Mzimba mob burns thief


As authorities continue to advise the general public against mob justice, a mob in Mzimba on Saturday set on fire a suspected thief.

Biko Mushanga, 34, was killed after people from Madede in Mzimba suspected him of breaking into a house and injuring a businesswoman before going away with over K600,000 cash.

According to the police, when Biko broke into the house the woman identified him.

Later members of the community called the suspect for questioning but after the interrogations the angry mob drained fuel from Biko’s motorbike and used it to burn him.

Botha disclosed that the suspect died upon arrival at Mzimba district hospital after he was referred from Mbalachanda health centre.

For years now, Malawians have opted to take laws into their hands, a development that has worried authorities in the country.

The Police continue advising the general public to resist mob justice arguing that people must be tried in courts of the country.

The deceased hailed from the area of chief Chindi in Mzimba district.

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