Follow party constitution, MCP advised


A political scientist in the country has advised the Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) National Executive Committee (NEC) to follow the party’s constitution.

This is coming at a time when a faction led by MCP general secretary Gustave Kaliwo asked the party president Lazarus Chakwera to organize an early convention so that they elect a new leader as they have lost trust in the party’s leadership.

But one of the political scientists in the country, Wonderful Mkhutche, said the party’s constitution stipulates when the party president should be elected.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Wonderful Mkhutche says the MCP must follow its constitution.

“The party has a constitution which stipulates when party president will be elected. Following the constitution will be the best thing to do,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the whole thing is suspicious since Kaliwo and his group’s press briefing was shown on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) which does not usually grant opposition politicians airtime.

He further said that the party is more important than the individual battles that have been happening in the party for the past two years.

According to Mkhutche, MCP has been a strong opposition party for the past two decades and it has exceptionally played that role.

“Malawi Congress Party now has a new leadership that has adapted the party to the political needs of its times,” he said.

He added that the party has gained the trust of the people hence it should therefore not squander this opportunity.

Mkhutche further advised the party to be united and its members to do away with individual differences and focus on building and preparing for 2019 general elections.

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