbo,” said Chihana.

The former deputy minister of Agriculture was expelled from Joyce Banda’s People’s Party after he snubbed the party and run as an independent candidate during the 2014 general elections.



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