Police officers nabbed for aiding maize exportation

Maize flour

Though their duty is to enforce laws, nine Malawi police officers are reported to have been aiding illegal exportation of maize from the country.

According to reports, the officers were receiving money from drivers and owners of maize as they tried to get through the boarders of the country.

The officers are said to have helped four lorries and three minibuses carrying maize for export at the roadblocks of Kapolilo and Rukuru in Karonga district, to countries near Malawi.

Malawi National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said his office has only received a report of five officers.

Meanwhile, the police officers are yet to appear in court to answer charges of aiding exportation of protected crop.
Malawian maize is reported to be fetching high prices in countries like Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a development that has salivated Malawian exporters.

President Peter Mutharika recently ordered the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to be at the country’s border post as a way of effecting the maize exportation ban.