Court overturns two convictions against Wandale


The High Court in Blantyre on Tuesday acquitted leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale on two counts of misdemeanour and criminal trespass.

The court however withheld the lower court’s conviction on the charge of unauthorised use of land.

Wandale was convicted on November 3 last year for conspiracy to commit misdemeanour, criminal trespass and unauthorized use of land after he mobilised Mulanje and Thyolo residents to take over land owned by estates in the two districts.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: Acquitted of two counts.

However, through his lawyer Michael Gowa Chipeta, Wandale appealed against the convictions saying the magistrate court made a lot of errors on the case during hearing.

The lawyer further said the errors made by the magistrate court caused miscarriage of justice on the case.

He added that the magistrate court convicted his client of conspiracy to misdemeanour although the evidence which was brought in court did not prove any misdemeanour in the particulars of the offense.

In his judgment, Justice Sylvester Kalembera acquitted Wandale on the two charges of committing misdemeanour and criminal trespass arguing that the magistrate court really made some errors on the case.

However, Kalembera said the magistrate court did not make any mistake on the charge of unauthorized use of land.

Meanwhile, Wandale’s lawyer has said he will first meet with his client to decide the way forward on the remaining charge of unauthorized use of land.



  1. This is how stupid the law enforcers are. They are just used anyhow just like puppets by politicians. Arrest someone whenever you have a concrete evidence that h/sh has committed a crime. Ananenatu munthuyu kuti his arrest is influenced by Mfumu ya alhomweeee

  2. Timanena ife izi zomangomanga anthu musanafufudze bwino chifukwa choti akukutsutsani nzachibwana, Wandale is a free man kankhani kenakanso amupedza wosalakwa mwasala kuti mumulipire tsopano