DPP should punish its cadets – law expert


Law expert Edge Kanyongolo has said that there is a need for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters to be punished for barring Deputy Mayor for Lilongwe from attending a function in the city.

On Wednesday, DPP cadets barred Lilongwe City Deputy Mayor Juliana Kaduya from attending the commissioning ceremony of Malawi National Fibre Backbone at Bingu International Conference Centre accusing her of working with the opposition.

dpp youth
DPP cadets attacked the deputy Mayor. (Related image)

Commenting on the issue, the Chancellor College lecturer asked the party officials to summon the supporters and discipline them to clear the party’s reputation.

“First of all there is a need to confirm if indeed these were DPP supporters. When they are found to be of DPP then there is need for them to be given a discipline,” said Kanyongolo.

His remarks come barely a day after one of the well known human rights activists Billy Mayaya described the cadets’ conduct as unacceptable in a democratic society where everyone has freedom of association.

DPP supporters allege that Kaduya who is a DPP councillor is linked to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) since she supported and voted for MCP’s Desmond Bikoko who won as Mayor after defeating DPP’s Akwame Bandawe during the mayoral elections of the city in January this year.

Since the mayoral elections were held Kaduya has never been in good terms with her party’s officials who threatened to deal with her.



  1. Ma cadets a dpp amayumbwa heavy! Kma chonsecho kandalama amalandirako!!!!! Ng’oma imeneyi yalilitsa I hope yatsala pang’ono kung’ambika, SUREE!

    1. kuposa mcp?bola mbiri zoipa za dpp kuchapira maluwa soap chiyera mcp mbiri zake zoipa kuchapila boom sichingayere olo pang’ono

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