TNM Super League opener shifted to Civo Stadium


…Sulom says Bingu National Stadium booked for Church activities

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has announced that this season’s TNM Super League opening  match between defending champions Kamuzu Barracks and Be Forward Wanderers has been shifted to Civo Stadium from Bingu National Stadium.

Initially, the opening ceremony was meant to take place at the newly 40 thousand capacity stadium on Saturday, 6th May from 13:00 hours but Sulom has been told to change the venue because the facility was already booked for church activities.

Be Forward Wanderers

Wanderers open the league against Champions Kamuzu Barracks.

“We have just received a call from the Stadium Management that a church booking which was made sometime back has been confirmed,” said Sulom treasurer Tiya Somba Banda.

Apart from the opening ceremony game, Super League matches will also be played in all the four regions of Malawi in the first week.

At the Mzuzu Stadium, new comers Chitipa United will entertain last season’ runners up Nyasa Big Bullets while at Kamuzu Stadium, Premier Bet Wizards will play host to Silver Strikers FC.

At Chitowe Stadium, Dwangwa United will rock horns with Masters Security.

On Sunday, Civil Sporting Club will welcome Mafco FC at Civo Stadium while at Mzuzu Stadium, Moyale Barracks will play host to Nyasa Big Bullets.

At Zomba Community Centre Ground, Red Lions will welcome Blantyre United, with Blue Eagles and Mzuni FC rocking horns at Nankhaka Stadium.

The final match of the day will see Azam Tigers hosting Silver Strikers at Kamuzu Stadium.



  1. We have the same fiasco here in Zim. A derby match pitting Dynamos and Caps has been postponed coz there is a church that booked the National Sports stadium this weekend. Small world really

  2. kkk stadium ikumakanika kudzaza,game ya bullets ndi noma or flames ndiye mukuganiza magame enawa lingakalowe anthu angat? only bushiri atha kudzadxitsa limenelija. to the maximum

    • That’s how it should be ( for financial wise) its just the same even here , we saw pastor Chris using cape town stadium and last year he used fnb stadium , and this past Easter we saw universal church using Jo burg stadium.

    • But it built for sports which means first thing must b sports so it’s awkward to abandon a game which is already in fixture for something. …..this means wat in football? ????

    • It’s not new to use stadiums for church purposes even in developed nations they do,like here in South African we have attended many conferences in big national stadiums, in USA they also do it but the only needed thing is FAM must be making their yearly plan so that in the season of the league stadiums must be free from any interference

  3. Aaaq zoononga stadium izi azikavina pa pitch mpaka udzu ukacokepo. Ma hall osewa y not going ku BICC kma kumalawi mesa mukanakaniza a za church wo ndibwalo la zamasewerotu ili. Kaya zanu kutenga khasu kuwazila nkhuni kusiya nkhwangwa. Eeee

    • Haha we go for the first priority bg. We hv to shift the other not sports yoo. Bola akananena kut kukhala masewera othamanga thn kukaniza football kma kukana football kulola za church aaaa to me senseless madala. Kumaiko izi sizingacitike. Ma hall ndiambiri zedi ngat ali ndi money go to BICC tikutero. Hop ndayakha ndithu akulu inu

    • boss do u think constructing a stadium is like kumanga khola la mbuzi u know how much is cost and maintance just to keep it in shape?if governments fails to operate stadiums what about our local soccer teams without financial backing. even kaizer chiefs with all sponsors they got they failing to build theirs …sometimes letz not just critize we need to be logical about how the bussiness of futbal works..

    • As advanced as South Africa is the government was failing to maintain the well built Green point stadium in Cape Town, they wanted to destroy it because it wastes a lot of money from government instead of making profits so what more Malawian Football clubs? They face challenges even in having sponsors how can they take care of the stadiums,water bills,Electricity bills and the general maintenance of stadiums,Just because some clubs got stadiums don’t think its easy or cheap to have one.

    • Forgive that guy, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I guess he is Bushiri kind of people with lots of money. He needs to read alot about Africa and Malawi economic trends. However, I support him on the need to teams to have their own stadiums whether now or 30 years to come!!

    • Come on guys wake up my point is clear here whether they will make 30yrs or 40yrs plan to have their own stadium they must try rather keeping saying they can not afford to do so and that is useless or helpless these clubs are failling even to locate the place for their future use so how are they going to have that ideas? All of us we don’t know how it can cost so don’t point fingers to each other, or and it is very hard for someone to achieve if he/she compares him/herself to other’s eg if that one fail it means they can also fail no no no they must try and fail then we are going to defend them , if not that is nosense

  4. anoma amkatiseka ife abullets pamene tidasewera charity shield pa civo,iwo ankati pa bingu stadium adakonzera noma apatu tafanana,mudziyankhula ngati muli ndi yanuyanu stadium.