Lake users cautioned on safety measures

Lake Malawi

Police in the country have urged all waterway users to be extra cautious and follow lake safety rules to avoid incidents such as the one that happened at Mlowe in Rumphi.

In a statement signed by national police spokesperson James Kadadzera dated 24 April, Police have urged passengers to enter a boat only if they have seen with their eyes the safety equipment in that boat.

Lake Malawi
Water users on Lake Malawi warned. (Image credit: Backpackingman)

According to the statement, such equipment include life jackets, fire extinguishers, electric pumps, signal light and containers for draining water.

“Passengers should know that if they board any vessel without safety equipment their lives on the lake are at high risk.” reads the statement.

The law enforcers have urged owners of boats to have able seaman or motor man licenced to man these vessels professionally.

“Any lake user found on the wrong side of the law will be arrested, given appropriate charges and taken to court. Police are appealing to the boat crew members to take part in reducing water accidents by following lake safety rules and regulations,” the statement says.

Police have since assured Malawians that they will be conducting patrols to make sure that all boats plying their trade on the lake have necessary equipment.

“Marine police will continue patrolling the lake to maintain order. They will make sure that all boats crossing on the lake have auxiliary engines to help in times of danger,” adds the statement.

Recently, six people died after a boat capsized on Lake Malawi at Mlowe in Rumphi district. The boat was boarded by over 70 people and 52 survived.


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  1. Am coming from Tchalo area because it’s where my mother is coming,but to be honest l don’t blame anyone about that boat which capsized at Nkhombwa but our District commissioner is the one to be blamed because he knows that we don’t have any means of transportation he must do something to maintaining that boat. Really we are suffering that side because to walk a distance for 13 hours it’s not easy. Please help us while our tears are still coming for losing our beloved.

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