Fredokiss disappointed over political treatment


Rapper of the people Fredokiss has expressed disappointment over forced political involvement arguing such battles concern his father, Rumphi East Parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua.

The rapper was recently trapped in a political web over his father’s alleged crimes which saw two of his vehicles taken away by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) over unpaid duty fees.


Fredokiss worries of his Father’s treatment.

In an interview with a private local television station, the Blantyre based artist lamented over being treated as a politician because his father is a politician.

The Ghetto King Kong argued he is the master of his own affairs, as such he should not be treated as a politician because of his father’s political life.

The vehicles have currently been returned after his father obtained an injunction.

Kamlepo citing his privilege to import cars duty free, sought the legal action.

The veteran politician was angered with involvement of his son in his matters.

However the revenue body said it only acted in exercise of its power and not under political motivation, as per general claim.

MRA has since come under fire from activists and members of the opposition parties for being used as a weapon against the opposition. Others argue the body can do better if it is free from political influence.

A few months ago, MRA invaded Times Group over tax evasion claims. The move was viewed as political due to the media conglomerates’ critical stance against the government.


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