We are not closing Kamuzu Stadium – Government


Government through the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development says Kamuzu Stadium will not be closed.

Henry Mussa

Mussa says Kamuzu stadium will be in operation.

Minister responsible Henry Mussa made the announcement on Monday during the labour day commemoration at upper stadium.

He said Government will provide resources for the maintenance of the facility following president Peter Mutharika’ intervention.

“Be assured that the stadium will not be closed. The artificial turf will be replaced with natural grass, apart from improving fan sanitary facilities at the stadium. Government, FAM and Sports Council are doing everything everything possible to renovate the facility for football fans’ betterment,” said.

The development comes just days after Football Association of Malawi (FAM) ordered for an immediate closure of the facility saying it was unfit to host top flight football.

This decision angered Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers supporters who were planning to stage demonstrations on Thursday.

Meanwhile Malawi24 can reveal that the staged demos have been called off following Mussa’s comments.

The latest development will see TNM Super League matches being played at the facility.



  1. Government knows well that the current status of this stadium has put people’s lives at risky but still they have told the football fanatics that it wont be closed this shows that our government is just trying to ran away from its responsibility of renovations which is not good at all .

  2. Nthaw imene aFAM amalengeza kt kamuzu itsekedwa,,inu mudali kt..? Tinene kt aFAM amazpangra mwaokha,,? Ndale nd kumpira komwe..? Manyaz mulibe nd training idachtika nd madagascar ija..? [email protected] mpra upta patsogolo..? Mwadeya,,zingomenyan anthuwo nd kusungra mbamva yaikuluyo,,imean CHAPONDA,,

  3. This is just comment in short time devlopment will take place…it will be sold …people are ready to devlopmemt sale it…….

  4. Don’t be excited for not closing the stadium think about other people’s life if you are careless with your life.

  5. Kkkkkkkk okay zamveka koma funso langa mkumati amene mukukakamila kuti asatseke tinene kuti mukufuna kuti mufelemo Kaye anthu ndi pamene muzaziwe kuti sichinali bwino? tisanamizanepo yapa mukungofuna izi coz Dyela mukuziwa kuti ngati sakusegulilani musowa kosolola kaya muona mmene mungachitile koma mukuputa dala kumanda yapa

  6. Give a construction company that will look over revenue and that money must not go to FAM it must go straight to the bank and start renovating the stadium little by little there is nothing impossible with time the stadium will be good as it used be during Kamuzus time.

    • Mr kalitsiro there’s no way the construction money can go to FAM , they don’t own the property and they are not the soul users of the facility. That’s a government property they do and will do the construction work themselves.

    • Get me properly # Severia I said Govt should look for constructor to look over revenues collected from Teams and any activities so that the money should towards rehabilitation of the stadium , it shouldn’t be in the hands of FAM anymore, that’s my suggestion otherwise to close the stadium when will it be opened and we should understand that Govt has no funds for rehabilitation of the stadium little by little as time goes most things will be maintained through money collected from football and activities

    • I get you so well my brother but this our government is not serious ministry officials have built their own mansions with the rehabilitation materials for the stadium. Two years ago the rehabilitation of the front and fence started a truck would come with a thousand bags of cement in no time the PS would send another car to get some of the cement akatero naye director comes with his own what more the contractor himself? Hahahaha Malawians we don’t love our country I feel bad .

  7. Kodi ma futbo club mukulephela kumanga ma stadium mosemuja. Muzingodalila zaboma?Ma club angati kumati home ground chikamuzu stadium? SHUPITI! kumarcha mkwaulele,akanakulolani mupite kumsewuko. Mukazafa mmenemo muzamarchanso? Inunomwe you will comndem the govtmemt,aaaaaaaa muzikula inu

    • A Felix uyu ndi Malawi and ma club sangakwanitse! Tatenga zaka zingati kuti timange Bingu stadium? Nanga inu ngati muli ndi nyumba amakhala pa rent zaka zingati? Zinthuzi sizophweka? Tizimvetsetsa!

  8. Mesa akuti achotsa artificial aika kapinga? And Kapinga kuti akule ndi lero? . Palowa ndale apa artificial iyenera kuchotsedwa and amadziwa bwanji samabweletsa kapingao,?

  9. All these rubbish comments from Central region aiming to kill football in the Southern region! Your dreams failed! Football born here in the South! Look at your Bingu stadia you can’t even fill half of it reason , you are just a handful and wanu ndi ulimi basi. Had it you stick to the closure, NB and BForward would boycott Tnm and Air tel top 8 musewere nokha. Amakhala maliro tizalira tokha we won’t ask favours from you.

    • Yes football was born there in South.But u guys must also admit to the fact that ur teams hav contributed so much to the bushit performance of our national team.When the team is made from the likes of central & northern regional players the results ar always positive.Mdyomba watani kodi?

    • Lier ! Total lie when can you mention Malawi performed better? Am from the North, but spend 90% of my life in the South.We must admitt ,The South is where is there majority of football followers! Just look at Bingu, we can’t even fill half of it let’s accept we are good farmers, that’s all,but don’t cheat people that Malawi failed becoz of this or that,National team is national selection.wakeup!

    • Yes I do agree with you, but south has large following, let’s accept this and closing its wastage if you understand the reasons, they said, sanitation, NOT for fear of risk in the stands, the we say why not using gate collections to maintain sanitation as government is looking funds for new stadia 50 yrs to come!

    • Look at you! What do you mean when you say we are in Malawi, it shows its you who is insane! You mean something can’t be done, shut up your wide mouth!

    • bingu realised that when we talk football its in the southern region particulary Bt where there is malawis l most followed clubs, thus why he wanted the stadium to be built in BT koma anasokoneza ndi mzimai ujai abiti Mtila Joyce Bandandi chipani chake cha PP. anangonyamuka ndi Stadium yomwe kukamanga ku lilongwe

    • Yes, those who venture are reall people, but at BNS even open for free you won’t fill to the capacity! Reason you are busy with other things and you are in minority! Accept large following is down the map!And its south!

    • Anna Nyamithi Masina I have been at Kamuzu stadium and when it comes to games for Bulllets against Noma sometimes they even close the gates because it can’t accommodate everyone….anthu amabwelera kuli kuchepa kwa malo

    • A Mbeya muzimezelako mate polankhula stadium akumangilani komanso tathokoza pokumbukira kuti timakudyetserani ndife pamene simungadye mpila kapena stedium.

  10. mufuna chizaphe kaye anthu kenako muzapanga close down the facility……population control imeneyo boma limaganiza mokuya

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