Kaliwo is not a legitimate member of MCP


A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member has said people pushing for an early convention in the party are not legitimate members of the party.

A faction of the MCP led by general secretary Gustave Kaliwo announced last week that the party will hold a convention in July but the party brushed aside the declaration.

However, Joseph Gibson who wants to stand as MCP candidate for Blantyre City Central constituency in 2019 has condemned Kaliwo saying any structure or person that does not fall under or subscribe to the leadership of this new MCP is not a legitimate member.

Lazarus Chakwera

Gustave Kaliwo: Disowned by the MCP.

“There is a difference between airing contrary views and seeking to prematurely remove a sitting party president simply because you don’t agree with his leadership style.

“Any legitimate member who entangles themselves, or attempts to do so, with any grouping that seeks to disassociate themselves from a rightfully elected party president and his National Executive Committee (NEC) is pretty much disassociating themselves from the party,” said Gibson.

He added that the MCP presidency was sealed by way of national convention in 2013 and there is no way an early presidential primary election can be held.

Gibson said MCP members acknowledge Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera as the current president of the party who has the mandate to tell party members what to do.

“There is only one Malawi Congress Party, the one that believes in a better and prosperous Malawi, the one that acknowledges a painful past but forges towards a brighter future, the one that ended British rule over Malawi and ushered democracy without political wrangles,” he said.

He claimed that he was speaking on behalf of many young MCP members in the country who have had enough of the actions of a handful of confusionists in their party.

“We will not allow a few disgruntled leaders who no longer hold or are unable to properly operate within their offices deter us from the effort of growing our following by creating a scenario that creates a belief that MCP is divided,” added the shadow MP.

He finally advised Kaliwo and those standing with him to focus on addressing national developmental issues and broadening the membership of the party than being the main focus of the operations of a secretary general.

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