Malawi youth urged to push for change

Ndagha Sikanda

Youth in the country have been told to start taking leadership positions and use them to push for socioeconomic change.

The call was made by the Generational Leadership Initiative (GLI) during a summit that was organized to train youths on how to succeed in leadership and business in the country.

According to Ndagha Sikanda who is a member of GLI, youth holding positions in various sectors like government and private sectors or the ones who are entrepreneurs need to be pushing for change.

Ndagha Sikanda
Sikanda: The youth hold the power for change.

“When we are saying youth leadership we are talking of the people between the ages of 25-45, those who are holding positions both in government and private sectors or those who are working actively as activists should be pushing for change,” said Sikanda.

“It has been over 50 years since independence but some of the government departments are not working as how we need them to be working on social and economic development. We should not always be blaming the government or lack of donor funding but the youth should be the ones that must be providing the change by providing constructive ideas on what we want to see,” she added.

She further told youth in the country to recognize themselves as leaders as they have a role to play in developing the country.

“We should recognize ourselves as leaders for change and not always blame the government for not giving us what we want. We should be the ones taking initiatives ourselves and push for the change that we want to see,” she said.

Speaking at the same function, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism spokesperson Wiskes Nkombezi said the problem with youth in the country is that they fear taking risks in business.

According to Nkombezi, young people who want to be successful in business must be risk-takers and willing to work in cooperatives.

“Don’t be afraid of taking risks by doing businesses that you don’t know if either you will succeed or not. Taking risks is part of business and you will overcome that you will be successful,” Nkombezi said.

He also urged youth in the country to be working in groups so that they may be sharing skills and making strides in business.

“Youth must work in cooperatives because that’s the only way to go. For example you can come up with a welding centre owned by more youths and in so doing success can be achieved because you may be sharing skills,” he said.

Nkombezi further advised youth to start using social media as a platform of contributing towards development of the country.



  1. Hw u can expect da youth to change whle those wu r in authorities r busy suppresing da same youth,,,? Thnk of [email protected] CHAPONDA dd,,,malawian youth r eyeing [email protected] bad bhaviour,, as amalawian youth ithnk its beta to join DPP n start stealing n beatn pple,,idont thnk da police can jailed me,,mesa ndne waDPP andmangranj..?

  2. atasiya kuzipentatu ndikuyamba kuganiza manyuwani apooo biii anyamata akumalawi akumaganiza mopepera ndiathu okanika kusintha alibusy pa nkhalamba ndiye mwat zinthu mkusintha ..anyamata anali kale olimba mtima …ask Lucius Banda

  3. Hw can that happen in a state where by oppressors r placing their big feet to barrocate every opportunity which would be occupied by the youth? Shame on our governance!

  4. mukati achinyamata mukutanthaudza chani Peter muthalika siwachinyamata?tikati munthu wachikulire timatanthauza kuyambira zaka 100 kupita mtsogolomo

  5. thats may fool we are in may not april. which gvnt? dpp yoh

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